lost weight using BLU IMPACT with Real Ephedra Alkaloid 27mg.EACH TABLET while eating Pizza salad even cake.?

lost weight using BLU IMPACT with Real Ephedra Alkaloid 27mg.EACH TABLET while eating Pizza salad even cake.? Topic: lost weight using BLU IMPACT with Real Ephedra Alkaloid 27mg.EACH TABLET while eating Pizza salad even cake.?
October 14, 2019 / By Alanis
Question: i just want to share my weight loss as i believe this work for me i test my bod to see if(i am latina)see if i can really lose eating as DR.OZ at times say!lol same eating habit but"less"during the night etc. just less fat skinless chicken breast bake i had this week during the test as pizza slice mid morning even a times almost lunch hour and grill chicken all week (five day week)and even cake lemon meringue pie as water add on as more salad. i notice i am able to LOSE Much weight each five days take a 2 day break still losing much weight the BLU IMPACT with REAL original mu huang as alkaloid per pill really is helping me burn weight fat so fast. i lost 3.4 pound first 3 days then i lost in total 28 days only almost 24 pounds. So has anyone use blu impact with REAL ephedra in it and do not tell me what is ban i use to use black ice lost 31 pounds in three and a 1/2 week BARELY exercise just know it cant have more than a "certain amount of ephedra in it" so my question is: has anyone here ever been able to eat"what you want"and with a supplement or without and was able to STILL lose alot of weight like this? my dr.also before you answer say i am PERFECTLY HEALTHY ON MONDAY. dam i feel great! thank you for responding everyone. as i will also now go back to healthier eating but NOT give up my sweet tooth or pizza tooth just LIMIT it ya know.
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Best Answers: lost weight using BLU IMPACT with Real Ephedra Alkaloid 27mg.EACH TABLET while eating Pizza salad even cake.?

Travis Travis | 3 days ago
to answer your question yes i lost weight use of Blu Impact crazy weight. i know it is not strong very smooth blue big tablet horse pill you call it ! lol but huge or a size of i guess other weight loss one as i tell people all day night ignore the comment from (1)hater people overweight or just to obtuse to remain fat overweight when the supplement work or (2)the people who are boney with NO body tone or doin nothin in life who are just online"hater on everything ya know"cause it is not dangerous.whoever TRUST THE Government with any thing is nuts. i know this much i am a happy user and i order from wholesale company when i do as it is going to b gone if government have their way your going to have to think why the gov't discontinue it one time or lost on appeal even one time and then it was given bak to us they do not want ANYTHING that lessen their pocket etc. i.e. dr. pharmeucetical major biz so i mean if they ever put this on the store shelf market they know we will ALL be happily losing alot of weight more energy for some but MAIN BELLY FAT shrink fast with a healthy diet exercise of no exercise.that is why gov't do not want this GREAT pill to be release for public they are stupid i am happy i have few bottle left and i am keepin it for a rainy day IF i need it from wholesale.com great site i get my stuff for weight loss from. as smooth color blue as went down easy lost much weight i did eat as your eating tamara the same way.i am not going to give up all sweet stuff or junk food i just add as your doing salad at night with meal as mid day grill chicken etc. ya know and just drink more water tall women like me over 5'8 i think should drink as my dr. say since i was 18 now thirty plus drink 8 to 10 glass water OR a gallon almost a day.that shall be a big plus NO soda or 1 or 2 can week or fruit punch if your needing that reather than soda but your able to have a soda or two i do as i took ephedra blu impact pill and love it cause i lost weight fast keeping it off.definitely. good luck christian tamara all others keeping the fat belly weight off hard to do but i k now it happen for me too with ephedra. the real ephedra not fake
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