does the low carb/high protein diet really work?

does the low carb/high protein diet really work? Topic: does the low carb/high protein diet really work?
October 14, 2019 / By Carlisa
Question: how does it work? is it just a matter of eating more proteins than carbs in a days time? or do you have to stay away from carbs all together?
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Andy Andy | 2 days ago
sure. I know a woman who lost 60 pounds a month on it. She did nothing else! She just stopped eating everything made form dough: pizzas, pastas, buns, bread.. She did not eat high amount of protein though, just usual meals but without bread and things. I saw it with my own eyes. I think protein in huge amounts are added to keep you full. Mark, that though high protein - no carbs diet is a diet, wheat free may easily become a life style. They even make bread free sandwiches now, you can buy them in any of snack places.
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Andy Originally Answered: low carb high protein diet?
high protein diet wont make u thin. eventually protein turns to fats if you do not work out. carbs turn to fats quicker than protein so it is advisable to consume food that are low in carbs. the best method to lose all the fats is to eat less in each meal. you can start off by having a toast in the morning with a glass of milk. then have chicken breast for lunch. hav a light dinner. if you're hungry between the meals. you can take some fruits. the best is banana. it gives you instant enery and high in fibre.
Andy Originally Answered: low carb high protein diet?
That is a very low carb number. Many bodybuilders/experts/magazines would argue that is too few to feed a body that is in "training." I would not obsess with the numbers as much as the quality of the carbs. Are they all coming from low glycemic index carbs? Also, the protein number may actually be too low. Most "experts" recommend for bodybuilders (if you consider yourself one) 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of weight. Also, try to get so focused on the numbers. The time wasted counting everything could be better spent on training harder or smarter. Good luck.

Wilber Wilber
The atkins diet? Yes it does work I did it and lost 2 stone it was not a good idea though. I had alot less energy and had the skinny/fat appearance (no muscle tone.) And as soon as I started eating normally again I put it straight back on. You do it by pretty much cutting carbs completley for the first 2 weeks allowing only 10grams at most a day. Then week on week you add an extra 10 grams to your daily allowance. However most people on the diet dont balance this by eating more fat or protein they just tend to eat alot less food. carbs are your bodies main source of energy its not wise to stay off them Carb choice, however, is crucial. Avoid white bread, pasta and rice as they are devoid of any nutritional value. Whole grain and wholemeal are the best things for you Im in far better shape now than I was and I eat a fair amount of carbs with every meal. Take it from me its not worth it.
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Sandy Sandy
I personally did the Atkins diet for several years. I started at 235 lbs (I am 6'2") and at my lowest I was 195. The problem for me long term, and I did it for 2 years straight, is you miss the carb foods. So I have stopped that diet and now do a more balanced diet plan. But you can definitely lose weight on a protein diet. Check this out for a bit more info: http://www.weightloss-hq.biz/weight-loss-reviews/protein-diet-weight-loss-get-energized.html You can have some carbs but only 20-40 grams a day. A slice of bread has like 10 grams, to give you an idea.
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Sandy Originally Answered: low carb high protein diet?
I have been on a low carb diet for about 4 months and I've lost a little more than 40 lbs I love this diet

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