Dog Cries From Pain in Her Back Legs after Excercise?

Dog Cries From Pain in Her Back Legs after Excercise? Topic: Dog Cries From Pain in Her Back Legs after Excercise?
June 18, 2019 / By Angelle
Question: Hello, I rescued a Greyhound/APBT Mix over a year back. When we got her she had been hit by a car and had to undergo a femoral head osteotomy (normally done to dogs with hip dysplasia). Its been over 16 months since her surgery so she should be as healed as she will get. I notice when she runs a lot that after wards she is in a lot of pain.. she will cry when she gets up and sometimes favors the good leg over the one that had the surgery. She will even sometimes not use either of her legs and will toe tap with them and somehow manage to use only her front legs. I was wondering could it just be overexertion causing her to be in pain? She is a terrier after all and this only happens when she runs and A LOT! Any advice is appreciated! I love my two dogs and would do anything to keep them healthy and happy. I forgot to mention she is only 2 years old right now! We adopted her when she was 4 months old. The first vet said he did the FHO but ended up only removing shards of bone in her leg. We didnt realize until 3 months later when she was in constant pain. We took her to the U of MN and they did the operation right. The other vet gave us our money back but we should have sued for malpractice! She gets glucosamine in her Solid Gold Barking at the Moon and Fromm food she eats. There is no bone on bone contact. After a FHO they remove the ball joint that controls her leg. Its basically muscle that keeps her moving.. no bone present.
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Willis Willis | 5 days ago
I'm so sorry that your little girl has had such a rough time! A vet needs to take a look at her, to make sure that there isn't any more complications in her hips that are causing this pain. Talk to them about her exercise as well, and try to limit the amount of time she's running so that she doesn't have these painful episodes afterwards. Also, is she taking glucosamine supplements? It's something that both my mother (who has arthritis in her knees) and my parent's dogs take (one has hip displasia but is too small and old for the surgery, the other one is taking it to protect against joint problems). It works--amazingly well. Both my mother and her female dog had pain, similar to what you're describing. After a month of these supplements we saw a huge improvement. I'm no doctor, but the ones we've talk to explain that it helps build up the joint cartilage that lubricates joints and keeps bone from rubbing against bone, which is incredibly painful. It's fairly safe to take, as well. Since she has issues with her hips, it might be a good idea to start her on this. Your vet can tell you more about it. Best of luck, and I hope she's feeling better soon!
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Sefton Sefton
Good for you for rescuing a dog. I would take the dog back to the vet for an evaluation of that leg. Sounds like either something is wrong, or maybe the dog really is overexerting. Ask the vet if a product for animals that is like glucosamine would be ok for your dog. It is for bone health. Vets have it but it is also cheaper on the internet.
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Neil Neil
See a vet. It could be she became arthritic early because of the accident, or her hip could have ended up relapsing. And if it is just over Extension you should get a prescription pain med for her so that when she does run a lot after-wards you can give it to her in a treat and then shell be fine.
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Kieran Kieran
Do have the vet check her out. Something is going on with her legs that shouldn't be. Until then, definitely put her on limited exercise. Is she overweight? Is the new head of the bone irritating her? There are so many things to consider. Best wishes.
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