can anyone tell me about family life in the military?

can anyone tell me about family life in the military? Topic: can anyone tell me about family life in the military?
September 20, 2019 / By Anitra
Question: I'm really trying to find out anything i can about family life in the military... its the one thing that worries me still. okay. say im enlisted, and my wife is not. what kind of benefits does she receive? if any. my most important question is can she use the colleges said to be located on base?
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Wilton Wilton | 1 day ago
Well military life has its ups and downs: Ups: -she will be able to use the gym, which will be free and they offer lots of free classes like aerobics, kick boxing, cycling, and the use of the swimming pool and wieghts room -she will be able to use the commissary (grocery store) and PX (kind of like walmart/target), which sometimes can be cheaper than off post. Well at least the commissary can. The PX will price compare with other local ADS also so bring them in. -She will be able to use the post hospital for medical purposes which will be free such as doctor appt, eye exams, and other. She will also be able to get most precriptions for free at the Post Pharmacy. -She will receive her ID Military Card which will give her access to all of this -She will be able to live on post with you in family housing, which is free (sort of, they add the BAH in and then take it right out). You wont have to pay any utitilites like gas, water, electric but will have to pay phone, cable and internet. -There is a little bit to do on post: Library, Bowling alleys, Gyms, Clubs, Pools, Movie Theaters, and other things that she and you will have access to -Some post have schools for the kids on them so they don't have that far to go -She will be able to use the education center so that she can go to school. She can look into the Spouses Club because they are always giving away scholarships each year and AER gives away a spouses scholarship also that she will be able to get if she qualifies. None of these have to be paid back. -also some colleges off post will also most likely give your wife the instate college tutition as long as you are stationed in the state she is going to college in. -She will be able to move most places (except deployments, and sometimes Korea) with you and the government will pay to move you -It is easier to make friends when you move -there are alot more benefits Downs: -15 month deployments -can sometimes have long work hours so your not home that much -field problems -The Army, lol, sometimes dosen't make sense and will confuse the hell out of her Besides the deployments, I can honestly say I really love being a military spouse. I have been one for almost 13 years and wouldn't give it up right now. We have been many places and have seen quite a bit. I would give her one piece of advice and tell her not to sit at home. Travel when she can, don't make the base her life. Get out and see what else is around her and make the most out of every base you are stationed at. Some of these books might help: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/102... http://www.armywifetalkradio.com/bookssp... And have her look at these websites: http://www.milspouse.com/ (really good website) http://www.militaryspousesupport.net/ http://spouse.military.com/spousecenter/index.html http://www.cinchouse.com/ http://www.spousebuzz.com/?ESRC=ggl_mem_spbuzz.kw http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Estates/6319/friendslinks.html Good luck to the both of you. Being a military spouse is hard no matter what branch you are in but if she knows that she is to expect the unexpected, then she will be good.
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Seth Seth
I am an army wife, and yes I attended the college on post for four years eventually recieving my degree. I went to three different colleges throughout my time and because I went to the ones on post, transfering my credits was never a real problem. The colleges are all part of a program that the military has to make transferring easier for spouses and soldiers. I did have to pay tuition, but on post colleges tend to be much cheaper than you would think. And most have spouse scholarships and grants that she can apply for to help ease the cost. If you are going near Ft Lewis, Germany, or Ft Hood...I have been to the on post colleges at all these locations and even done some online courses. Dont hesitate to ask 8). I also have 3 kids and my husbands been in the army 11 years so anything I can do to help, just email.
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Nethaniah Nethaniah
When dealing with family situations like this, often the best way is to just be up front about it and not try to beat around the bushes. Just sit down with them in the living room sometime, maybe even have your sister with you, and let them know of your decision. You are 19 now and can legally make this decision on your own. Explain to them why you are choosing this path and that you can understand their concerns, but that this is where your passion lies. EDIT: The same advice still applies. If you do not wish to go, and you know that you will not go, then do not pay it. Just wait for them to get back home, give them a day to rest up, then break the news to them. However, if they ask if you paid the bill, do not lie to them. Break it to them then. Otherwise, pick your time and place.
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Kimbel Kimbel
she gets full free medical coverage, it's awesome by the way. dental you have to pay for, i don't remember how much a month, but it's pretty much the same dental benefits as most other dental coverages. you however, get free dental on your base. although if you go overseas, her dental is free also. i'm in the process of having my teeth worked on and it's costing us about $800 out of pocket. (it's a lot of work) cleanings are free though! she gets a DOD id card, can go on base, use the gym, the commisary, the bx/px. she can use the air force college also, and there are scholorships she can apply for. i haven't gone to college through the military though, so i can't be of help there, that's all i know about that. there are lots of people you can talk to about all of that on your base (or the recruiter if you haven't joined yet)
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