i have not pooped in 4 days?

i have not pooped in 4 days? Topic: i have not pooped in 4 days?
September 23, 2019 / By Leland
Question: title says it all!! we'll i just had acl surgery and they gave me extra anesthesia for home home had that for 3 days and that was basically a ball full of it and wire hooked up to my thigh ive been eating fine (thats what worries me) i havent crapped just gasy is this due to the anesthesia??? thanks =) im full of **** nice one! LOL it's anesthesia (lets out 2ml every hour) small doses and i think its weaker. \and im on vicodin. should i stop that for a couple hours'.??? it hurts too much to get up though (wounds) =((( damn
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Jae Jae | 6 days ago
Yes that and the pain meds you are taking or where taking. Try eating prunes or buy some stool softeners or laxatives, though some of those cause cramps. For babies doctors suggest a teaspoon of dark Karo syrup in a glass of water, for your case increase to Two Tablespoons, unless you are diabetic. this is a natural laxative like prunes.
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Jae Originally Answered: My sister pooped out something very strange! What could it be?
yeah worms in colon,which are parasites,are mostly caused by eating food which are contaminated by soil,dirty drinking water,feces or eating undercooked meat products.wash your hands very carefully after the toilets and wash your hands before you eat.cook your meals enough to kill the bacteria and check on with a doctor.if she has it all your family might have it from the same living conditions.your sister is very lucky to use fibers because that is what you need to do to get those parasites out of your intestines

Flannery Flannery
Ironically enough I had a lateral patella release last summer around this time, and I didn't poop for like 3 days. And I only had the anesthesia for one day because it was outpatient surgery. It's totally normal, when you do poop it's a sign that the medicine is completely worn off. Don't sweat it, if you're feeling constipated, try a laxative I guess, not that I personally would want to do that, but if you're uncomfortable...
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Darrel Darrel
Um, I doubt they gave you actual anesthesia. It's probably a narcotic painkiller, and I can sympathize because I was just on Dilaudid for a broken leg that required surgery. These drugs have a tendency to cause constipation, which is made worse by the fact that you're not moving as much as you normally would (bed rest and all that). Take a stool softener, either prescription or something over the counter, and prepare yourself for some seriously unpleasant pooping.
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Baalzebub Baalzebub
Yes, it's from the anesthesia. It pretty much stalls everything in your body, which is why they put a breathing tube in when they put you to sleep. Because you can't breathe on your own. A hospital should always keep you there until your bowel movements start again. You should see a doctor about this.
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Wilma Wilma
It could be, and it could be because your system was cleared for surgery when you were prepping. As long as you dont have abdominal pains are continuing to eat properly, you should begin normal function soon, its all about the healing process. However if this goes on for a week or even longer, you should talk to your doctor right away.
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Wilma Originally Answered: What's wrog? haven't pooped but took half of the bottle of benefiber?
Two weeks? Yikes! That's a VERY BIG deal.. If you let it be, the poop inside your intestine will decompose inside your body (you don't want that, do you?). You need to see a doctor immediately. The poop may have hardened, so it doesn't matter if you drink laxatives or benefiber cause it can't be pushed out. In the mean time, try noy to eat anything and srink looots of water. Hopefully the water will flush it out. It's more effective in the morning. Drink at least 1 litre of water right after you wake up. You'll feel funny, but it works everytime for me. Oh yea, don't wait until you wanna go poop. Just sit in the toilet and wait.. Next time, try to poop every morning. Drink a glass of water after you wake up and force yourself to poop. Your body will get use to pooping every morning. Hope this helps. Don't forget to see the doctor!

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