My 3 month old is very constipated please help us!?

My 3 month old is very constipated please help us!? Topic: My 3 month old is very constipated please help us!?
July 20, 2019 / By Phyliss
Question: Okay well for about or week or two he hasnt been going on his own he wont poop for a 24 hours than he wont eat the next day cause he cant get the poop out. he is formula fed. oh and i even triend putting apple juice in his milk but that didn t help either. please how long can they go without pooping before i need to call the doctor. ive already given him three enemas and i refuse to give him another one.
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Marylou Marylou | 5 days ago
when my niece and nephews were infants and got constipated my sister and i would put a few teaspoons of Kayro(spelling) syrup in their bottles and within a few hours they would have a BM. try that
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Marylou Originally Answered: 4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated?
Ya i would wait, sounds like his digestive tract isn't ready for it yet, that's why most people start at 6 months so it doesn't do any damage. Just try again when he is 6 months. Better to be safe then sorry.

Laney Laney
What's an enema? I wouldn't suggest mixing apple juice and formula.... The iron that is in formula and infant cereals is not absorbed as easily as that in breast milk I would try Pureeing prunes: it is very simple You may also use the juice left over from stewing/steaming the prunes prior to pureeing. Another thing you can do to help battle constipation is to make sure baby is receiving enough liquids and movement. Move baby's legs by doing the "bicycle" and if baby is crawling, allow plenty of crawling and moving time. Increase "watery" fruits and veggies such as pears, peaches and prunes as well. Offering baby more water may help as well.
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Jeri Jeri
This will sound odd but I had the same issue with my son and I put him on my lap when I was sitting on the edge of the tub and i put warm water in a bucket and took a cloth wet it with the water and let the water fall down onto his bum whole..(sorry theres no easy way to describe it) but it works its an old trick my mom taught me with my son and there was poo everywhere...Just give it a try and tell me how it goes...worked for me =) Also try a lower iron formula to help the constipation
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Floella Floella
I think you should call the Peds Doctor because it has been going on for too long. Do you give him water? I used to sterilize water and give my baby an ounce of water before every bottle. They never had a problem going to the bathroom.
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Floella Originally Answered: My 2 month old is Constipated?
You can use a q tip with vaseline and stimulate his rectum, or you can use baby glycerin suppository. Giving him any kind of juice isn't going to work because he has something that is stuck. Once you get him unstuck then he should be able to have regular bowel movements again. Call your doctor and they can give you more information on what to do. K is wrong!! If a baby usually has bowel movements that frequently and then just automatically stops and they get uncomfortable like you described it is because they are constipated. You know your baby and you know when they are not acting right or when their having trouble having a bowel movement. Just like an adult, if you have a bowel movement everyday and then you don't the next 2 or 3 then you get uncomfortable and probably grumpy too. Saying that a baby who doesn't have a bowel movement in 24 hours isn't constipated is nuts. Babies eat a lot and therefore they should have quite a few bowel movements. A healthy BF baby should have a bowel movement after every feeding. A formula fed baby at least once a day. Otherwise just like you described your baby will be constipated and feel horrible. I have dealt with constipation a lot with my kids and have talked to doctors too about this. Call your doctor and I am sure they will tell you to do exactly as I described.

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