What is the best way to lose weight quickly, but healthily?

What is the best way to lose weight quickly, but healthily? Topic: What is the best way to lose weight quickly, but healthily?
November 21, 2019 / By Uzzia
Question: okay, so i'm 18 and im 5 foot 1, but i'm 9 stone 13 and unhappy with that. i drink a lot of water (sometimes 3 - 4 liters a day, usually around 2 liters) exercise (i walk everywhere and used to go to the gym, haven't had the chance because i have recently moved) and almost always start my days with breakfast cause i know it helps. i don't overly eat a lot because after eating breakfast i am not overly hungry the rest of the day. i was 10 stone 3 until recently, but it took me about a month and a half to get down to 9s13. i just want to know if there is any quicker ways to lose weight? any advice would be great!
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Rolland Rolland | 4 days ago
There are two different diet options I recommend: But pick one: 1) Eat whatever you want BUT: a) Only eat when you're hungry b) Stop when you are satisfied c) Make sure the meal has at least some health property to it e.g. protein d) Leave at least 1/4 of food on your plate And exercise for at least an hour everyday 2) Eat only good fats and natural sugars. Don't eat pasta, sugary cereals, bread or fried food. Exercise for at least an hour everyday. Drink green tea 5 times a day to burn an extra 80 calories a day! Make sure you are moving around a lot and keeping yourself active. When you do exercise make sure you are really getting your heart rate up. This is when you burn good amounts of fat. You'll lose weight in no time but don't give up. Persistance is the key!
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Rolland Originally Answered: How can a teen girl with a super fast metabolism gain weight quickly and healthily?
Alright, first, you never ever ever want to gain or lose weight quickly. It's unhealthy in more ways than I care to list here. Now, if what you're really looking to do is make sure you're at a good weight for you, working out regularly and eating generally healthily will pretty much guarantee that. However, beyond that I would say that at your age with your body still very much in a developmental stage, and given that you've got a rather high metabolism (mine was ridiculous when I was your age, too), there really is no safe way for you to simply put on weight beyond what your body naturally weighs. That being said, if you truly are concerned that you're dangerously underweight, you really ought to consult a physician face to face about it so they can make a proper judgement.

Miles Miles
fresh herbs can really zing up a healthy meal try growing some in the kitchen using a strawberry pot preserve the flavor by adding fresh herbs at the end of the cooking process
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Justy Justy
a pedometer can help keep track of your steps if you re not getting 10 000 steps a day you re not moving enough
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Harve Harve
take a 30 second break in the middle of your meal evaluate just how hungry you still are before getting back to your food
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Eleazar Eleazar
you need to detox your body see how http://myfashionhall.com/?cat=65&paged=2 then speed your metabolism ,then start dieting but you will diet ,deprive yourself over and over so stop dieting and lose weight without a diet http://myfashionhall.com/?p=450 but if you want quick fix Cabbage Soup Diet is good you can lose up to 10 lbs a week http://www.cabbage-soup-diet.com/eating-plan.htmlbefore dieting detox your body following this diet consequently lead to slow metabolism Nour Mio
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Eleazar Originally Answered: how to lose weight healthily?
First, your BMI (body mass index) is completely normal, so you're not overweight in anyway. Therefore you don't _need_ to lose any weight. If you want to change your body, get more muscles and basically become more fit - well, then it's different. But you don't need to lose weight per se. When you want to be/become healthy, you need to eat right and exercise right. If you don't rush the changes it's more likely that they'll become permanent and you can maintain your healthy lifestyle. Take small steps and change your eating habits - don't diet. Proper nutrition and exercise affect your energy level, your looks and most importantly your health. Not just your physical health, but mental health also. When you're lifestyle's in order you're more energetic and more positive - it's actually tested that exercising has the same effect than an antidepressant drug. So it's far better to get moving than to take pills. In my experience and knowledge, a balanced and healthy diet includes whole grain products, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts and seeds, fish, water and lean meats. Just to mention a few. Here's more about healthy eating habits: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Page... http://www.helpguide.org/life/healthy_ea... About one hour of exercise per day will help you stay healthy and keep the extra pounds away. If you want to gain more strength, you need to do strength exercises also, not just cardio. Stretching is important part of staying capable and healthy. Here's a helpful site about exercising and gaining strength: http://www.fitnessblender.com/v/article-... I would also like to point out that you're 15 years old, so don't get too fixated on food and exercising. Enjoy your life, have fun with your friends and start a new hobby if you feel like it. - Alyssa

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