6 month old & constipation issues? HELP!?

6 month old & constipation issues? HELP!? Topic: 6 month old & constipation issues? HELP!?
September 20, 2019 / By Annabelinda
Question: My daughter is 6 months old and has a very hard time having a bowel movement. She cries a lot and also has a hemorrhoid on her little bum. I have used the suppositories and they also do not help. I am wondering if maybe she possibly has a blockage? Okay so I wanted to add that I am not breastfeeding. And, she has been on Enfamil Gentlease since she was 3 wks. old. She has been having issues for almost a month now. She does not eat cereal or any food right now because I know that will just make it worse but I did try giving her prunes and prune juice and they also had no effect on her.
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Winfrid Winfrid | 5 days ago
How long as she been constipated? Have you tried giving her some juice? What are you feeding her? Bananas, cereal, applesauce, and carrots all cause constipation. Peaches, pears, and plums help get things going as do apple, pear, and prune juice. My son had four miserable days where he was unable to poop and would scream every time he tried. What finally did the trick for him was a combination of drinking apple juice (my doctor advised one ounce per month of age for one day to get things moving), extra nursing sessions, a big helping of pears thinned with apple juice, bicycling his legs, a suppository, a well lubed thermometer, and massaging his belly. The resulting diaper was heinous, but he finally got some relief. Since she has a hemorrhoid I would definitely call your doctor. I hope your babe feels better soon.
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Winfrid Originally Answered: Been having some constipation issues?
Constipation is often due to an unhealthy diet with insufficient fiber. Most people don't eat enough fiber. Wheat germ, wheat bran, Chia seeds and Psyllium husks are very high fiber foods and there is also a lot of fiber in fruit and vegetables. Both constipation and IBS as well as diarrhea can be cured with liquid chlorophyll as in a web search for "liquid chlorophyll" + constipation + ibs. Other natural ways to relieve constipation are covered in a web search for "natural ways to relieve constipation".

Shallum Shallum
my girls were on Gentlease as well. When they were constipated I gave them a tsp of veg oil. I know it sounds weird. But I found it on a home remedies site. It did work. They hated taking it, and some of it didn't make it in their mouths, so I put it in their bottles with the formula. It worked for mine.....but you should do what another poster said, contact another DR. Good Luck!
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Neville Neville
give her prunes.. they have them in the baby food jars.. my daughter and her cousin have the same problem.. you can also give her prune juice.. they have a natural laxative in them. so its healthy for her. I'm so sorry. as for the hemorrhoid.. thats something I would suggest going to the doctor about.. but the prunes they work pretty fast. and my daughter and her cousin love them lol.
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Kip Kip
You may have to change her formula. Sometimes that will help. If she is getting formula with added iron, it will constipate some infants. Even if it isn't formula with extra iron, some infants are sensitive to milk products and can get constipation from it.
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Kip Originally Answered: Really embarrassing constipation issues.?
Laxatives are the best way to get rid of constipation but if after a couple of hours you still feel uncomfortable then its time to see a doctor or just go to the E.R. if you don't want to wait.

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