Is this a good way to figure out if high carbohydrate or high protein/fat diet is best for you?

Is this a good way to figure out if high carbohydrate or high protein/fat diet is best for you? Topic: Is this a good way to figure out if high carbohydrate or high protein/fat diet is best for you?
January 29, 2020 / By Jashub
Question: Here is a way to figure out whether a high carbohydrate diet(vegan) or high protein diet(paleo diet) is best for you. First of all the American diet is VERY bad. That's what most people in America start on. Now switch yourself to a high protein diet(paleo diet) for at least 3 months. This includes organic organs, meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood, insects When your done, switch yourself to a high carb diet for a week and SEE how you feel. If you feel any better, than you can switch to that diet. If you don't, go back to paleo. High Carb diet incorporates only breads, pasta, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It has no meat in it. The bread and nuts provide a source of protein, but the bread must be organic and read under the label "Spelt bread"
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Gabby Gabby | 2 days ago
You're better off doing the high protein/fat diet. Look up Keto. It's what's people been doing including myself for weight loss. Also because of the practically no carbs in keto, you get your energy source from fats and spare muscle when you lose weight. I wouldn't switch diets back and forth because depending on the person, one might be dependent on one diet and the transition is very hard. 1 week isn't enough. Also the carb diet doesn't look that good, bread contains non existent protein and incomplete amino acids. Your only semi legit form of protein is from nuts and those are majority from fat. At the end you're just having fat and carbs. Which is horrible since you have virtually no protein in. If it's a vegan diet, you should still have protein, tofu contains protein, so does dairy.
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Gabby Originally Answered: high calorie high protein diet for bodybuilding?
Well sounds like you are going on a bulk to me. If you are serious about bodybuilding there are all sorts of splits in macronutrients you can do, but one of the most popular is 40/40/20. 40 percent carbs, 40 percent protein, 20 percent fat. Great carb sources are oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat bread. Proteins are probably the easiest, but when bulking it can get a little costly. I have found ON brand whey for pre workout and post workout is fairly effective if you are on a budget. They also make a great Casein blend for before bed for repair and mass building. Try to keep your bulk as clean as possible so you can minimize fat gain while you are on your way up. As for supplements fish oil caps are friggin great, so is CLA, and Flax Seed Oil. These are great ways to get your Essential Fatty Acids in and also keep your bulk lean as possible. Spread those cals out over 5 or 6 meals. Other then that man make sure you are lifting heavy and keeping the volume low and you will be fine. Don't make the mistake of eating a bunch of crap to fill out your calories, you will regret the hell out of it when it comes to cutting time. If you are super serious about it, check out Tom Venuto's book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It has a lot of great information on how to cut and bulk effectively. Your bulk should be just a caloried up version of your cut.

Den Den
add red pepper flakes to your pantry when eaten early in the day red pepper lowers the amount of food youll eat later
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Beau Beau
skipping meals can cause your body to go into a fat storing starvation mode making it harder to burn calories
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Zipporah Zipporah
A ketogenic diet is not high in protein...It is high in fat, moderate in protein, and very low in carbohydrates (coming mostly from leafy vegetables). Phinney and Volek are respected researchers in the field of nutrition who advocate the ketogenic diet. See their books (on Amazon) for details. The available science shows this diet to be a healthy, safe, and "yummy" way to lose weight and improve a wide variety of health issues (high "bad" cholesterol, high triglycerides, obesity, diabetes/insulin resistance, systemic inflammation, ect. In addition, anthropological evidence suggests that pre-agricultural people ate diets similar to the ketogenic diet (very few carbs, ample fat, and moderate protein).
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Sherilyn Sherilyn
drink 3 cups of green tea in 24 hours researchers say it can increase energy expenditure by 106 calories
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Sherilyn Originally Answered: Where can I find a good and simple high protein diet plan?
Im with you...i started a weight loss challenge 5 weeks ago and its the easiest thing ive ever done, Im down 22lbs 3 belt knotches and 2 chins ...no lie. You should check it out. Its very healthy and very powerful..it works well...good luck troy

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