11 month old getting constipated!?

11 month old getting constipated!? Topic: 11 month old getting constipated!?
July 20, 2019 / By Hardy
Question: My daughter has never had an issue with this. For the last week she has been having problems going poo. She eats regularly and takes milk and formula. I don't know why all the sudden with the constipation! Ideas?? And what can I do to get her regular again?
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Eladah Eladah | 4 days ago
Pear, prune and grape juices are the surest for bowel health - the jury's out on whether citric juices work. Some people make great claims for pomegranate juice, I don't know if you can get a baby-friendly version of that. Put a glycerine suppository in her if she hasn't done a dooey for 2+ days.
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Eladah Originally Answered: 4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated?
Ya i would wait, sounds like his digestive tract isn't ready for it yet, that's why most people start at 6 months so it doesn't do any damage. Just try again when he is 6 months. Better to be safe then sorry.
Eladah Originally Answered: 4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated?
My son was drinking 45 oz of formula by the time he was 1 month old. So, like you I started introducing solids at 4 months. Everything I tried, gave him a stomach ache. So, I stopped. Gave him a 2 month break and started again later. He was fine at 6 months. Some kids are more sensitive to new foods. So, I would suggest to give him a little break and start gain in a few weeks, or even month.

Carl Carl
Milk can bind, as can formula. Make sure she's eating a variety of fruits and vegetables and drinking at least some water.
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Allarick Allarick
at eleven months you are safe to give her a small amount of pure orange juice, that should get her bowels open it worked for my son every time as the thought of the doctor giving him a form of laxative was simply not an option for me x hope it works x
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Allarick Originally Answered: My 2 month old is Constipated?
You can use a q tip with vaseline and stimulate his rectum, or you can use baby glycerin suppository. Giving him any kind of juice isn't going to work because he has something that is stuck. Once you get him unstuck then he should be able to have regular bowel movements again. Call your doctor and they can give you more information on what to do. K is wrong!! If a baby usually has bowel movements that frequently and then just automatically stops and they get uncomfortable like you described it is because they are constipated. You know your baby and you know when they are not acting right or when their having trouble having a bowel movement. Just like an adult, if you have a bowel movement everyday and then you don't the next 2 or 3 then you get uncomfortable and probably grumpy too. Saying that a baby who doesn't have a bowel movement in 24 hours isn't constipated is nuts. Babies eat a lot and therefore they should have quite a few bowel movements. A healthy BF baby should have a bowel movement after every feeding. A formula fed baby at least once a day. Otherwise just like you described your baby will be constipated and feel horrible. I have dealt with constipation a lot with my kids and have talked to doctors too about this. Call your doctor and I am sure they will tell you to do exactly as I described.

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