how do you lose belly fat on your stomach.?

how do you lose belly fat on your stomach.? Topic: how do you lose belly fat on your stomach.?
November 17, 2019 / By Merritt
Question: I would like to have a flat stomach, but i dont know how to get one. i do crunches but it doesnt work. HELP(:
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Letha Letha | 4 days ago
The answer to the age-old question of "What is the best ab workout for losing stomach fat?" is... None! Ab workouts alone don't create enough of a metabolic response in your body to create fat loss. As a trainer, nutrition specialist, and fitness professional, I often get asked what the best types of exercises and workouts are for losing stubborn stomach fat in order to bring out visible six pack abs. The problem is that most people with excess stomach fat looking to try to uncover their abs are searching for some "miracle abdominal workout" that is going to slash the fat off their abs in no time. The thing is... they are going about the problem entirely the wrong way! The truth is that you don't lose stomach fat by doing ab workouts. The problem is that focusing most of your time and effort on abdominal exercises and abs workouts to try to flatten your stomach and bring out 6-pack abs is simply wasting your time from doing the correct workout programs that will acutally reduce your body fat for good. If I were to choose an answer as to what the best exercises are for losing belly fat, my answer would include full body exercises such as the following: various forms of squats, lunges, deadlifts, clean & presses, snatches, swings, presses and pulls, mountain climbers, sprinting, etc. These types of full body exercises would encompass a much higher percentage of the workouts I would design instead of abs exercises directly targeting the midsection. The way you combine those full body exercises into a strategic workout that maximizes your metabolism is also very important. Don't get me wrong... I do recommend a certain amount of exercises that directly target the abs and core, but these are only a small fraction of the programs I design for my clients as your time is better spent focusing on the full body exercises that stimulate the greatest hormonal and metabolic changes within the body. In addition, a side-effect of working out using mostly full body multi-joint combo exercises are that you indirectly work your entire midsection even though you are not specifically targeting the abs. Keep in mind that the most important factor for losing belly fat to see your abs is actually in the nutrition arena. No matter how hard you workout, if your diet is full of junk, then your abdominals will be covered with ugly fat. Nutrition is without a doubt the "king of getting a six pack". So let's clear this up for good... Stop wasting so much of your time focusing on situps, crunches, leg raises, and all those silly worthless "ab contraptions" in your efforts to try to develop 6-pack abs. Instead focus on high intensity full body lifts using combination multi-joint exercises all strategically combined into highly effective fat loss workouts. Couple that with a healthy diet full of natural unprocessed whole foods as close to their natural state as possible, and those elusive six-pack abdominals will yours in no time! Check out below for more of my key strategies for getting flat sexy 6-pack abs for life. Learn more about my secret strategies for losing stubborn stomach fat at the internet's authority for Getting Flat Six Pack Abs For more workout and diet articles for fast fat loss, see Abs Diet and Training Articles for Fat Loss
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Letha Originally Answered: What are the best foods to avoid to get rid of stomach/belly fat?
Well there are many answers for you. Medications can make it extremely difficult for people to lose weight which is why a lot of people stop taking them if they can, or switch which is the crappy part. The good part is is if you change your diet it will help you out a lot. You are right that exercise is an important part, but a lot of your stomache fat, and all fat in general, comes from not using enough of the calories that you've eaten for the day. I understand that much of your weight is probably water weight and isn't really fat, you just look bloated. To start with carbohydrates are probably a major contributer. Carbs are the fastest to be digested so if they aren't used up and there is extra carb calories sitting around, then they will be distributed as fat. Carbs are such things sugar, crackers, even fruit, but there is a difference between good carbs and bad carbs. Fruit is a good carb because it has a glycemic index that is much lower than that of a Twinkie or a cookie. Fruit is natural sugar that doesn't spike your sugar levels all crazy like a cookie will. Fruit is a carb that you should eat, whereas anything that has refined white sugar, or any unatural sugar should be avoided if you really want to change your life. Fats are the second fastest to be digested. We all need SOME fat to be healthy, and it keeps us satisfied in our meals, but look out for things with labels of trans fats, saturated fats etc. There are healthy fats like the ones from Avocados and nuts (salted nuts can also be a problem though because salt will make you hold on to more water and therefore be more bloated), and unhealthy fats like the ones from bacon, margarine, anything hyrodegenated is going to be unhealthy for your body. Lastly protein is the slowest to be digested. Protein foods are meat (preferably not red meat, do chicken or fish if you aren't vegetarian), eggs, and nuts. They help you to build muscle and keep you fuller for longer. Carbs have the most calories per gram while proteins have the least calories per gram. You should try and find a diet that is high in protein and moderate in carbohydrates because you need some carbohydrates to keep your brain healthy (so you don't feel super tired all the time or depressed), and you do need some fat but try to do your best to go for the healthiest foods that provide you with these three components of food. Fibre can also be very helpful to cut bloating. Whole grains, healthy bread made from whole grains, and vegetables all have fibre that can take some of that bloating away and help you lose weight. Good luck!

Josslyn Josslyn
After reading this I want to share something because I spent years switching from diet to diet without seeing any results until I discovered Pams magic plan (just google it). Without a doubt the best results that I have ever achieved and it is still working to this day.
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Gertie Gertie
High King. Your name is fantastic.Can you follow following instructions? 1) In the morning prepare a cup of tea in water with tea powder, honey, few lemon drops. No sugar at all and no milk 2) After 15 minutes ( after your toilet) drink one glass of water and do jogging in the house or veranda of hostel if you are in hostel.Also some yoga exercise.Sleep ulta and raise your legs upward and downward for ten times. 3) Take light nasta like bread, biscuits etc after 15 minutes of jogging 4) At about 1PM or as per your time take.any food in alittle quantity except junk food. 5) Eat fibre fruits like apple, peru or any fruits more during dinner at 1PM. 6) In the afternoon only tea with milk with two biscuits only 7) In the night at about 8PM take khichadi. dal-bhat etc light food 8) Before you sleep drink gud (joggery) water one glass. 9) No smoking under any circumstances 10) No non veg. food at all I know you will find these ten commadments difficult But If you determine your mind then your bell y will surely reduce. Good Luck. For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDKYV
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Delta Delta
Having seen this I want to share something because I spent endless years going from diet to diet without any successuntil I cameacross Pamsmagicplan (gogle it). Withoutdoubt its thebest weightloss that I have everachieved and I have not put it back on to this day.
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Caitlyn Caitlyn
There are so many things out there that can help you. The thing you have to do is find what you can commit to and stick with it. It will take some time, but the results will be worth it if you can be consistent. Take a look some websites like the one below. All of the articles on this website are FREE. http://firmandfit.webs.com
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Caitlyn Originally Answered: Pulse in the left side of my stomach (near belly button)?
Constipation and the runs often occur together. Constipation is often due to an unhealthy diet with insufficient fiber. Most people don't eat enough fiber. Wheat germ, wheat bran, Chia seeds and Psyllium husks are very high fiber foods and there is also a lot of fiber in fruit and vegetables. Both constipation and IBS as well as diarrhea can be cured with liquid chlorophyll as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22l... Other natural ways to relieve constipation are covered in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22n...

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