what foods to eat on a low carb diet?

what foods to eat on a low carb diet? Topic: what foods to eat on a low carb diet?
September 18, 2019 / By Kenith
Question: i just decided that i wanted to loose weight. i am 16 years old and i weigh 193 pounds. i am a female. i was wondering what foods to eat and is this diet healthy for me because of my age if not which one is...please help i want to be able to wear all the nice clothes like other girls do...
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Hiram Hiram | 5 days ago
You really need to read the book for whichever plan you want to follow, but mainly it involves cutting out sugar and starches. Mostly you eat meat and veggies. Try to stick to natural foods as opposed to processed foods.
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Hiram Originally Answered: Best foods to eat for a week crash diet? (Low Carb?)?
Crash dieting does nothing more than puts your body into survival mode as it thinks you've hit a famine so your metabolism slows down, any weight you loose will be excess water and if you loose more than 2-3lbs per week you are burning bone and muscle. You will feel sluggish, tired and irritable and knowing you can't eat a certain food will make you want it all the more Believe me I used to be a serial dieter! Also even if you loose weight you'll pile it all back on when you go back to eating 'normally' and because you've slowed your metabolism down by making your body think there's no food for energy you'll probably gain more. Carbs are integral to the health of your body in that they supply fuel to your muscles, the problem is not carbs in itself but the amout humans eat - cut them back to 2 portions a day. Try Having a good breakfast of fruit and cereal, replacing your midday meal with a smoothie jam packed with lots of fruit and fruit juice and then eating lean chicken or fish, rice and spinach or salad for tea. Best of luck kez x

Elsdon Elsdon
I found the Atkins diet excellent in both health and results. My cholesterol went down and my immune system seemed invincible (I don't get sinus infections and never seem to get a cold). Also I seemed to have a solid amount of energy. If your interested be prepared because it won't be easy. One of the first things is that you stop all caffeine and sugar intake. This is where you really find out how addictive caffeine and sugar are, you will get a headache that won't go away for about a week and then you are done. Food wise your breads, cereals and potatoes are gone, you can eat meats and cheeses and most veggies just no starches. My usual day is a breakfast of a cheese omelet, a large salad with either with chicken or ham and a salad dressing with a low sugar count, and a dinner of a meat and veggie. Just remember to exercise (a simple 20 minute walk works) with any diet and you'll achieve what you want.
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Claud Claud
I don't know if it is really good for someone your age. This diet is basically about eating MEAT and more MEAT and mostly MEAT. You can have eggs, too, and pork rinds for that snack attack. Only certain vegetables are allowed. I just really think you would be better off on a more balanced diet that included vegetables and not so much meat.
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Amon Amon
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Amon Originally Answered: What, besides seeds & nuts, are "good carb" foods within a raw-food diet?
What you are craving is not carbs, but probably fat. I find avocado's, durian and olives to be very satisfying when I get that craving. Fatty vegetables are the bridge from the S.A.D. to a raw-food vegan lifestyle!

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