how to curb cravings ?

how to curb cravings ? Topic: how to curb cravings ?
September 17, 2019 / By Annamay
Question: I am a teen, doing my exams that eats 3 healthy veggie meals a day and can be compleatly full, but will always crave sugar in some form. Especially when i get home form school or yoga or any other sports my body goes nuts and i eat loads of crap ?! how do i get over the feeling , when it isn't hungar and nothing else stops it ? thanks in adanvce --plus is it true if you don't have choc for a week you stop getting cravings?! thanks ! x
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Woody Woody | 3 days ago
Best to eat in moderation if you can. Don't eat in front of the television because you will not focus on the food and hunger, but rather the show you are watching. This causes you to eat more than you need, sweets included. Also, don't eat the sugary food in bed, it may become a habit, and you are not going to burn anything you ate by laying in bed and then sleeping 8 hours right after. Maybe have your sugar form treat in an uncomfortable place. This sounds odd, but by doing so you will not want to sit or stand there for long, thereby reducing your intake. It will be hard at first but soon you will condition yourself to it and you will be easing yourself off of it. Sugar is good in moderation, just not excess amounts. Try to eat healthy natural made sugar, such as in certain fruits. And with anything, the longer you are without it, the less cravings you have for it, chocolate included.
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Woody Originally Answered: How can you curb cravings for junk food?
We all have craving for foods that are not best for athletics .First when you feel the craving to eat junk food try to replace it with something good. Such as fruit or even yogurt .I coach track myself and pasta is no problem you need the carbohydrates for fuel for your workouts . Something else that might help with your appetite is to drink a lot water .It is very important to drink as much water as you can .The next thing you can do is good preparation in planing what you eat each day so when you get hungry you'll can make better chooses . Wish you the best in your up coming track season.
Woody Originally Answered: How can you curb cravings for junk food?
I did a couple things to curb cravings. First off, do not buy any junk or keep any in your home. Second, I calculated how much money I spent each week (and month) on candy bars, cookies, McDs, etc. I was so surprised that I had spent that much money making myself fat each week! After about 3 weeks the cravings for me were gone as long as I didnt sneak any junk. Go to the market or grocery each week and pick out a new fruit and veggie to try or even try out a new recipe each week. This gave me something yummy to look forward to. Plus, I found all these new foods that I loved. As you transition into healthy eating, you will find that you literally no longer crave the junk and instead crave stuff like bananas or veggie soup. (my favs!) Its kind of amazing, actually how much you change. Even the smell of Mcds actually makes me feel sick now. Once a week I go out to eat and allow myself to have junk food if I want it. Because its only one day, I dont gain weight from it and I can get my fix. I found that hot chocolate or even diet hot chocolate is also a good snack if you really need some chocolate. Also, if you think you will just binge on junk, let yourself have a little snack and move on. When you crave, keep yourself busy...it helps big time!

Shaul Shaul
I know how you feel. I will eat all chocolate if I have in my home at night. so Don't buy junk food or sugar sweet you will eat all if you have them at home. drink milk instead with heat up a little. drink water when you feel a little hungry. eat more protein food at dinner which makes you full and feel enough. protein takes time to digest so you will feel full a little more longer same thing vegs with lot of fibers. good luck.
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Nicky Nicky
to cut craving try having listerine breath strips, really good to cut any craving or u can chew gum for a minute or two as its bad for ur teeth.. maybe if u have ot eat sweets then try eating healthy sweet fruits like apples or grapes..
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Nicky Originally Answered: Hoodia curb your cravings patch?
The only thing that works is to watch your diet, eat right and about 5-6 times a day. Take in just enough fuel to last 2-3 hours. That is what will curb your appetite. Any diet pill, natural or not, will always tell you it doesn't work without proper diet and exercise. And to be honest, no diet pills really work anyway.

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