best ways to lose body fat fast?

best ways to lose body fat fast? Topic: best ways to lose body fat fast?
January 18, 2020 / By Gaynor
Question: whats the best way losing body fat w/out going to the gym????? 10 points to the best answer thx
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Dhelweard Dhelweard | 8 days ago
Do any physical activity for at least 30 min a day. Seventeen Mag. has great simple work outs you can do at home and gives you healthy food suggestions and a place to write like your accomplishments sometimes or keep a record of how much physical activity you do or what you eat.
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Dhelweard Originally Answered: What are some good, quick, effective ways to lose body fat?
Tummy fat are difficult to lose...try control what you eating... for 14 to 15 y/o gurl like you i think i should not be a problem...still try to cop with hormonal changes...baby fat will eventually disappear with your age...do you have a family history of overweight? if yes than maybe you should start the preventative step to stop being like them...try sit-ups...eat spicy food...it increase metabolism, eat fibre, and the good ol' trick that always work is excercise...

Bezaleel Bezaleel
Walk/Jog two miles a day. Eat 2 bowls of Kellogg's Special K instead of breakfast and lunch. Eat a lot of vegetables and stay away from fast food and sodas. That's the HEALTHY way to do it.
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Abot Abot
Exercise with dumbells at home; or use a good cardio sculpting exercise DVD like "The Firm" or a body sculpting DVD like one by Jari Love. Ther are a lot of other good ones. When you add muscle to your body by light weight training, and you will burn fat quickly. Also, drink a lot of brewed green tea and drink water to improve metabolism.
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Sofia Sofia
eat vegetables-fruits or go jogging, exercise a lot, or eat small portions of food, but that will lead you into being anorexic.
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Sofia Originally Answered: fast ways to lose weight?
50 lbs in 2 weeks is dangerous Try to burn more calories than you take in and the weight should start disappearing at a safer rate.

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