Why does healthy food have to taste so bad and junk food is delicious?

Why does healthy food have to taste so bad and junk food is delicious? Topic: Why does healthy food have to taste so bad and junk food is delicious?
December 15, 2019 / By Rowena
Question: I just had ate a ready made salad in a container. It was lettuce, grated carrot, peppers, sweetcorn and coleslaw. It was like eating rabbit food, and didn't enjoy it one bit. I threw half of it away infact. It's not that I have problems with weight cause I'm average build but thought I'd try some healthy eating. I feel sort of full but sick as well. I prefer the things that are supposed to be bad for you anyday. Maybe it was because it was too much salad and needed something else added to it such as some meat. I don't feel healthy after eating it, I feel sick now. I should have cooked a nice juicy steak with it :)
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Best Answers: Why does healthy food have to taste so bad and junk food is delicious?

Nancy Nancy | 9 days ago
Nature has to be manipulated to your personal likes. I tried doritoes (sp) chips the other day and could not eat them, way to much salt. A pop to me is way to strong and I am not one of these health food nuts.... I ate plain old callaflower (sp) and broccoli for a snack and I felt like I just ate a bowl of sugar and was bouncing off the walls. It just matters on your taste. I have eaten "health" food before that tasted like, well nasty. and if I make it myself I put things in it I like....
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Nancy Originally Answered: Why do people think healthy food doesn't taste good?
I bet you that top managers in the fast food (FF) industry aren't overweight. I bet you that food corporation managers buy their foods at the local health food stores or co-ops. The idea that many people have in their heads is that food comforts you: + You feel inadequate - eat something + You feel insecure in your job - eat something + No job? - eat something + No sex? - Eat something. + Can't afford your car payments? - Let's go eat something! + Failed an exam? Don't worry, eat something! + What? Not enough salt? - Add more! I agree with you 101% We are being led by the nose to the slaughter house and our legislators and many community leaders and part of the game. No fat people in the Senate or Congress. Right?

Lorette Lorette
Organic food is much more tasty. Even tomatoes are so sweet and full of flavour. Tasty healthy food needs a bit of smart cooking, you have to know more recipes. And besides, taste must be educated to like the healthy food, but this is not difficult. And spices are healthy too, why not try to spice up your food more? Try some indian food, but not the kind of food with so much chilli and hot stuff, that's not exactly the real every-day indian food. That's what i heard :) I tried once indian food at a family, cooked by people from india, and the food was incredibly good, and healthy. It's mostly vegetarian. There is alot of vegetable, rice, whole grains, and also very healthy spices like garlic, herbs, turmeric. A lot of antioxidants. Good luck, hope you don't mind my advice :)
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Katelynn Katelynn
This how I eat salad Feta cheese cucumber romaine lettuce celery carrots ranch dressing croutons garbanzo beans sun flower seeds tomatoes... With hummus on the side. That isn't so gross right? Pre-packaged salad=gross! Most junk food is delicious though. I like cake in particular. In small amounts junk food is fine it's just that people who eat large amounts everyday...will suffer the consequences. Remember that there are lots of healthy foods to eat besides salad.
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Helah Helah
Because "junk food" really isn't that bad for you. Salt, fat, and sugar is essential for your body to function, but not in excess quantities. The same goes with fruits and vegetables. All foods are healthy, but only in controlled quantities. If you eat too much "junk food" or too many veggies, then you'll end up with bad side effects. The fact that fattening foods taste better is just a coincidence of nature.
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Dreda Dreda
There is GOOD "good food" and gross "good food" (just like with junk food). Generally, premade salads in containers are nasty. Why don't you try a fresh salad with ingredients you like - including fish or chicken? Salad isn't the only healthy food out there, do some reading.
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Cayley Cayley
It's all about balance. You can have most foods (fried is always bad for you) in moderation, but balance is the key. Also drinking a LOT of water every day.
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Annemae Annemae
Pretty much anything pre-packaged tastes horrible. Try making your own salad and you'll see, and taste the difference.
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Annemae Originally Answered: How can I fight "junk-food/fast-food" urges?
It's up to you to fight these urges. You have to be dedicated to being healthy. It's not just about how you look... it's about your health and what that crap does to your insides. If you are avoiding taking chemical appetite suppressants... think of what is in fast food products! Go watch Supersize Me. The longer you avoid that stuff, the easier it gets to pass it up. You will find your cravings will come up less often, and subside more quickly.

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