how can i help my hamster?open wound?

how can i help my hamster?open wound? Topic: how can i help my hamster?open wound?
October 18, 2019 / By Trina
Question: my hamster is old and prob on her way out,and i noticed shes not useing her wheel or eating as much and it was hard for her to climb ramps to get to her food and water.so i put her in a 10 gal tank with aspen bedding,food water and 2 hide away things.but when i was filling her bowl she streched and i noticed this huge bloody thing on her under side near her front legs,im not sure if its dried blood or what not.but im really worried,it looks like a huge open tumor.is it cause shes old?whats wrong with her,what can i do?should i leave her at peace and let her die on her own,or have her put down?since shes old i dont know if it would be worth it totake her to the vet,plus they dont work on small animals...anything would be helpfull...please and thankyou
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Sallie Sallie | 3 days ago
If you call around a little more - I'm more than sure you'll find a vet that treats small animals. I would take her in to the vet - she could be in pain - and a humane euthanasia would probably be the best solution considering her age. If the vet thinks she'll be ok - you may want to try antibiotics if there is any infection. Tumors are common in small animals when they get older. I really hope your hamster is ok. Good luck!
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Sallie Originally Answered: My hamster?
so i can see why you worrie...but don't you think if it hasn't drank ANYTHING it would have croaked by now? Anyway...so first you might want to make sure that the water can actually come out of the bottle and that it is not clogged. then if it is/or isn't working fine i would recommend putting a small cup or bowl of water in there just in case. next i would try to feed it lots of very watery veggies or fruits( grapes, cucumber, celery ect.) This way at least you know she/he is getting some fluid, in the meantime i would invest in a new water bottle! Hope this helps and your hammie is o.k.!!! Cassie:)

Nicolette Nicolette
You need to get your hamster to the vet immediately. In the time being try to stop the bleeding and put disinfectant on the wound. Take all necessary precautions and get the wound treated as soon as possible!!!
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Lynette Lynette
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Keavy Keavy
this site will help so you could know how to treat the cut. http://sites.google.com/site/hamstermani... go all the way to the bottom of the page.
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Keavy Originally Answered: Hi! I want to save up for a hamster. How much?
well that's great im 13 i have a black and white syrian hamster called Izzy http://www.holmdenhillhaven.com/hamsters... kinda like that one. Syrians are fatter and cutter ,dwarf hamsters and roboski hamsters etc prefer to be bought in groups or pairs and i don't find them as fun or as cute but its your opinion that counts when it comes to picking out your furry friend.http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2297/2081... that is a rather fat russian dwarf hamster .if you live in the uk like me hamsters are cheap around £5 and a good cage can go up to £50 but you can get some for £25 and are good quality treats, food and disinfectantt etc when added up is around £20 to buy ,i would recomend you save around £60 if you need any tips email me at xxyellowmilkxx@hotmail.com

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