How do I gain a lot of weight quickly?

How do I gain a lot of weight quickly? Topic: How do I gain a lot of weight quickly?
December 13, 2019 / By Averill
Question: I have always been the skinny kid and I would really like to gain some weight. I am 5'8 and 19 years old and only weigh 120 pounds. I have tried everything from changing my eating habits too working out as much as i can, I have even tried a powdered weight gainer for a week and didn't see much results. Please help!
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Best Answers: How do I gain a lot of weight quickly?

Virginia Virginia | 3 days ago
It really depends on your metabolism type. There are three scientific classifications for metabolism. Endomorphism, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph. To explain them simply, the endomorph has trouble losing weight, the mesomorph can gain or lose weight at their discretion, and the ectomorph can eat everything in sight and not gain a pound. Assuming your not the endomorph or mesomorph, the ectomorph has to eat complex carbs like starches and red meats, because their metabolic rate is very high. So stick to thing like potatoes and lean red meats like sirloin and take extra protein. And if your trying to gain muscle mass I have found that full body workouts every other day work best. I am an ectomorph as well and put on 25lbs of muscle thanks to this information. Hope this helps.
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Virginia Originally Answered: How can I gain weight quickly?
Don't think you can just gobble down the Twinkies and Ho-Hos. You want more muscle I'm guessing. Try getting a gym membership and lift some weights to get some muscle.

Shaniqua Shaniqua
Glad you asked. I've been making progress by eating 5 meals a day. I usually eat every 2-2 1/2 hours. In addition to that you should do compound exercises twice a week to start. Bench press, barebell rows, etc. You can throw in a light cardio once or twice a week too, since you'll be eating a lot of heavy foods. ( Your cardio should never be more than 10-15 mins. The main thing is to eat all day long so your body is never without fuel. Eat until you feel COMFORTABLY full, then eat again in 2-2 1/2 hours. It's the only strategy I've found to gaining weight that ACTUALLY WORKS. For people with fast metabolism's, diet makes up 80% of the weight gaining process. Type in hardgainer workouts for more specifics on what kind of exercises you should be doing. And make sure you go heavy weight's low reps. Your warm up set doesn't have to be that heavy, but after that only do heavy weights low reps. 8-10 reps MAX. Never more than that if you want to bulk up. The weight should be so heavy that you can't do any more reps than that. Good luck. Before you do this you may want to check with your doctor though to see if you have a thyroid problem or something. He or she may also be able to provide you with an appetite enhancer or medicine to slow down your metabolism.
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Orabel Orabel
Caloric intake vs. activity levels. If you increase your caloric intake (mainly foods high in carbs) anything you don't burn will be stored as fat, thus making you gain weight.
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Mahlah Mahlah
Well, its not very healthy if you tried gaining weight by getting fat. instead, exercise a lot so you can gain muscles instead.
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Kezia Kezia
y r u trin 2 gain weight? unless ur a body builder or relstler, dont eat FAT FOOD! EAT ALOT OF FISH, MEAT, PROTEN..ECT! THEN AFTER U EAT WEAT 1 HR THEEN WORKOUT, UL GET HUGE N BUFF!
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Kezia Originally Answered: how can i gain more weight quickly?
always remain your natural weight thats healthiest and it also looks nicest but if you really want to put weight on which i dont recommend eat loads of cake and biscuits

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