Is eating hair good for you?

Is eating hair good for you? Topic: Is eating hair good for you?
September 23, 2019 / By Andreana
Question: I've been eating hair out of my mom's hairbrush for a couple months now. I was just wondering if eating hair had any health benifits.
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Weston Weston | 9 days ago
Eating hair has no health or nutritional benefits at all. It can cause a blockage if you do eat too much of it because the body does not digest or break down the hair. Hopefully you will pass it if you are just eating a small amount but it can cause very serious health problems if you get in the habit of eating too much hair. It really is not good to eat hair. It can become a habit and some even start to pull out their own hair and then it's a very serious mental illness called trichotillomania. It does not sound like you have this, but try to stop eating the hair from your Mom's hair brush so you won't get sick or get any blockages which can only be removed with surgery. Best of luck. Hope I helped.
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Eating organic, no... eating healthier, maybe. Hormones wouldn't make hair grow faster at all, but certain hormones could encourage hair growth in other areas it's not already going (for example, added Testosterone can make women grow facial hair). Now, eating healthier, that's a different story. If you eat a more balanced diet and eat more protein, Silica, and B Vitamins (especially Biotin), those all encourage hair health. When your hair is healthier, it can grow in thicker, longer, stronger, and/or even faster. However, you could achieve that just as easily with the proper foods or with dietary supplementation (if you don't like the foods that have it, for example). Good luck!

Samson Samson
There are frequently no risky consequences, different than ppl would think of ur weird and wonderful. hi, actual everyone's slightly atypical, are not they? yet once you're eating rather a lot of hair, you ought to get a uncommon circumstance noted as Rapunzel Syndrome. The Rapunzel syndrome is an exceedingly uncommon intestinal circumstance in people with the aid of ingesting hair (trichophagia). The syndrome is termed after the long-haired woman Rapunzel in the fairy tale by using the Brothers Grimm. Trichophagia is at times linked with the hair pulling sickness trichotillomania. features of the syndrome incorporate: * The physique of a trichobezoar (hairball) placed in the tummy, and its tail in the small bowel and/or in the spectacular colon * Small or large bowel obstruction * happening in psychiatric sufferers * Trichotillomania a minimum of fourteen circumstances have been reported in the pediatric age team.
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Nahor Nahor
No it is not healthy and could have extreme health hazards. Your eating what chemicals are on the hair, and hair is made up of dead cells. It is also a discussing habit.
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Kent Kent
I'm pretty confident that it had no health benefits. It would have health risks, however, such as Rapunzel Syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapunzel_sy...
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Horace Horace
No. It is harmful. Check out these websites. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories... http://www.associatedcontent.com/article... http://www.stuckinadoorway.org/forums/sh... http://trichstars.com/trichophagia
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Elyakim Elyakim
ewwww, its gonna wrap around your intestines and your gonna die. maybe not. but that's nasty. stop!
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If you want to run out and pick something up locally, I recommend trying the following products: - Drugstore: L'oreal out of bed weightless texturizer (black tub, use under gel), LA Looks or Herbal essences gels, Suave naturals or vo5 conditioners, L'oreal vive pro hydra gloss or nutri gloss for curly hair, red Cream of Nature shampoo - Organic/specialty store (like whole foods): Giovanni Direct Leave in condish, G conditioners, G tea tree shampoo, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose or White Camellia Conditioners, AO B-5 Design gel - ULTA: Devacurl products, Biosilk rock hard gelee, MOP-c curl defining cream (They also carry drugstore products and giovanni.) These are all good things I have used, but be sure to tinker around with amounts and how you use any products. For hair type specific products check out these forums: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/ There you can find others with the same hair type and try out some of their favorite products. However, the most popular ones are usually only available online. Here are some basic tips for curly hair that you might find helpful: *Try to find a stylist who knows how to work with curly hair. You can find reviews by region here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlsalons *Don't shampoo every day. *Comb conditioner through hair in the shower. *Apply styling products to dripping wet hair. Scrunch or twirl hair to achieve desired shape. *Use styling products suited for your hair type. Don’t know yours? http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types *Avoid terrycloth towels on hair; use linen, paper towels, or t-shirts instead. *Air dry or use a diffuser with your blowdryer. *Don't touch (or brush!) your hair while it’s drying. *Once completely dry scrunch out any crunchy texture. Lastly, it has made my hair so much better since I started the curly girl method! I used to almost never wear it down (it was a frizz/poof ball), but now I have pretty, shiny curls. ~:) It’s pretty radical—no sulfates (shampoo) or silicones—but it’s so great for curly hair. Give it a shot and check it out: http://www.wikihow.com/Follow-the-Curly-Girl-Method-for-Curly-Hair http://www.ylcf.org/gotcurl/ (outdated product recs!) Some other great curly care sites: http://www.youtube.com/user/jessicurl http://livecurlylivefree.com/home.htm

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