How do you stop diarrhea?

How do you stop diarrhea? Topic: How do you stop diarrhea?
January 22, 2020 / By Miracle
Question: Okay heres the thing i had diarrhea for about 2 days now. Like i think i got it when i drinked that Ensure nutrition shake. And soon as i drinked it like 30 mins later i had to go to the bathroom. Then it was a hard stool at first. Then like 2 mins atfer i use the br it came back up agin then it was like all water and stuff. And its been going on for about 2 days. And it haves my stomach hurting and also. It haves my stomach boubbleing as well.
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Lilly Lilly | 5 days ago
Imodium/loperamide . Take 2 tablets right and then 1 after each loose bowel. Max 8 in a day. Also, just so you know, fiber can treat BOTH constipation and diarrhae
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Lilly Originally Answered: need to put a stop to cronic diarrhea?
Here are specific Homeopathic Remedies for Diarrhoea due to different reason, and with different set of symptoms choose the remedy with the symptoms closest to yours and take it as prescribed to get cured without any side effects or complications of any kind :- Diarrhoea with intestinal spasm;stools with nauseating odour;feels hungry with hollowness in stomach.Thirst for large quantities of cold drinks,aversion to sweets Chloromycetin 30 (4 hourly) Sudden diarrhoea with anxiety and restlessness;pain in abdomen due to sudden exposure to dry cold wind Aconite 30 or 200 (1/2 hourly) Diarrhoea comes by riding in cars or other modes of automobiles;worse lack of sleep Cocculus Indica.30 (4 hourly) Stools Come out with force like a shot,as water from hydrant;better drinking warm water Croton Tig.30 or 200 (3 hourly) Chilliness in rectum before passing stools;worse 4 - 8pm Lycopodium 30 or 200 (4 hourly) Shivering while passing stools;smell sour Rheum 30, (4 hourly) Diarrhoea during day and cough at night;after suppression of skin ailments Petroleum 30 (4 hourly) Though diarrhoea persists for a long time but it does not debiliate Acid-phos.6X or 30, (4 hourly) Diarrhoea due to cancer(specially rectum) Carduus Marianus.Q or 30 (4 hourly) Diarrhoea after taking boiled milk Sepia 30 or 200, 4 hourly(3 Doses) Diarrhoea after eating fish Chinimum Ars.30 (4 hourly) After taking melons or drinking dirty water(as from ponds,nallahs etc.) Zingiber 30 (4 hourly) Eating rich,spicy food in excess;stools ineffectual,cannot tolerate milk Nux Vomica 30 (4 hourly) After eating fatty rich food;pastry,non-veg,variety food,etc;colour and consistency of stools changing constantly;worse at night;thirstlessness with dry mouth Pulsatilla 30 (4 hourly) Passing watery stools;without pain with excessive weakness;thirst more,sweating all over the body;desire for constant fresh air;abdomen bloated China Off.30 (4 hourly) Diarrhoea during teething period;marked irritability;worse after anger Chamomilla 30 or 200, 4 hourly(6 doses) Unable to control stools;even attempt to pass flatus is accompanied by a spurt of faeces;stools found in bed Aloe Coc.30 (4 hourly) Diarrhoea with intense colic;better by pressure;doubling up;worse after anger Colocynth.30 (4 hourly) With great restlessness;thirst excessive,drinks little water at a time but very frequently;food poisoning;worse taking icy or preserved foods Arsenic Album.30 (3 hourly) In fat and flabby persons;chronic diarrhoea with ravenous appetite,craving for indigestible things like chalk,coal,pensils etc. Calcarea Carb.200, 4 hourly (6 Doses) Greenish stools;milk passes undigested in nursing children Magnesia Carb.30 (4 hourly) Morning diarrhoea;driven from bed in the morning due to great pressure Sulphur 30 or 200 (4 hourly) Diarrhoea due to excitement and anxiety about coming events,apprehensions,etc Gelsemium 30 (4 hourly) Severe diarrhoea;pain abdomen and lower extremities;marked coldness of the body;stools thin and whitish Veratrum Album.30 (4 hourly) Diarrhoea worse during night Syphilinum 200 weekly (3 doses) **************************************... If the symptoms are any different then the ones mentioned above please email me for any further help. Take care and God Bless you
Lilly Originally Answered: need to put a stop to cronic diarrhea?
Before you can correct something you need to determine the cause. You say your health is poor. Is it something that you are in the process of correcting. Could that have some bearing of the diarrhea problem? Do you have an intestinal infection, or yeast, emotional problems that need to be taken into consideration? Not knowing the details the safest remedy would be yogurt and oatmeal to increase the bacterial count in the gut and the fiber of oatmeal to bulk up. Good luck!

Kaety Kaety
Believe it or not this works. Empty out a couple of tea bags into a cup and make tea. You must make sure that the content of the tea bag is let into the tea. What this does is, the natural plant material inside the tea bag will travel to your anus and create a "blockade" so that the diarrheoa is held back until it solidifiesl
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Gwendolen Gwendolen
my mom gives me lemon and starch with water or just lemon with water it gets rid of the acids in your insides and it cleans you out
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Gwendolen Originally Answered: I have a 16 yr old cat with diarrhea, what might be causing this?
At 16, it could be a number of issues -- developing allergies to food (particularly corn, wheat and wheat glutens), parasites/worms that an aging immune system cannot adequately handle, developing IBD, more serious kidney/diabetes issues.... Drinking a lot of water often points to worm, kidney, and diabetes issues. You need to get your cat and get her a senior blood work. Even if you had one not long ago, things can change quickly in a cat that age. In the interim, you can add a little canned pumpkin (no spices) to your cat's food, and/or a pinch of Metamucil (psyllium husks). These non-grain fibers will help to firm up the stool a little at least. Reassess your food, and look for senior foods for sensitive systems, the first ingredients being meats (or water/broth if wet), with low/no grains, avoiding corn, wheat and wheat glutens. My Rusty was diagnosed with severe IBD, and with only one kidney, it has been an issue. We control the condition AND maintain his health by good cat-food (Fancy Feast actually works well for him, Max Cat, Innova wet, and Nutro senior sensitive system dry), and by adding enzymes I get from Dr. Goodpet. The enzymes not only help with stool formation, but help with digestion and nutrient absorption. If your cat is diagnosed with IBD, it can take a while and some experimenting to find the right food formula that works, so don't give up. Rusty just turned 18, by the way, and I fully expect the little scamp will be with me a lot longer. Other issues can be handled with treatments, diets, and care, but you have to know what they are before you can do that. However, the first course of action is to assess your cat's diet, and a visit to the vet to determine any health issue. Take a fecal sample (no matter how sloppy), and at least two urine samples from different times of day. Good luck.

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