How long is it expected to live if you have autoimmune problems?

How long is it expected to live if you have autoimmune problems? Topic: How long is it expected to live if you have autoimmune problems?
September 19, 2019 / By Annalee
Question: My girlfriend told me she has autoimmune system problems. She told she was raped once...so I thought she had HIV or AIDS, but she told me it was a genectic problem and that she was tested and didn't have it. She 18 now...so how long will she live? She says she has about 10 and that she takes medication everyday. Will she live as long as anyone else would? And is she able to have kids?
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Wolf Wolf | 10 days ago
It would be aids. HIV doesn't cause immune problems. Generally people with autoimmune disorders don't live as long as other people. Generally she will live till something, like pheumonia, kills her. It could be a year from now or it could be 10 years. It all depends on when she gets really sick. Honestly I would not trust her 100% with that disorder. Unless she is willing to take the test again and show you the results treat her like she has aids (aka don't sleep with her without protection and do not touch her blood).
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Wolf Originally Answered: How to live long (100 yrs+) and never get sick? (Severe Germaphobia Problems)?
It is impossible to not get sick but hiding from germs doesnt make your immune system work any better. You need vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system up. Especially vitamin c. Ummm to live long you can drink red wine like one glass a day when you are at age, but in all reality it doesn't matter how long you live it's the quality of your life

Shannen Shannen
I do want to reply to this question, with out knowing her illness I can answer about this even if she is positive as long as you are always using universal precautions you and her should be good. Im positive and hubby isn't together 23 yrs even though we separated in 1992 got back in 1993 I came up pos and hubby didn't Thank God! She can have a negative child with proper medicine and let her doctor in all birth and decision making to have a child. With new meds there is a chance of having a neg baby There is meds she will take a lil while before and during the birth. You can really look into this touching and kissing is not a problem as long as of course no one has open soarsin mouth. But you must truly love this lady it can be a burden on you and her so it takes a strong person to deal either infected or affected,, meaning im pos and hubby and children are affected. I would like to offer a couple of sites that are great and of great use. www.poz.com www.webmd.com support sites are gr8 also www.care2care.com yahoo has online support groups If you need more info please feel free to contact me at bjsf150@yahoo.com I'm an HIV Peer Educator (Hope to help)
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Nicholas Nicholas
An autoimmune disease is a condition where the Immune system starts attacking parts of the body as well as diseases.AIDS is basically the opposite and is a condition where the immune system is drastically weakened by HIV and can't fight off infections. As for how long she'll live really depends on which ones she has. As anecdotal evidence my grandmother had several autoimmune problems(Rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's are the ones I remember but I think there were others) and she lived to be 76 but was in pain for much of life especially in her later years. As for can she have kids it again depends on which one's she has.My grandmother had 2 children(my aunt had a very low birth weight but that was more due to the smoking). And my mother who has Hashimoto's(now 55) also had 2 children.
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Knox Knox
I had liver failure from an autoimmune disorder and received a liver transplant over 6 years ago and doing fine today. Don't give up hope on your friend yet. People can live for many years if they are in the early stage of liver failure. Nothing showed up in me until my liver was already 90% destroyed. Even then they gave me an estimate of 5 years before I would reach total failure. I got my transplant in time and have a perfectly healthy liver again. Don't give up hope until you absolutely know for sure that it is hopeless. I thought I would be dead long ago and I'm still here and actually doing quite well today. Everyone is different when it comes to their particular problem, but liver transplants have a very high success rate. For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDO3a
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Conrad Conrad
she will live for around 50-55 years but nobody is the judge of how long a person can live, only God is the judge of that.She will be able to have children, but with mild health risks depending on what type of autoimmune disease she has
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Arnold Arnold
She will but has to be carful not to skip her medication and avoid getting sick there are a lot of them that are genetic even HIV can be past down but now days the live longer but it is also easer to get cancer and other illness The she probably can have children but puts herself and the baby at grater risk of death Depending on what it is it might get past by sex to
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