healthy food?

healthy food? Topic: healthy food?
October 14, 2019 / By Alea
Question: soo its a friday night and im staying home and that usually leads to binging but i reallllyyyy dont want to do that tonight cuz i usually end up eating a bag of chips some icecream ect. so i was wondering if anybody had any quick easy little food ideas that involve fruit or veggies or something like that so i dont end up eating really bad..thanks!
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Tristen Tristen | 9 days ago
thay have a bunch of cool recipes at the website http://healthy.betterrecipes.com/healthysnackrecipes.html or you could just pig out on carrots and low fat salad dressing... it good and healthy
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Tristen Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
Actually, to whomever believes frozen vegetables are less healthy than fresh, that's not really so. In fact, farmers typically sell their absolute best and ripest to the frozen food companies so it will be at its peak when frozen. Freezing doesn't really compromise the nutrients as much as it stops the decay process. Fresh produce, on the other hand, is only good if it was grown locally. If you have to ship it far, it has to be picked that much sooner and it has to sit decaying that much longer. To answer the question, I DON'T KNOW! It seems ridiculous that people would eat crap and then complain about how they feel. The calories in a bag of Cheetos might be cheaper than those in an apple, but you'll pay dearly for those calories in the long run.
Tristen Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
No one realizes this. But it is true in some instances. I'm a college student always looking to eat healthy. So if I'm in the grocery store, it is much more expensive to get fresh broccoli than it is to get a whole bag of the frozen for a dollar, even though a lot of the nutrients are compromised. Also, it's easier for some people to look on the surface, most people can not see "in the long run" to see that healthy food is less expensive than that bag of doritos and so on, but people don't see it. This is all my opinion, so stop me if you disagree. Also, people jsut plain like junk food, even if it is bad, they crave it all the time and think healthy food is gross! it's not, especially when its made the correct way. A lot of this comes from parents I think, we believe what our parnets told us, until we are educated eougn to realize otherwise. wow, ill stop now, way too long of a response.

Reid Reid
Ok, you could make celery sticks, carrot sticks to munch on and you could look into some hobbies to keep your hands busy. Make some avacado dip with tomatoes, onions, lite sour cream and dip the celery/carrots in that. The health food store sells "chips" that are healthier than the regular supermarket chips too. Limit you snacking to one special movie or program then put it away. It's all about how much discipline you decide to give it. Give away the ice cream or anything else with sugar in it or better yet just throw it out.!!!! Since it is Friday night why not call a couple of friends and see what they are doing? Invite them over and leave out the alcohol and play board games.
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Medad Medad
I know what your going through. Im going through it to. All I really eat is strawberries, blueberries, plums ect. As an extra little treat I eat the strawberries with whip cream. If you dont like eating these fruits seprate, make a fruit salad!
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Medad Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
As a mother of 4 children, I may have to disagree with you to a certain extent. If you eliminate junk food from your diet, you save tons of money, leaving money to buy healthier food. BUT the fact is boneless, skinless chicken breast is almost $5 dollars per lb, and chicken thighs are $1.59 per pound. Ground sirloin is 2x the price of ground chuck, fresh fish is very costly, 7 grain bread is almost 3x the price as a loaf of plain white, get a salad at McD's with grilled chicken..almost 5 bucks, where are a double cheese burger is 1. Those damn baked potato chips are so expensive compared to the traditional fried. The fact is if we stop buying cookies, cake, icecream, soda, chips, and candy, we can afford to buy plenty of fruit, veggies, and lean meats. But most American families eat that junk, making them unable to afford good quality, nutritious food.

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