When should a person tell their partner that they had weight loss surgery?

When should a person tell their partner that they had weight loss surgery? Topic: When should a person tell their partner that they had weight loss surgery?
September 19, 2019 / By Annamae
Question: Say you've just begun dating someone new. You had gastric bypass surgery a few years back, and you're at a normal, healthy weight now. When, if at all, should you feel obligated to tell your new partner that you had surgery? On the other side of the spectrum, if you were dating someone who you found out had undergone weight loss surgery, would it change the way you viewed them?
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Wolfe Wolfe | 1 day ago
It's not something I would reveal right away just because it's personal, but if it's someone you think you might want to pursue a relationship with, it's okay to be honest. It might end up being necessary, since a lot of people who have had GB have to stay on specific diet/exercise routines to stay healthy and make sure they don't regain or lose the "wrong" weight, ie, muscle and organ tissue. If this person is someone worth having, they'll be understanding about any dietary restrictions you may have and be willing to accommodate. As for your second question, it would change my view of them, but not necessarily in a good way or bad way. It would just be another piece of information about them. If they had once been very overweight and the gastric bypass ended up being part of a total life transformation that led to them being a healthy weight now, I'd find that admirable. But if they had the surgery and still had terrible diet and exercise habits, I can't say I'd look on that favorable. GB doesn't guarantee permanent weight loss, as I'm sure you know. Some patients gain the weight back because they don't change their lifestyle, and I just couldn't be with someone who would abuse their health like that.
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Hopefully you will eventually enlighten us with the rest of this analogy but until then. No, the doctor isn't to blame, as he is merely the one who diagnosed person B, it was person A who gave person B the disease. Apart from there, depending on how you are going to make the analogy, the rest of it will depend.

Shannon Shannon
I think it's completely up to you if you want to share that information. Your body is your business. PERIOD. I had weight loss surgery a little over a year ago and I told EVERYONE. My friend had weight loss surgery at the same time and told NOBODY. I think that the difference is that I've always been more comfortable about my weight than she was. I was a skinny kid that got fat later in life. She was always overweight. She needed a new "skinny" identity and I didn't feel the same way. If I had been dating someone BEFORE my WLS, I would be happy to know that they had taken steps to improve their life. If I discovered this SINCE my weight loss surgery, I would be ecstatic because it would be one more thing the two of us had in common! You are the only one who can decide when it's right to tell someone about your surgery. If the person you're dating reacts badly, do you really want that person in your life? Probably not. Happy dating!!
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Nick Nick
I've always been up front about having had surgery, even with new people I've dated. Most often it is because when going out for dinner, I would often just order an appetizer and not a main dish, and then I would joke about being a "cheap date" because I can't eat that much so I just order something small. I've never had anyone have an issue with the fact I've had gastric bypass surgery and lost a lot of weight.
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Kodey Kodey
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Ignatius Ignatius
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Ignatius Originally Answered: Could I get Weight loss surgery?
Gastric Bypass is for people who are over 100 pounds overweight. However, you would qualify for Lap-Band Surgery. There are all kinds of hoops you must go through. You have to have documented proof of failed attempts at weight loss, like weight watchers, jenny craig, nutrisystem, etc. Then a huge problem is the cost, MOST insurance companies do not cover weight-loss surgeries. Hopefully you'll be in the lucky few. Whoever tells you on here that it is bad to have surgery is wrong, I've been there. I know what it's like to be desperate to lose the pounds. I had that Lap-Band done in 2007. It is by no means a miracle tool. I have had to exercise my butt off and still watch what I eat, but I am 80 pounds lighter today. If I can give you any piece of advice, I'd say do your research. Don't pick the first doctor you see.

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