How can I help my four month old constipated puppy?

How can I help my four month old constipated puppy? Topic: How can I help my four month old constipated puppy?
May 22, 2019 / By Robert
Question: My 4 month old puppy (a beagle/britney spaniel mix) is slightly overweight so the vet told me to cut down to 2 meals a day since I did that he's been constipated and generally cranky! (probably from the constipation) any ideas on what I can do to help him? (douching is not an option) thanks!!
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Micajah Micajah | 2 days ago
The most common cause of constipation in pets is an incorrect diet. A lack of fiber (and sometimes excessive fiber) can be a problem as well as indigestible bones which can be swallowed and produce a cork-like blockage in the digestive tract. Other causes of constipation include worm infestation, lack of exercise and furballs (in cats). Symptoms of bladder infections (such as straining) can also sometimes be mistaken for constipation. Constipation can lead to a build up of toxins, which can cause numerous health problems. Symptoms of Constipation in Cats and Dogs: Straining to have a bowel movement with no result Abdominal discomfort Loss of Appetite Bloating Going for long periods between bowel movements Hard, impacted stools What is the conventional treatment? The most common treatment for constipation is a change in diet. If this does not work, a mild laxative may be prescribed. An enema may also be necessary to remove hardened stool which is impacted in the colon. Use a tablespoon of canned pumpkin in the puppies food each day and this will help cure the constipation and help prevent it.
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Micajah Originally Answered: Is 16 pounds big for a 3 month old puppy?
16 pounds is fine for large breed dogs. Just make sure you are not overfeeding him. also you need to feed him a high quality food like Nutro, Blue, Eukanuba, Bil-jac, or Pro-plan selects (most purina sucks) and Follow the guidelines they put them there for a reason. And if you have a feeling he is going to be a large breed put him on a large breed formula thats high in glucosamine and conjointin to support his bones while he is growing. Also large breeds need to be on puppy formula until they are 15 months old. The large breed is fine but regular pro plan has alot of whole grain sorghum which isn't the best thing for him. And hes going to be big but look at his paws that is the number one clue

Jotham Jotham
Give your dog a tablespoon of Pumkin (not the pie filler though, real pumpkin) This should relieve him
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Harlan Harlan
eww.....don't douch he'll get even sicker...and i got sick from that too....give him a nice tummy rub....and try to give him milk....we'll i'm not sure....when i was little and my stomach hurt my mother gave me milk and cookies(skip the cookies). give it a try and GOOD LUCK!! and sum wet food wudn't hurt A. Marie she's a beagle/brittany spaniel mix....i think he's over 4 lbs.
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Elam Elam
1 tbs cod liver oil in a dropper into mouth (you may have a hard time feeding him this just hold his snout shut till he swallows) it will have him going in no time.
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Carlisle Carlisle
How do you know he's constipated? Have you felt the stools, and they are really hard? Best thing to do is increase fluids - if you're feeding him dry, pour some hot water over it - it makes a gravy. Or ask your vet for a prescription diet, but it's pretty unusual for a puppy to be put on a diet, as they NEED all those extra calories for growing! He actually might do better with three or four (much smaller!) meals scattered throughout the day. Take his recommended feeding amount of puppy chow, divide it in four, MEASURE IT OUT. No table scraps or treats, especially milkbone biscuits, which are LOADED in fats.
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Carlisle Originally Answered: Rescued 4 month old skinny puppy. Fast weight gain?
Feed him just a little more than the standard recommended amount for his size and he will soon be a healthy weight (you can do this by feeding him 3 or 4 small portions a day that add up to a slightly larger amount) as you don't want him to eat too much and get ill- the wet dog food is also better as it often contains more nutrients. It might also be worth getting him neutered if he isn't already as this causes animals to gain weight at a faster rate. Its amazing what you've done rescuing a dog like that and you've made the world a better place. Edit: ahhh sorry, forgot he was 4 months- get him neutered at 6 months :)

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