What are laxatives exactly?

What are laxatives exactly? Topic: What are laxatives exactly?
September 17, 2019 / By Andee
Question: ok kinda got a lot ok questions about this whole laxatives deal. Um...what exactly are(im talking about ex lax not 'natural laxatives') do you have to like a certain age to buy them? And also what are colons (the ones in your body) How do they work exactly? What are colon cleansers(natural and over the counter) I saw something talking about some colon cleansing scam, what was that? Sorry if i over whelm anyone with all these questions im just morbidly curious. (^)_(^)
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Weldon Weldon | 5 days ago
Okay, so laxatives are foods or medicines that are intended to loosen stool, they're usually there to help with constipation. Colon cleansing is pretty much a scam in my eyes, just the same thing as laxatives with expensive names. People claim they're good though, so whatever. Keeping regular with good fiber intake is better in my opinion. Your colon extracts water and salt from solid wastes before they are eliminated from the body.
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Weldon Originally Answered: Laxatives.HELP!
Homemade laxative..? Well, the BEST laxative that works gently is milk of magnesia, which you can get at your local grocery for $4. If you need homemade, then....try eating some fiber cereal or fiber bars. They will make you go. But trust me, the milk of magnesia works faster and better.

Salmon Salmon
Any colon cleanse that you buy is most likely just a laxative, which will indeed cleanse your colon temporarily but will not solve your problem. Your constipation is most likely due to your diet. You need to increase the amount of fiber you eat. The best sources of fiber are vegetables, and to a lesser extent whole grains and fruit (mostly in the peels). Without fiber, stools harden and compact.
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Murtagh Murtagh
all them colon cleansers are is metamucil or the stuff in metamucil but anway because the average person can hold like 20 pounds of **** in them it gets rid of all that so you have no blockages and stuff i don`t think you gotta be a certian age to buy them i mean do you gotta be a certain age to get constipated or wanna clean your system out
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Kenneth Kenneth
http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/ato/lowres/aton1086l.jpg http://learnsomethingnewtoday.us/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/laxative.gif
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Kenneth Originally Answered: My dog just ate 2 laxatives?
I would call a vet. Some can be extremely toxic and kill the dog. Either way, your gunna be in for a long night.

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