Lost my hamster, need advice now please!?

Lost my hamster, need advice now please!? Topic: Lost my hamster, need advice now please!?
November 14, 2019 / By Angel
Question: My hamster had managed to escape from her cage 2 nights ago and I have not seen her since. And worse I had my patio door open to to let some air in as it was hot and I didn't realize she'd gone. I have searched everywhere. Under and behind everything. But nothing. I have left food in each room and a bowl of water to see if I can try and narrow it down to where she could be hiding but nothing has been touched. The door was only open for 2 hours and was in the middle of the day so I'm hoping she was sleep then. I starting to worry and I feel so guilty. People may say it's only a hamster but she is a apart of the family like any other animal would be.
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Wilford Wilford | 8 days ago
Don't worry. All hammies escape: it's nature. Most turn up in a few hours after searching, or a few days. Once my hamster turned up one year after she escaped, she would have been three (she was very lucky, a miracle really, as we got a cat three months before she turned up!) so they are good survivors if they escape. Here are some ideas to help you out: 1. Hamsters love fresh foods. Try cutting up a few chunks of apples, cheese and lettuce. Place one chunk of any of the foods in each room of the house. Monitor them and see which ones get taken. Then you will know the general area the hamster is in. 2. Make sure that you place it's cage on the ground with some type of ramp so it can get in safely. Like others said put fresh foods in the cage and maybe a trail of food leading to the cage. Once he finds the cage he will probably go back to it by morning to go to sleep. 3. This one is pretty good. Get a small bucket, (tall enough so the hamster couldn't climb out) Put a towel or something that will help the hamsters landing inside the bucket. Put some strong smelling fresh food inside the bucket. Now stack a bunch of phone books or something leading up to the bucket. If the hamster is hungry enough he will jump into the bucket and won't be able to climb out. Also put a piece of food on each step leading to the bucket to encourage him to keep climbing. How to locate a hamster: •Start your search near the cage and go from there. •Check behind and under furniture, as well as down the sides and backs of sofas, under cushions, etc. •Check cabinets, drawers, shelves and bookcases. Don't forget to look inside, behind, and under items kept in these places. •Check the underside of furniture and beds for any holes through which a hamster could climb inside the furniture/bed. •Check inside any boxes you have around the house, including tissue boxes . •Look inside any backpacks, purses, other bags, and shoes. •Check the undersides and backs of appliances for holes into which your lost hamster could have climbed. •Check behind/under the water heater (or anywhere else where it might be warm and dark). •Look for holes or spaces under cupboards or that could lead into the walls. Make a note of these for later. To track a hamster: •Remember that hamsters are nocturnal, so will probably only move about overnight. •Place a small pre-counted pile of sunflower seeds on the floor in each room. If any seeds disappear from a room, that gives you a better general idea where your lost hamster is hiding (unless you have any wild mice that are stealing your bait!). •Sprinkle a little flour or cornstarch on the floor around the piles of seeds. A trail of little white footprints may lead to a hamster's hiding place. •Similarly, sprinkle some flour across doorways and in front of any suspected hiding spots (like spaces under the cupboards or holes in the wall, as noted on your search). Check for footprints to see where your hamster is travelling at night. •In the evening, try placing tinfoil or crinkly cellophane on the floor (concentrate on possible hideouts, doorways, and around the cage or food), turn out all the lights and sit quietly. If your lost hamster comes out, you may be able to locate it by the noise made as it walks across the foil or cellophane. •tie long strands of yard to some peanuts (in the shell) - your hamster may gather them and take them to his or her hiding place, in which case the strands of yarn will lead you to the hiding spot! •To catch them: As a last resort, get a humane mouse trap, also called a live mouse trap (the kind that is a box that traps the mouse without killing it) and bait it with peanut butter. These do occasionally malfunction so could possibly injure your hamster, but that is fairly unlikely and they usually work well.
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Wilford Originally Answered: im getting a hamster in a few day, i need help?
I typed this up for a kid who e-mailed me a while back. The best type of hamster for a beginner would be a > Syrian. They are larger, mostly friendlier, and less > prone to bite than dwarves. ( They are the larger > type). Here's a link to tell you about syrians: > http://www.petwebsite.com/hamsters/syrian_hamsters.htm > For hamster accessories... I'll make a list > -a good cage. Please don't get one of those commercial > cages from brands like crittertrail and ovotrail. Bin > cages work the best. Here's how to make > one:http://www.petwebsite.com/article_read.asp?parent_id=14&parent_name=Hamsters&id=256&title=Make%20A%20Homemade%20Hamster%20Bin%20Type%20Cage. > The commercial barred cages are often too small. If > you don't want to make a bin cage, the next best thing > would be an aquarium. Just make sure it is at least 10 > gallons. It also needs a secure lid. > - a bowl. The best bowl would be a weighted one with > edges curved inward. The weight will prevent your > hamster from tipping the bowl over. > - A water bottle. The best water bottle would be one > like this:http://www.arcatapet.com/fullsize/1810.jpg > It has a ( for lack of a better word) " stem" that is > bent. Also, the metal clicky balls in the water bottle > allow the hamster to drink without leaking the water > all over. You don't want to get one that hangs > straight down. They will drip ALL over and are.. > well.. pieces of crap. Also, you don't want to get a > water bowl. Hamsters are naturally afraid of open > water and will try to bury it. Plus, if the hamster > poops or pees in the water and drinks it, it could get > infected. > - Wood. Hamsters teeth continually grow and need wood > to chew to keep them from getting too long. If > hamsters are not provided with wood, they will bite on > other.. not healthy thing to bite on.. ( example: cage > bars). You can find wood in the rodent section of > Petsmart, petco, or any pet store near you. > -a house. Hamsters need a house to sleep in and > retreat to. The best type to get would be wood. > -a Wheel. The best type of wheel to get would be > either a Wodent Wheel or Silent Spinner. NEVER get a > hamster one of those mesh wire wheels. They NEED a > solid surface to run on. If they run on a wheel with a > surface not solid for too long, they can get an injury > called "bumblefoot". Also, check on the package to see > if the wheel is the correct size for your hamster. > - Not a necessity .. but treats. They are sold in pet > stores and are fun to give to your hamster in > moderation. > - bedding. The best type of bedding to get would be aspen. Carefresh has been known to harbor mites and shredded paper can cut a hamster's foot. I use aspen for my *gasp* four ( at the moment ) hamsters.. and it works great. > - food. The best type of food for a hamster ( for me) > would be Brown's premium hamster/gerbil food. Avoid > buying KAYTEE brand treats and food. It contains a > preservative called " ethoxyquin" that can result in > cancer in hamsters. Other brands often contain this, > so check the components before buying. > -the Hamster. When buying, get a hamster that is > bright eyed and active. You should go about 7:00-8:00 > to get your hamster because they are nocturnal. OF > course, don't wake a sleeping hamster. This can result > in stress that can limit the hamster's lifespan. > > THE COST: > The cage varies.. I'll just put a general amount of .. > $20-30. It depends if you get an aquarium, make a bin > cage, or *shudder* buy a commercial cage. > Water bottle- > $4-$7 > Wood- > $3-$4 > a House- > $4.. about. > a wheel- > $4 > Food- > about $4 > The hamster- > normally about $6 > > You didn't ask about it, but I'll tell you > anyways.http://hamsterhideout.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5988 > Taming is a .. well.. boring.. process that allows the > hamster to connect with and trust you. > A common hamster disease: > Wet tail. > Its ( as I said common) disease that hamsters can get > from each other or stress. > Noticable sighs are: > - a lethargic hamster > -a wet tail region > I'm telling you about this because wet tail occurs > most often when a hamster is being brought home. Cage > mates and the trip home can give your hamster it. My > hamster, Eleanor Rigby, got it from her cage mates. > She died... 3 days later. It is fatal and most > hamsters die from it. If you notice any signs, bring > your hamster to the vet IMMEDIATELY. > > Check out a couple hamster places before you buy. I'm > kind of an impulse hamster buyer and won't look at any > others before purchasing, but I suggest you find > several stores and scope 'em out before you make your > final purchase. > > If you are wondering how I know all this, lol.., I > learned it all at http://www.hamsterhouse.com/ . I > LOVE this website. There are HAMSTER FREAKS on here > who know tons. ( a LOT more than me). > > I hope I helped! > If you have any more questions, I'l LOVE to help! ( as > you can tell) > --- "Matt ." wrote: > > > > >
Wilford Originally Answered: im getting a hamster in a few day, i need help?
Get some wood chews and hideouts(tissue box, chewing baskets, etc.) otherwise, thier teeth never stop growing and will cut throught thier jaw. Don't get Salt Licks unless she doesn't get water. Get some wheels and tubes and a ball. Hamsters love fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not feed it dried rice and spaghetti. Get the starter cage for hamsters. Also, Sometimes Petsmart sells some sick animals by mistake. Also, get some treats. Good Luck with your hamster

Scot Scot
Hi, Dont worry i lost my hamster and i have a cat but after a day i found her in my guitar!! Hamsters go into the most bazzare places you have to just look and really think 'if you were a hamster where would you hide?? ;)
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Neas Neas
i agree with the third one down hamsters do tend to hide in really weird places my sisters hamster was found in my school shirt random place but you know can happen hopefully you find her/him and don't give up my sisters hamster was missing for 5 days
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Neas Originally Answered: what is wrong with my hamster?
It sounds like you are a little overwhelmed with all this. Is this your first hamster? Do you know what the hamster died of, was it contagious? The biting doesn't sound like a symptom of a disease but a frightened and scared hamster. Hamsters are very aggressive little critters and they startle easily. Here are some tips for handling her: The key to handling your hamster is first making sure that she wants to be played with! Before attempting to touch or picking up your hamster, wash your hands or at least make sure there are no scents that may resemble a food smell. The smells may cause your hamster to bite, and you know how much that hurts. Also make sure that you do not startle her such as when she is sleeping or from behind, or she will get defensive and bite. But don't let these warnings scare you, because with a little time and care, she will love your company and once tamed will hardly ever show you any aggression towards you. You just have to be brave and get her adjusted to you. Taming requires time and patience. Once she seems calm, start spending more time around her cage and quietly talk to her, get her used to your voice. Read to her. As she becomes comfortable with your presence, start offering some favorite tidbits (perhaps sunflower seeds, or bits of raisin or other dried fruits) by hand,. Once she is happily taking treats from your fingers you can start to try to pick her up.. Let her walk onto your hand, then start trying to gently scoop her into your hands. The time for this progression varies, especially depending on the age of the hamster. Your hamster may quickly accept being picked up, or it may take a month or more. Remember, evenings are best for her. Once she gets used to you, handling is pretty much all common sense. Don't squeeze her too hard or give her the feeling that she is being attacked. If she keeps up with aggressive posture, and you can't seem to find confidence in yourself. you may want to take her back to the store and see if you can get a younger and sweeter hamster. Good Luck and try not to give up on her,.

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