Why do Republicans treat health like a product?

Why do Republicans treat health like a product? Topic: Why do Republicans treat health like a product?
January 25, 2020 / By Astaroth
Question: Every argument I hear against universal health care is that SOME people will be lazy and not eventually pay for their own. So what? I mean, we can spend billions of dollars on a war that's questionable but NOT spend it taking care of our own people? What the hell? We're not talking about cars, televisions, computers, or some other crap, we're talking about HEALTH. And they CLAIM smaller government. But how much bigger has the government become (especially the White House) since Bush took power?
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Abaegayle Abaegayle | 1 day ago
Universal health care is not an acceptable solution because it will expand the existing problems of a third party payer system....the government can't pay it's own bills, do you want them in charge of deciding what health care you can and can't have based on it's system of priorities? Seriously, we pay, through flood insurance underwritten by the fed gov, to rebuild multimillion dollar homes - and five figure value shacks - every time it rains hard in a flood prone area. Why? There is no logic to the appropriation of funds. It's all pork-based, and there is the huge problem with introducing socialized medicine into a republic form of government - because NYC has more AIDS patients, less money will go to Alabama for children with leukemia. It's a matter of someone else establishing an individuals priorities. Directly against what it supposed to support. I hear what you're saying - my husband and I each run our own companies, and have health insurance, gratefully, through HSA's. We pay a relatively low premium, with a very large deductible, frankly for means of access should catastrophic illness befall our family. We pay out of pocket for all dr visits and meds. It's hard, and because we're healthy, it's tempting to not write that check every month. We continuously investigate ways to cut our health care and other expenses. But that's the way it should be - and when I look at the picture honestly, I cannot support the government making any more decisions that directly affect my life - the IRS is the single largest employer in the US, and seems to thrive off of terrorist collection tactics and an inability to manage a budget - the public ed system produces more criminal dropouts than ivy league graduates, yet we pay more per student than many of the best private schools (which have exponentially better results). Obama keeps chanting "Yes We Can" - what he should be saying is "Yes We Should" - we are ultimately responsible for our own well being. And fortunately, we live in the perfect country to achieve it . PS I don't know what it has to do w/your first question, but I'll go there with you on the larger govt Bush has left us...I don't get it, and I sure don't look forward to paying for it (ick). Wars are necessary - sadly. The world is a better place without Saddam, and stability in the Middle East is essential if we want to avert nuclear and chemical catastrophe.
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Abaegayle Originally Answered: Has anyone tried Eniva's Vibe? (health product)?
No but I went on Soy based products and I'm now sleeping through the nights better and I'm not waking up any more with hot-flashes and exhaustion. This condition was triggered by menopause. I'm wondering if the main ingredient to his supplement is soy. Can you please ask him? Thanks a bunch, I will check in the health food store where I am to see if they get it. I'm not sure if I can get it since I live in Canada and may have to buy it online. Thanks again for posting.

Sonnie Sonnie
This is not a partisan question. With the current health system, whatever you want to call it, it is the way that is has to be in our ultra capitalistic country of America. We have grown faster economically from orgin than any other country (without extreme population growth). Bound in the the huge spider-web of our economic expansion and infastructure, is our health system....key word, bound. Obviously we are unlike any country in the world, so it's irrelevant on how well other countries respond to Universal HC. Whether Demos or Repubs cntrl congress and the presidency, our government could not supply enough $$$ to sufficiently support the program for every American, yet alone provide "stellar" health care for EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, thats what universal means. There are over 300 million peeps in this country, over 50 million who dont have health care. So expect another small size country of american population getting on the univerval health care boat, so theres crazy more $$$ in cost for the govrnmt to sufficiently supply UHC. Then the biggest cost factor, the even more crazy amount of $$$ to functionally change and transition the "bound" tightly woven healthcare system into UHC!! Yes more costs than the current Iraq altercation. The governement could not tax enough $$$ to support system. You change the middle of the web, effects are felt all the way through the web. All the medical industry corporations that were woven in the web loose so much money that the it dramatically effects our economy at the same time we as americans have to deal with the dramatic morphing into UHC. This brings up the actual service interuption. Americans love to go use their little medical card whenever they get a little boo boo. As much as we hate it, we use it, and we use it a lot, cuz we pay for it, and like you said, its HEALTH....so we want our doctor when we want it....not possible with UHC in america. Gov would go broke beyond comprehension trying to provide service us money happy americans expect. There is a reason why people from other countries come here for the extreme, breakthrough medical surgies....our money hungry helathcare system, allocates enough money for top of the line research...with all the cost i mentioned before, there is no way the UHC system could allocate even more $$$ for this. Basically the majority of people who have healthcare now, will not get the same caliber of healthcare they are used to, under UHC. And the people who dont have healthcare dont know any difference so it doesnt matter. Its financially and socially not feasible for Americans right now. If it aint broke, dont fix it. No matter how many cracks and holes our capitalistic healthcare system has, it is better than making the transition into UHC. The Govenment has enough of their spiders in our current healthcare system....
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Osbourne Osbourne
I think you need to get a better understanding of how health-care works. America has the most advanced health-care in the world. America is responsible for more innovation and advancements than any other country in the last 50 years. This has only been possible because of the free market. Where this is profit, you will find innovation. America exports more healthcare technology than any other country. Just so you know, the overwhelming number of Doctors and RN's are against Universal Healthcare. 20 years in health-care
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Lenny Lenny
Why indeed? That type of thinking represents the absolute worst of our national personality. And the people who are against more accessible health care for everyone are so smug about it too, as if they are PROUD to believe that if people cannot afford a doctor, they don't DESERVE one! I just hope the truly ethical majority shows 'em what's up this time.
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Jairus Jairus
Product = Money. Now capitalism is good, we shouldn't do anything else, but gaining money from manipulating the health care system for money is simply ****** up. There are other ways to get money.
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Jairus Originally Answered: How can the republicans justify giving oil companies tax breaks when Exxon 2Q earnings rise 41%?
It's a huge scam, supported by Republicans. The oil companies say they need taxpayer money to fund their research and drilling operations so we give it to them. Then they find oil and get to deduct the cost of drilling, shipping and refining the oil. Then they sell us the oil at prices they set and control, and we pay "gas tax" to the government. Here's what I don't understand: We pay the oil companies to find, extract, and refine the oil, and then we pay them to buy it. And then we pay taxes on what we buy. But the oil belongs to US to begin with. It's a National resource, not a private commodity. We should nationalize the oil industry, since we're paying for everything anyway, and let the government start pulling in those quarterly profits, instead of some private corporation exploiting our resources and the taxpayers.

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