how exactly do you use laxatives?

how exactly do you use laxatives? Topic: how exactly do you use laxatives?
September 19, 2019 / By Abia
Question: obviously you take them. but if you want to get rid of something you're eating, should you take laxatives before, during or after you eat? the recomended dosage said 2 chocolate pieces (i got regular ex lax chocolate pieces) so i ate 6. i know this is too much, but what's the minimum i need to take to ensure that what i ate won't be digested (you know what i mean)? yes i know this is unhealthy etc etc etc, i just want to know. thanks! (:
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Stevie Stevie | 4 days ago
I;ll spare you the health lecture, as you request :--). Suffice it to say that you are playing around with your health in dangerous ways.... Laxatives will not stop any food from being at least mostly digested: in fact they are mainly used just to help you go in the first place. If you really want to speed food's journey through the digestive tract, you need a "purgative": this is like a laxative only much quicker and in some ways, "violent": a good purgative will shoot stuff through you pretty swiftly!! That said, you will have to do a bit of research and find one which does not also cause vomiting, as most purgatives like castor oil and aloes do. If i may revert to form here, it is MUCH better simply to not eat things you don't want your body to digest.
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Stevie Originally Answered: Help with laxatives please!?
LOL i have done this before i took 2 in the beginning, then 4 about two hours later because it wasn't working. All and all i took 6 and in the morning it hit me! Most laxatives take 12 hours i would suggest you just not go to school because around 6 is when your going to feel it not as bad as mine but you will feel it. My suggestion just stay home tomorrow

Paise Paise
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Lindsey Lindsey
First of all what are you exactly trying to get rid of, and i don't think that is a question to ask on here.You should ask your nearest doctor. You should talk to him about the right dosage. If you Don't want to tell why you are using it for, lie and say you are constipated. if you do not know what that is its when you can poop, and it just builds up inside. if you want to through it up, i recommend you not. the acid in vomit will rip your esophagus to shreds.
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Jaron Jaron
Laxatives are not to be used as diet pills, so if you want to get rid of something you're eating...don't eat it to begin with.
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Jaron Originally Answered: Laxatives for weightloss?
Laxative abuse can eventually result in a condition called "Laxative dependency" which occurs when the colon stops reacting to usual doses of laxatives so that larger and larger amounts of laxatives may be needed to produce bowel movements.  Bulimics who abuse laxatives can damage their gastrointestinal tract and cause weakening and softening of their bones. Abuse of laxatives in bulimia can also lead to serious bowel tumors and kidney problems. Generally if you are a bulimic who takes laxatives you will become unwell as your immune system starts to shut down leaving you susceptible to infection. Due to severe dehydration caused by laxatives and diuretics, sometimes drinking fluid is not enough to hydrate cells and tissues fast enough, when this happens it can cause organ damage and even death. Abuse of laxatives causes the muscles in your bowel can become very weak from the lack of use, with the delicate nerve lining in your body’s colon also becoming damaged. Long term bulimics who abuse laxatives can have colon failure. Laxative and diurectic abuse can lead to: Tremors Dehydration Weakness Nausea Water retention Colon infection Blurry vision Severe abdominal pain Chronic Diarrhea Gas Bloating Electrolyte Disturbances Chronic Constipation Bowel tumors Irregular heartbeat Kidney damage Electrolyte imbalance Organ damage Colon failure Death If that is not enough to convince her, I'm afraid she'll have to find out the hard way. She is not losing weight by using laxatives. She is losing Water, Vitamins, and Minerals...nothing more.

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