garlic in fish food to boost immunity?

garlic in fish food to boost immunity? Topic: garlic in fish food to boost immunity?
June 16, 2019 / By Amilia
Question: i heard garlic helps to boost the immunity in freshwater fish by putting it with their food?so my question is what kind of garlic? can i just use the powder in my cabinet? and how much should i use, reason asking is i have an ick outbreak and im trying to get maximum resistance to the paracie while im treating for it (3 guppies)(bala shark)(pleco)(2 upside down cats)(3 white skirt tetras)
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Wat Wat | 9 days ago
I know of no evidence that garlic helps cure ich. Garlic has been shown to help fish expel internal (intestinal) parasites in some cases. It is also a taste attractant. Most fish will eagerly eat food with garlic in it. Accordin to Jack Wattley, who has done a number of experiments in feeding garlic to fish (especially angelfish and discus fish), only freshly-squeezed garlic has disease-fighting properties. He found no effect from feeding dried garlic (garlic powder or garlic flakes) or garlic extracts.
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Yes that is correct. Onions are another culprit. Chocolate and macadamia nuts are up there too! Onions are more of a danger. Pets affected by onion (garlic) toxicity will develop haemolytic anaemia, where the pet’s red blood cells burst while travelling around the body. Initially,pets affected by onion or garlic toxicity show gastroenteritis with vomiting and diarrhoea. They will not eat and will be lethargic and look depressed. The red pigment from the burst blood cells appears in the urine and it becomes breathless. The breathlessness occurs because their oxygen supply is reduced as the blood cells explode. The poisoning occurs a few days after the pet has eaten onion or garlic. All forms of onion and garlic can be a problem including dehydrated, raw, cooked and table scraps containing cooked onions and/or garlic. Left over pizza, Chinese dishes and commercial baby food containing onion, sometimes fed as a supplement to young pets, can cause illness. Onion and garlic poisoning can occur with a single ingestion of large quantities or with repeated meals containing small amounts of onion. A single meal of 600 to 800 grams of raw onion can be dangerous whereas a ten-kilogram dog, fed 150 grams of onion for several days, is also likely to develop anaemia. Other things to avoid: Pear pips, the kernels of plums, peaches and apricots, apple core pips (contain cyanogenic glycosides resulting in cyanide posioning) Potato peelings and green looking potatoes Rhubarb leaves Mouldy/spoiled foods Alcohol Yeast dough Coffee grounds, beans & tea (caffeine) Hops (used in home brewing) Tomato leaves & stems (green parts) Broccoli (in large amounts) Raisins and grapes Cigarettes, tobacco, cigars
Wat Originally Answered: The use of ''garlic'' in dog food for flea control -immunity -etc?
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Sachie Sachie
Well your supposed to treat ick not build up fish defenses and then hope for the best. I am saying that you can build up fish immunity but that's to help in case of an ich outbreak. Ich is normally caused by overfeeding, dirty tanks...etc. Bala sharks get way too big for a normal aquarium they need 100 gallons minimum so that'll surely throw off the bioload. Also, if that's a common pleco in there that needs the same tank requirements as the bala. Take a capful of the tropical fish flakes and put a pinch in, not a lot just a pinch. Tiny pinch. Ich can be treated with higher temps (86 degrees) which raises immunity and hotter waters destroys bacteria (that bad stuff anyways) and marine salt but check out the salt tolerances of the fish first .
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Murdoch Murdoch
i bought ick remover concentrate 15 drops on a 26 gallon remove the filter and medicated 3 days straight it works.
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