goldfish constipated?

goldfish constipated? Topic: goldfish constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Candida
Question: ok i have two goldfish and i think there constupated. most of the time i see them they always have a string (of poop?) coming out of there butts. im not really sure what to do. i am feeding them wardley essentials goldfish flakes, is that the reason? thanks the poop is long and alittle green if it matters.
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Amber Amber | 9 days ago
the food in itself isn't the reason no, although you should always give your fish a varied diet, maybe get some baby shrimp, or blood worms and some goldfish pellets as well. to get rid of the constipation just blanch some peas remove the skins and cut them into little enough pieces. feed that to them once a day for about three days and they should be fine.
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Amber Originally Answered: Goldfish Food?
Great job at saving the goldfish, I am sure that they will be happy with you. My goldfish LOVE broccoli and oranges (I buy them frozen, let them thaw and then place a floret or an orange section (with no peel) into the tank held on by a veggie clip-available at all pet-stores). They also benefit from eating peas (buy frozen peas and then shell them-very easy to do) at least once a week, it helps their swim bladders and basically acts as a laxative to keep their intestines moving (goldfish are notorious for having bowel problems). Other than that, I feed mine flakes and as a treat some bloodworms (which they LOVE also) and freeze dried shrimp. Good Luck!

Wally Wally
That string hanging out of his butt is poop and it's perfectly normal. It would be weirder if they wern't pooping. Goldfish are known to make tons of waste. The green color is strange though... Try cooking some peas, remove the skin and feed it to your fish. Goldfish love them and it cures most digestive problems including constipation.
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Rudy Rudy
If the poo is red its like really bad that means he has internal parasites in him. Though poo is usually brown but green maybe because of the food. If it looks consitpated he'll be swiming sideways. Which means he has swimming bladder disease. What you do is peel a cooked pea mash it into tiny pieces and feed it too him. Also if he doesn't poo a lot he's constipated.
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Morton Morton
Get some peas.. its the fish medicine for constipation.. However, a long poop is quite normal actually..
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Morton Originally Answered: Hey goldfish keepers, any of 'ya see this?
perfectly normal... that's why they dont survive in bowls or tanks that are not suitable to their natural adult size....

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