My dog has low platelet count- nothing is working .?

My dog has low platelet count- nothing is working .? Topic: My dog has low platelet count- nothing is working .?
June 18, 2019 / By Amey
Question: cets please help. my dogs 3, and has a low platlet count 4 months ago she developed a heamatoma her platlet count was 26 the past month it has been fluctuating from 120- down to 80 she is a lurcher and i know they are naturally lower. she has been on steroids for 4 months and chemo for the last month and had a iv chemo two weeks ago. nothings bringing them back up shes constantly looking for food and water and has lost 6 kilos she also looks so depressed all the time we only got basic insurance so only 430 pound was covered and still have to pay £800 we are struggling for cash now and the vets grasping at straws and wants to give her more tablets and cant garantee they will work and they cost £75 a month on top of the bloodtests and steroids an chemo we wil l be paying £300 a month for treatments that dont work. im really starting to wonder y my vet is keeping her on these tablets and her quality of life is crap. my family are thinking about taking her off all the meds so she can gain some weight and we can start taking her out more. could there be something else wrong with ger that the vet isnt picking up. please help if u have any suggestions we dont want to lose our dog. x
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Warner Warner | 5 days ago
I'm very sorry you are going through this with your girl. There are actually some pretty good supplements out there that might help. Give her fish oil if you are not already. It can help with the effects of cancer cachexia and boost appetite. Another good supplement is actually called Canine Red Cell. It has vitamins and iron in it that might help your doggie to feel better. Also another good supplement for canines with cancer is called K-9 Immunity that is made from mushroom extracts. It has a good track record and helps boost their immune systems. Another one you might consider is a human formula called Wobenzym N. It's actually made in Germany. Try to get the red pills if you can. They have a kaolin coating on them and are much easier on the digestive tract. The human formula is perfectly fine for dogs. They make a doggie Wobenzym N formula. It's basically the same thing, only more expensive cause it's marketed for dogs. Just get the human version. It's better and cheaper! They have been doing studies on Wobenzym N on dogs with cancer and it also is having some success in boosting their quality of life. Hope these help... http://www.revivalanimal.com/Canine-Red-Cell.html http://www.alohamedicinals.com/pet.htm http://synergy-health-shop.co.uk/systemic_enzymes/wobenzym.html http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/8_10/features/15752-1.html
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Warner Originally Answered: Should I count the calories.?
Yes. 120 calories are 120 calories. Whether they come from dietary fats, protein or carbs does not matter and if you don’t use them, they’ll be stored as fat reserves by your body for later use. Usually, most of the calories from fiber supplements come from the sugar that is added for taste. Better that than the zero calories fake sugar that will mess up your body to no end. At least, if you eat 360 calories extra, you can still use those by working out more. Make sure that you still eat enough to cover your Basal Metabolic Rate or your body will adapt to a low caloric intake and lower your metabolism, making it very hard for you to use your body fat. And then, as soon as you would eventually start eating normally again, you would make body fat very easily, because you would have a lower metabolism and therefore regain all the weight you lost and keep going up, unless you exercise A LOT. Also, as you’re younger than 21, you need to eat more when having a growth spurt so you don’t stunt your growth (you get ravenous). Women’s BMR: 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - minus (4.7 x age in years) About another answer you got...do not eat 30% of dietary fats, especially if you have digestive problems, and you’re trying to lose weight and you need more carbs and protein for exercising and getting in shape. Your organs only need 20% of dietary fats, the good kind of fats, coming from plants food or fish (olives, olive oil, avocado, nuts...). A person not on a diet can have up to 25% of dietary fats (even if 5% of those are coming from animal source...lean meat , low fat dairies or eggs). Have 20% of dietary fats, 20% of protein (so you can build up muscle mass) and 60% or carbs (so you get plenty of energy to exercise). Also be aware that the nutrition fact labels are based on a 2,000 calories diet (they had to choose a number...) so you have to adjust all the percentages to fit your personal calorie intake. Even then, they will choose the highest requirements. Like you need at least 460 to 920mg of sodium (depending on your gender and weight). You can use more if you’re using sodium to compensate for diuretic food. Now the maximum sodium intake for a person eating 2,000 calories would be 2,400mg (about one tsp of salt), above that, you put your health in danger. Unfortunately, a lot of people go above that if they eat salty food and processed food, restaurant food (sodium is used for conservation). Just a can of V8 has 60mg per ounce (one glass would be 480mg). I don’t know your age/weight/height but let’s say a 15 years old teenage girl, who would be 5’6 tall and weigh 146lbs would have a 1,528 calories BMR and only eat that because she wants to lose weight, using exercising (3,500 calories of exercising for each pound of body fat) as to not mess up her metabolism. She would only eat more when having a growth spurt. Her maximum sodium intake would not be 2,400mg but 1,833mg...2,000 calories diet divided by 2,400mg = 0.8333 and 1,528 calories diet divided by 0.8333 = 1,833mg. A 60 years old, 5’5 and 120lbs woman with a 1,200 calories BMR would have to multiply the food labels numbers by 0.6 (2,000 x 0.6 = 1,200). A 22 years old, 6’4 and 260lbs man (like a football player) with a 2,500 BMR would have to multiply the food labels numbers by 1.25 (2,000 x 1,25 = 2,500). That football player could also eat up to 3,000mg of sodium (2,500 calories divided by 0.8333 = 3,000mg, surpassing recommended maximum requirements of 2,400mg). Multiply by 0.6 (1,200 calories diet), 0.65 (1,300 calories diet), 0.7 (1,400 calories diet), 0.75 (1,500 calories diet), 0.8 (1,600 calories diet), etc...

Rusty Rusty
it really is under no circumstances strong information to hearken to about canines in discomfort. i'm sorry that it has occurred to you. you're putting on a courageous face for her. and that i imagine she appreciates the care you've given her at present. If I were you, i'd get her off Prednisone. did you comprehend that Prednisone is steroids? i have under no circumstances been a wide fan of medicine for canines fairly steroids because it has severe adverse consequences. by giving her two times an afternoon, that is rather reliable stuff. i'd also get a 2d opinion from yet another Vet, ideally a holistic Vet. The Vet might want to signify on option techniques to look after her fairly than Prednisone two times an afternoon. you are able to replace her weight-loss application & attempt making waiting some nutrients for her. you are able to boil floor chicken, beef, or maybe fish. contain it with some vegetables mutually with broccoli, carrots, squash or maybe cauliflower. such as her nutrients, you are able to contain supplementations mutually with omega, diet e, diet c. verify on a daily basis her gums, eyes, and reflex. If her gums are white or dry, then, she is ill & might want to be severe. verify her reflex to work out how her joints are. also, if her stools are healthful or black (black isn't strong), verify her urine. If black, is there blood? Is there a smell in her urine? to signify putting her down is a problematic, problematic decision. i can under no circumstances settle on or plan an end to my 4-legged buddy. it would want to be the hardest decision ever. certainly, save efficient & get a 2d opinion, and proceed being concerned for her. funds immediately might want to be loopy because of her vet charges, medicine and so on. yet funds shouldn't mean something in case you adore your canines. strong success & i imagine you're doing a great activity so a techniques by being concerned for her, and giving her your love.
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Moss Moss
dont know about dogs, but for humans, try a tablespoon of papaya leaf juice every day(2-3 days should show results). My mum's platelet counts went down while she was undergoing chemo and it dramatically improved.
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Kemp Kemp
You can help her by adding some liver, spinach and other iron rich foods to her diet. Most of the foods are rich and may upset her tummy so start with small amounts until you can determine how much she can tolerate.
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Kemp Originally Answered: Calories and fat count for weight loss?
I'm not too sure about the calorie count, but I would suggest joining Weight Watchers. I think it is a good program. I've been on it about a month now, and I am averaging about 2 pounds a week in weight loss. What I like is that there is support and accountability. You go to a meeting every week and get weighed, and you are doing it with other people who also want to lose weight. You don't have to count calories, but you do have to count points. They give you all the tools you need to figure out how many points you can eat in one day, and it is based on calories, fat, and fibre. Good luck!

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