Do diet pills work?

Do diet pills work? Topic: Do diet pills work?
December 9, 2019 / By Delilah
Question: Has anyone been on a diet pill that actually speed up their wait loss significantly, I'm not talking about what advertisements you have seen..but actually experienced it. I don't need an appetite suppressant necessary, just some help with losing fat. please name the diet pill if you can.
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Buffy Buffy | 7 days ago
Phentermine diet such as Ionamin - Xenical - Meridia and LIPObind are just a few of the pill's I have used in the past. Now Ionamin worked the best at first -gave me at least 1st 1/2 weight loss in 4weeks. (great as I had a wedding to attend). But it also made me snappy and I had a dry mouth and couldn't sleep. I would sleep on and off every two hours a night, I'd wake up snappy and go to bed snappy! After I stopped taking them, the weight came back plus a few extra pounds. I tried them again and they never worked! Xenical was a waste of money as was Lipobind. I think I have done more damage to myself by taking the pills as I find it really hard now to lose just 2 stone. I have started to increase my walking. I do around 90mins a day.(just go to and from work). and I eat healthy meals, all cooked by me, so I know what goes in them, And yet I am still having trouble . I lose maybe 1-2lbs a week and then the following week I've put on 2-3lbs! Try and lose the weight naturally rather than by pills. You stand a better chance of keeping it off and not mucking up your body. Good luck I know how it feels!
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Buffy Originally Answered: where can I order real phentermine diet pills online? Or another diet pill that will work as well as that one?
Phentermine is a C4 narcotic. Ordering online, possession and usage without a prescription are all felonies. I suggest you see your physician if you're serious about using phentermine as part of a weight loss strategy.

Allie Allie
Your best shot is exercise, weight loss pills are unnatural and msot of the time jsut a temporary solution. Most of them will jsut cut the % of water in your body and make you look slimmer but once your off of those you gain it all back and some times doubled. Diets ont eh other hand dont work either because they are for a limited amount of time. The real solution is changing your eating habits and getting a gym membership. Make sure that you meet with a trainer so he or she can tell you exactly what to do . Most fo the time trainers are supplied for free at teh gym and they are very competent. I think that is your best shot :). Good luck and have fun !
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Uz Uz
Diet pills DO NOT WORK! Plain and simply go to the gym, run and lift a few weights ...and eat a balanced diet. Finito! edit: Reading back through that, sounded a bit too blunt...but it's true. Not trying to be mean though..just so you know..:)
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Rodger Rodger
don't listen to anyone else but me when i say this: diet pills containing ephedra work. and they work WONDERS. i lost 40 pounds using them. with eating almost whatever i want, and minimal exercise. they make you thirsty, and they make you not want to eat, and have loads of energy. buy them on the internet.
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Midian Midian
turn dinner into a healthy lunch the next day by wrapping your lean leftovers in a whole wheat wrap add a little dijon mustard or curry powder for added flavor
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Julian Julian
diet pills are not good for you..i heard that if u take them yes they burn off fat but they could also burn off muscle too... so i wouldn't take em.
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Julian Originally Answered: Diet pills that work?
i know what you mean/ feel im going thru the same atm i am taking duromine 30mg atm for it. in comes in 15mg 30mg and 40mg i wouldnt reccomend the 40mg to start off with.. go the 30mg. it does have some side affects but they go away within a few days.. it is the BEST diet pill out there.. i was skeptical to try it but the weight is falling off me which nothing else would budge.. whatever u decide good luck! edit: what happens as well as get rid of all ur body weight is it effects the part of your brain that tells your body it is hungry, therefore no snacking! it is amazing i now know that i dont need to eat as much i thought i needed to. and so there is NO starving feeling like on every other diet..

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