Why is healthy food so expensive? How can I stay in my grocery budget and buy healthy foods to get fit?

Why is healthy food so expensive? How can I stay in my grocery budget and buy healthy foods to get fit? Topic: Why is healthy food so expensive? How can I stay in my grocery budget and buy healthy foods to get fit?
December 9, 2019 / By Aeron
Question: I kind of gave up on losing weight but as time goes on, I keep gaining more. Now I dont fit in any of my jeans. I usually have a budget of $100 for the week with a family of 5 to feed. It is hard to eat healthy when its cheaper to buy hot dogs and chips compared to fish or chicken. I love to cook but everything I cook is so high in fat. My husband has me make tacos, enchiladas, pork chops, you name it. I noticed that a loaf of wheat bread that I buy is $3.39 compared to the white bread I buy that is 69 cents or the grapes I buy are like $4.00 for 2.5 pounds. I guess that is why america has such a weight problem. I would appreciate any pointers on saving but affording healthy food. Also any inexpensive healthy meal ideas are appreciated.
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Best Answers: Why is healthy food so expensive? How can I stay in my grocery budget and buy healthy foods to get fit?

Thane Thane | 6 days ago
I do feel your pain. SOME healthy food is more expensive and seems out of reach for a weekly grocery budget, particularly when you're not being supported by your husband (who wants all the fatty foods). I went through the same thing with my fiance. We've been able to compromise, keeping our grocery bill low and our healthy foods filling the fridge. 1. Vegetables are always inexpensive. So you can't go organic right now. A bag of whole carrots is cheaper than a big bag of baby carrots. Yes, it's a pain to peel and cut them, but you'll burn more calories doing so. Frozen veggies are also inexpensive. Watch for sales on frozen fruit, too - they're delicious when added to low-fat or non-fat vanilla yogurt (which is often on sale when you buy the bigger tubs of it). 2. My fiance loves peanut butter but hates the all-natural kind. I hate trans fats. We were both delighted to find our store brand peanut butter (both Fred Meyer and Safeway) is completely free of trans fats and contains a healthy fat that reduces cholesterol. Plus, we get it on sale 3 jars for $5 - who doesn't love that? 3. Sparkrecipes.com (an off-shoot of Sparkpeople) has LOADS of healthy recipes for everyone's favorite meals - fried rice, tacos, enchiladas, pork chops, etc. etc. I swear by it when I do my meal planning. 4. Shop around. I get all the sale papers and stock up on stuff I can freeze. 5. Trader Joe's has delicious and healthy frozen entrees that don't cost too much. You can't do ALL your grocery shopping there, but you can find some excellent deals on frozen fish and meats. Get their circular if there's one near you. You CAN do this - and your family will be healthier for it, too. Just one word to the wise - I try not to buy any 'diet' foods - nothing with splenda, nutrasweet or fake fat. They're always more expensive than regular whole foods.
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Thane Originally Answered: Healthy Grocery list on tight budget?
Eat foods that digest slowly. Here is my daily food schedule; Breakfast; red delicious apple, medium 3 hours later; bananna 3 hours later, salad, small 3 hours later, small can of white chicken breast in water, I drain the water 3 hours later, whole, natural almonds. 3 hours later, small can of green beans If I crave fast food, I buy a small coke and a 4-piece chicken tenders at Burger King Do aerobics and stretching daily so you will not be stressed, be hungry even though you are full. We eat when we are bored or stressed. Hope this helps.

Preston Preston
Noodle shops, Mosburger (not great but edible and really cheap) coffee shops, some hotels have inclusive breakfast buffets but coffee shops are cheaper. There are Starbucks on every streetcorner but you can also find Cafe Du Monde, Pronto, & Excelsior. I was reticent to try the grocery stores since I don't read or speak Japanese I had trouble identifying the packaging. They also have Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, and in Tokyo they opened a Krispy Kreme donuts but be prepared to wait in line for an hour. You can also find some pretty decent eats at the convience stores like AMPM, 7/11, and Family Mart.
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Malachai Malachai
I love all of these ideas listed below! the only thing I would add to this (since I am on a budget and trying to get healthy) is knocking out products with 'high-fructose corn syrup". I was AMAZED at how many products out there have this in them (especially whole grain breads out there) apparently, this syrup makes people 'crave' it more, so cutting back will help stave off those carb cravings as well. Good luck!
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Jephthah Jephthah
Healthy food such as wheat products and fruits/vegetables are more substantial. Therefore you need less of them to feel full, and to feel full longer, as compared to higher fat and sugar products. So when you buy fruits/vegetables/wheat... you can spend a bit more because it should last longer than your unhealthy foods. -EDIT- The person who posted above me also has a great point. You can find lower priced healthy foods and substitute them for volume or just to eat regular. This way, you can expand your food on a smaller budget. Nice answer, person above me!
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George George
Don't forget brown rice and dry beans. Both are still inexpensive. You can make re fried beans and use those to help fill your tacos and enchiladas and add seasoned meat to spruce it up.... You can find tons of recipes at allrecipes.com that feature these two ingredients. Be sure to purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season, as well.
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George Originally Answered: Is Whole foods really that much more expensive then other grocery stores?
It depends on what you buy at Wholefoods. For some items they're less expensive than at "regular" stores. I worked at one of their stores for about 2 years. I worked at Trader Joe's at one time too :) Aside from carrots and sometimes potatoes, there's not generally organic produce at Trader Joe's . . . . and that' not a store I buy much produce at anyway. It's all sealed under plastic on foam trays there. I go to TJ's for the clif bars, olive oil, sugar and a few other staples. Those things generally are cheaper at Trader Joe's. Clif bars are mostly organic (and vegan) 'energy' bars. Luna Bars are Clif bars with frosting that are geared to the ladies with extra calcium and iron, I think of Clif bars as a multi-vitamin in candy bar format, with around 10 grams of protein tossed into the mix. So, just keep an eye on the prices of things at Wholefoods. It is possible to shop there and not spend huge amounts of money, especially if you buy their 365 Brand stuff. Sadly (for me) they don't focus as much as I'd like on whole grains and no white sugar. I was much happier with the original "Bread & Circus" stores that were around Massachusetts who had no white sugar or 100% white flour products before Wholefoods gobbled them up in the 1990s. As strong as their rhetoric may be about organic this and that and the value of actual whole foods, Wholefoods is in business to make money, and they sell what sells, If that's white bread, they have 365 white bread cheap at Wholefoods.

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