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Constipated Betta? Topic: Constipated Betta?
September 23, 2019 / By Edison
Question: My female betta was over fed a couple of times. She got bloated ( I don't think it's dropsy though) and has after a couple of days she got a poop lodged half way out. It's still there a couple of days later and she is not acting herself, staying stationary. I assume the problem is that she is constipated. What do you suggest? Would brine shrimp help, baby or adult? She has not seen or been around a male. She has been fasted since she blew up there are no experts here? It isn't camallanus; the poop is still there. I tried frozen BBS and she did not even look at it so she isn't eating. She seems smaller but it could just be not eating. The temp is perfect. thx
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Cam Cam | 4 days ago
Hi, MJ, Eve forwarded me your question. If she's constipated, see if she'll eat a little bit of a cooked green pea with the skin removed. A little plant material will act as fiber in her digestive system and help move things along if that's her problem. You may need to mask the pea a little to get it to where it's bite-sized. A couple of things in your question concern me though. You say she's staying stationary - what do you keep her in, and do you have a heater? If the water temperature is too cool (bettas are tropical fish and should have a water temperature of 76-86oF), this would make her lethargic, as would the water temperature being too high. Also, poop shouldn't take a day to break off. Since she's inactive, this might be an intestinal parasite rather than poop. See if it's pointed at the far end as in this photo: http://www.alaquairum.net/imagenes/Camal... If so, that would be the parasite camallanus. This is a little more difficult to treat as it doesn't respond to antiparisitic medications made for fish. I've treated for it successfully twice using Levacide (Levamisole HCl) which is a livestock dewormer, and although I've never tried it myself, Panacur is also used. Depending on where you're from, you might be able to get the Levacide at a farm supply store, but in some countries, both are only available through a prescription. here's some more info on this: http://www.alaquairum.net/imagenes/Camal... the Levacide treatment is only available as a .pdf file, but if you click on the "here" in this link, it will take you to the article: http://cache.search.yahoo-ht2.akadns.net...
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Cam Originally Answered: What can i do for my Betta?
If your goldy has been swimming like that since you got him, he probably has an injured Swim Bladder. He should live just fine like that though, watch for constipation however which can be cured by feeding pea mash to him :) To stem the current add lots of live plants or even fake ones. It will break up the flow in the tank and give him hiding places. Floating java moss or other leavy plant will work. Also, you might be able to stem the flow a bit, depending on your filter, by taking some aquarium foam and putting it over the output of the filter. Make sure you water line hits the output as well, to reduce splashing and flow. I have the problem in my 5gal betta tank...andused all these to fix it :)

Alfy Alfy
whilst i replaced into 6 i had the comparable problem as you and rather made my mum and dad take my betta to a fish expert. Come to ensure my betta had swallowed a gravel rock. A skinned up pea does artwork regardless of the indisputable fact that. If I have been you i could basically attempt a tiny piece first regardless of the indisputable fact that.
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Tamson Tamson
fast her for a few days, and see if she gets better Hope that helps Good luck Eve Edit* well if you have fasted her already for a while, then she has most likely dropsy, which can be treated with marcyn TC P.S. have forwarded this q to someone who can hopefully better asisst you
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Richardine Richardine
She is probably full of eggs. When female betas see a male beta, they start producing tons eggs. Buy her a male and breed them. Be sure to check online for instructions first.
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Mindy Mindy
if it is actually that brine shrimp is natures laxitive... frozen is better if it's possible to feed that... good luck!!!
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Mindy Originally Answered: My Betta Fish!?
its flaring at you bcuz its angry about being in a bowl. heres why bettas (or any other fish) should not be in bowls: no heater-bettas are tropical so they sloooow down because they are cold, bettas are way more exciting in a heated tank, mine is in a 30g heated, filtered etc community tank and she is all over the place temperature changes a lot between day and night, it isn't constant, and that stresses the fish no hood, the fishy might jump out, also things can fall in the water no filter, ammonia from waste gets higher and higher while uneaten food falls and rots on the bottom and uncontrolled algae dominates the sides, ammonia spikes and if the water is not changed often, can be fatal to the fish the warped sides of the bowl can cause the fish to go blind boring!! no space to move!! all the poor, cold betta can do is sit in his own waste and stare out the warped sides of the bowl and imagine the luxury of a heated, filtered 5g!!! and he probably sees his reflection and it looks all funny cuz he's in a bowl. bettas like blood worms, anything freeze dried, i feed my fish twice a day (there are 11 others besides the betta) with flakes, spirulina, and blood worms and they go crazy for the blood worms. bettas aren't aggressive, they are just misunderstood. males fight males, also sometimes angelfish and male guppies.

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