How can i get in shape fast?

How can i get in shape fast? Topic: How can i get in shape fast?
June 19, 2019 / By Annabelle
Question: I have 2 months until v-ball tryout and i would like to get back into shape. I just need some quick and easy ideas. Also i would like to get back in shape w/ things that dont bore me (like regular crunches or push ups) so that i will stick to it. Should i run distance and sprints? I heard that long distance causes you to move slower.
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Winthrop Winthrop | 8 days ago
Sorry dude bodyweight exercise are good in getting you i shape. Thats what I do and they work:- First in the gym: I run for 10 min on treadmill stretch Bodyweight exercise: 25x3 Pushups 10x3 Close hand pushups 5x3 Pull up 15x3 Dips 10x3 superman 10x3 situps 15x3 crunches 30x3 Squats 30x3 calf raise Than I sprint for 2 min Then I head for dumbbells Do all sort of dumbellsx2 Then run for 2min Do all of the machines in the gym each time i go to the gym i add sets on the machines when sets are too much i reduce them and add reps and gradually add more off both. when they are too much i finnaly add weight. Pushups and crunches.... etc. by the way are the best way to get in shape if you do them a lot, in 2 months u will be perfectly fit. Do that stuff and eat well. Dont do these everyday. skip a day between each time you workout. I practice on sun, tues, fri. And long distance doesnt make you slower. But if you put in lots of muscle mass, i mean lots of, like body builder, you'll get slower. Do these workouts slowly to build endurance Good Luck ;)
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Winthrop Originally Answered: What is the best way to get in shape?
This works great for me.. Try do any kind of vigorous exercise 3x a day for 15 minutes. I power walked, went up and down my basement stairs, raked leaves, jump rope, anything to get my heart beating. It takes commitment but it works. It has something to do with keeping your metabolism working. Also I kept away from white sugar products. For me white sugar gave my body an energy burst that doesn’t last and drained me after my sugar high was over. It was very hard for me to get over the sugar withdraw the first 3 days . It took about a week to get my body trained. I went from size 14 to size 10 in about 5 months. STAY AWAY from McDonalds, Chips and Crackers.. " these gave me sugar cravings HUGE" I have fallen off the diet wagon and feel low energy but now you have motivated me to get in the swing again. Thanks
Winthrop Originally Answered: What is the best way to get in shape?
Control your calorie intake, and you'll probably see your weight drop off. The easiest way to see how much you're eating/drinking is to log your food intake on FitDay (it's free). For the first few days, don't change your eating habits, just log everything you put in your mouth. Be honest with yourself about what you're eating and how much. After you see how many calories are in what you eat and drink, you'll start to see where you can cut back on the highest calorie stuff (be it by not eating them at all or simply by eating less of them), and you'll start making better choices. I lost 20 pounds in 4 months earlier this year by doing this, and my husband lost a whopping 45 pounds in the same time! All we did was FitDay, and our eating habits changed enough that we've kept the weight off. Exercise also helps take weight off fast. Walking is great exercise, it's free, and you can do it almost anywhere. My sister started walking when she was more than 50 pound overweight. At first, she struggled to go a single mile. After a while, one mile got easier, and she added more distance. Then she started walking more than once a day. She lost 40 pounds in just a few months. Good luck!

Shamus Shamus
DO basic cardio, eat the right foods ( that contain all the essential vitamis + minerals). Long distance is not advised, rather try V-cycling an or stepping.Sign up for a v-cycle class and theres no way that can bore you as many prople are sitting next to you inspiring you with loud music also urging you on.good luck
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Newton Newton
Buy a calorie counter watch. 3,500 calories burned equals one pound Keep your food intake to 1,200 Add both numbers and you have your total calories needed to burn each day of the week. It really doesn't take much. If you change your view on how to loose weight its alot easier when you are looking at numbers instead of miles. I went from 168 to 127 using this plan. Lean Cusine meals are a great source while doing this..their prepackaged meals are sooo good and they are approx. 180 to 380 per box so you can eat like 5 of them a day and still be under your intake level. Dont' forget..Water!!!
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Newton Originally Answered: Getting In Shape!?
I like to run! It keeps me in shape and you feel great after you do it! That keeps me in excellence shape. First start with one or two miles everyday if you can. Then work up to 3-4 miles and so on. Also do at least 100 crunches everyday. Do 50 then stop and then do the other 50. Also if you are eating healthy then I think all you need to do is get more exercise and you will look great by swim suit season!!! Good Luck!

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