What is the best diet plan to lose stomach fat?

What is the best diet plan to lose stomach fat? Topic: What is the best diet plan to lose stomach fat?
October 19, 2019 / By Saranna
Question: I'm just curious what's a good diet/work out plan that gets rid of stomach fat and to keep it off too. But I also want to get rid of it in the right places, and keep it in other places. I mainly just want to get rid of my large belly. (my goal is to lose 5-6 inches in 4 months) Also I don't have much money to afford any of these diet plans out there... Anything you recommend?
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Nonie Nonie | 9 days ago
Not many of us have the luxury of being able to afford a diet program these days, let alone the time for a strong work-out. Luckily for you, sit-ups don't cost a penny! If you are crunched for time (no pun intended) I recommend doing sit-ups using your couch as a counter balance. (If you can find a work-out buddy, they will suffice as well) Your goal should be to do 100 sit-ups every night before bed. When you are first getting started try and do as many as you can. Moderation is key. Remember to breath as well: inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. No cheating either: keep those hands across your chest or behind your head! Add 30 minutes of cardio to this regiment and you should see your waist size decrease in a matter of months Drink plenty of water and stay away from any type of carbonated beverage! They will bloat you! As always, consult a physician before attempting any kind of strenuous work-out. Good luck!
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Nonie Originally Answered: What is a good diet & exercise plan to get a flat stomach?
The best way to get flat stomach is to practice these three great habits. 1 Cardiovascular exercise - to burn fats 2 Flat stomach exercise - to shape up 3 Diet - more healthy and tasty fibers Cardiovascular exercise - Do it least 30 minutes because your body will only begin burning fat after about 20 minutes of exercise. If you stop before the 20 minutes are up, you will not have accomplished much fat burning! Flat stomach exercise - what works - basic crunch, crunch with crossed legs, oblique rotations, let flutters, and reverse crunch. Diet - tasty fibers and a pinch of cravings from time to time, sometimes (once a week, just for sinful taste) rewarding yourself for all your hard work encourage healthy and happy body. Signature: Craving for sexy flat stomach? Check http://www.how-to-get-a-flat-stomach.com... for more information.

Mab Mab
I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. Since having my first child, I've been carrying around an extra 30 pounds. This diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before was wrong and a waste of my time. The plan was so refreshing and so simple to follow. I did everything plan said and lost 23 pounds in the first three weeks. I'm now starting the diet again to lose 7 more pounds. This plan has changed my life. Get started today!
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Kelia Kelia
You can't choose the places you lose fat unless you have surgery to get rid of it. When you eat right and exercise, you will lose fat from all over. Eating tons of fruits and veggies - as much as you can - is good for you. Eating whole grains will help keep you full, and eating Greek yogurt will do the same. It's full of protein too. Stay away from processed foods as much as you can (although oddly enough, it's the least expensive stuff out there). Just watch how many calories you consume; find a calorie calculator online so you can see how many calories you should consume in a day. You should never strive to lose more than two pounds each week. Losing it faster than that can be unhealthy, and you're more likely to put the weight back on. You need to make lifestyle changes, not just go on a diet, or else you will always struggle with your weight. And, you can always enjoy some of the food you love even if they're unhealthy, but learn to eat them in moderation. You should exercise often, maybe just start at 3-4 days a week and work up to 6 days a week if you can. You should combine resistance training AND cardio - that will produce the best results. Websites can give you some exercise ideas - there are way too many for me to type here. Resistance training doesn't necessarily mean going to a gym and lifting weights, it can be push ups, squats, anything that involves trying to tone/build muscle (look it up online). It's different than cardio. You NEED to do resistance training for the best results. I know a lot of people who think getting on a treadmill for an hour will make them lose weight, but they get frustrated when all that cardio doesn't do anything. I try to tell them that they need to lift too, but they're so accustomed to thinking that cardio is the only way to do it. There are a lot of free online tools to help you keep track of your progress. I used to have an online account at a website, I don't remember which one it is now, but it let me punch in what I ate, how much I exercised, my current weight, and my weight goal. I'm a mom of two kids, and I put on a lot of weight when I was pregnant. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I lost all the weight I gained (and then some) and it just makes me feel better. You have to look at these changes as a permanent thing, so you need to make changes that are easy to stick with.
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Irene Irene
How to lose stomach fat fast with-out sit ups or dangerous dietary pills that simply don’t work? That was the question I researched for a long time, until roughly 2 months ago where I found the answer. Believe it or not most of the answers lie in 5 natural foods and fun not boring workouts. Another Fact is that sit up don’t get rid of belly fat!!!! Trust me I know. All it does is build muscle right underneath the fat and all you’re left with is a hard fat stomach. Here is the website that help me www.beachbodysolutions.com I know it will help you. Good luck.
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Eleonor Eleonor
Having seen this I just have to share something because I spent many years jumping from diet to diet without getting any real results until I saw Pams magic plan (google it). Without a doubt the best weight loss that I have ever achieved and I have not put it back on to this day.
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Cherry Cherry
Just how much do you bench? The length of time did it get you to access what your location is now? What's your benchpush purpose? In order to give the most effective response to these issues you will need this system https://tr.im/ttHAn The Critical Bench system. The Critical Bench is an application exclusively for strength, but power gets can mean measurement gains. The exercises you will discover in that book therefore that can help you in reaching that remarkable benchare: triceps push downs, triceps extensions (skull crushers), close hold benchpress, barbell/dumbbell neck push and triceps dips but that point are merely a tiny part of what you should learn with this specific program.
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Ashlynn Ashlynn
Going low carb is which may encourage weight loss. Limit the carbs (especially enhanced carbs like muffins and bagels) you need to include a little fat.
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Ashlynn Originally Answered: Could someone give me a diet plan or a website with a plan to help me stay healthy and lose a few unnecessary pounds?
Having a food addiction isn't easy to overcome and you're going to have to work your entire life on not over doing it. It may sound impossible but not always! I use caloriecount.com and it helps keep me accountable for the food I put in my body. Also, I know it's hard to not have binge days, but they've got to stop for a while...when all you want to do is eat, focus on what's going on and what you're really craving. I have a sugar addiction and pizza makes me want to snack (which is crazy b/c I stuff myself on pizza and then go eat chips b/c pizza makes me want to snack). I learned that when I'm craving sugar, unless it's chocolate, any sugar, including healthy fruit sugars help reduce/get rid of that craving for sugar. What I did was try to give up as much added sugar as possible and then only ate 35 grams of less of it for a few months. I LOVE pizza...it's literally my favorite food and I can eat a large by myself in 1 day but I said no to it for about a month and now when I have pizza, I make it last 3 days and I try to restrict myself to pizza every two weeks or so. Find out what's triggering the addiction and find ways to overcome it that way. Caloriecount is helpful in that aspect for me as well...I can tell people about what's going on and they give words of encouragement and helpful advice on what to do to overcome the struggle. You may need to limit junk food days to once a month and I'm going to suggest you give up frozen breakfast sandwiches, juice, and cereal to further your weight loss. Here's a blog (or three) I love, super helpful with recipe ideas: http://fuckyeahhealthyeating.tumblr.com/ http://www.healthier-habits.com/ http://notanotherhealthyfoodblog.tumblr.... As far as exercise...the Biggest Loser makes a weight loss yoga that you'll like for toning muscles. Any Jullian Michael's tapes are really good also.

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