Vegetarian on a low-carb and non-dairy diet?

Vegetarian on a low-carb and non-dairy diet? Topic: Vegetarian on a low-carb and non-dairy diet?
December 15, 2019 / By Adena
Question: I've been vegetarian for years now, so i'm not willing to change that in my diet. Due to dietary issues i have been recommended by my doctor to avoid dairy and have a low-carb diet. What other than fruit, veggies, and salads can i eat? Non-dairy because i'm lactose intolerant. I also have a sensitive stomach and get indigestion easily.
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Tel Tel | 7 days ago
I would like to second Shelley's answer. I agree with everything in it. I am a vegan so have no issues with the vegetarian or non-dairy, but low carb is neither healthy or necessary. Complex carbs such as brown rice, corn and potatoes are a vital part of a healthy diet. It is not possible to be in good health without them and I would seriously reconsider a rethink on this part of your diet. Rather than low-carb ,why not stick to wholefoods instead? Eating a diet full of whole-grains, beans, vegetables, nuts and fruit will be Much less restrictive and is incredibly good for you. x
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Tel Originally Answered: As a vegetarian do you stay away from all animal products including eggs and dairy?
Most vegetarians eat eggs and dairy. They may also wear wool and silk etc, but may not wear leather because it's a direct product of a dead animal. Vegans avoid all animal products. Free Range and Organic are good choices for us all! Quorn is an ok substitute for meat products, but mostly for texture and the fact you can marinade it and it can pick up the flavour. I put soy sauce over quorn "chicken" pieces and it's really nice in a stir-fry. It has egg protein in it, so it's not vegan. Mushrooms are wonderful for texture and flavour. I use Aduki beans and Kidney Beans for a base to make a kick-*** vegan chilli, and if I have more beans add them too! If you like chilli, by the way, put a teaspoon of cocoa powder in it. Perfect!
Tel Originally Answered: As a vegetarian do you stay away from all animal products including eggs and dairy?
Eggs and dairy are acceptable for a vegetarian diet (assuming the person is lacto-ovo-vegetarian, like most vegetarians). In any case, if you are having a hard time giving up eggs and dairy, don't let that stop you from not eating meat. =)

Philander Philander
You have alot going for you- vegetarian;have been for many years, your doctor recommended going non-dairy(this is amazing!)- and you are not willing to compromise your vegetarian diet!! Way to go! The only problem is-low carb? Why?? Do you have problems digesting whole grains, brown rice. etc..? If not, much of our diet should include whole grain foods (we are not talking about processed carbs here) such as whole grain bread, pastas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, legumes, beans...Go to these websites-Dr.John McDougall.com, amazinghealth.com., or read "The China Study"-do some research-and you will find that unprocessed carbohydrates are absolutely necessary for our body to produce energy, cell integrity, intestinal health, and cell regeneration.
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Macey Macey
Beans rice pasta my brother and mom are vegan (no dairy or meat) and if it grows from the ground you can eat it, beans are a good source of Protein and rice and pasta are good for you as well. Little higher in carnal but you can buy low carb
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Macey Originally Answered: recipe ideas for low carb/vegetarian/raw food diet?
try a beetroot, apple, maybe a sweet carrot( baby carrot) salad..just put these to in a blender, chopper or grade them up and its done wheat grass+ raw spinach+ banana in a blender, maybe add some extra liquid if u want it less consistency and u r done..maybe kiwi google raw chocolate pudding or mousse and just buy in big bulks fruits to eat and eat them along the day, try seasonal stuff

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