or the last 15 days my right side of abdomen is paining. What is thye treatment. It may be urine infection.?

or the last 15 days my right side of abdomen is paining. What is thye treatment. It may be urine infection.? Topic: or the last 15 days my right side of abdomen is paining. What is thye treatment. It may be urine infection.?
December 13, 2019 / By Abbigale
Question: For the first time my right side abdomen has started paining. Fifteen days back the pain was severe. I was not able to sleep on the right side of body. The pain is below the ribs and it appear to be in the inner side of the body, may be in the intestine, either small or big one. It is extending towards back of the body. I consultled a doctor. He told me that it is not a big problem and it is only a mislocation of vains. He gave medicine for a week but it did not subside. I consulted a second doctor (both are not specialists but MBBS). the second doctor advised urine test. Urine test showd pus cells of 6 to 8 and the albumin is shown as "trace". He also gave a course for one week. for the last three days I am taking medicine but there is not much relief. The doctor said it may be because of urine infection. I am a paitient of constipation alslo. Can any body have knowledge of this type of disease. what could be the problem. Please advise.
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Best Answers: or the last 15 days my right side of abdomen is paining. What is thye treatment. It may be urine infection.?

Standish Standish | 3 days ago
hello, i found this information on the web which might be of some use: ABDOMINAL PAIN CENTRE Have you ever had pain anywhere between the chest and groin in front or side of the body? Then you must have suffered from abdominal pain! It is notoriously difficult on most occasions for even medical doctors to tell exactly what may be responsible for an episode of abdominal pain; how disappointing. In fact, one of every two patients (50%) who see a doctor with complaint of pain in the abdomen leave the consulting room without a diagnosis. This is due to the fact that pain in the abdomen could be caused, not only when things go wrong with the organs and structures that are found in the abdomen, but also by diseases or problems in organs far away from the abdomen. Injury, infection, or inflammation of the skin, muscle, or content of the abdomen will lead to pain in this region. Any disease process affecting any part or the whole of the following organs found in the abdomen: the lower part of the oesophagus or gullet (heartburn), the stomach (peptic ulcer, stomach cancer e.t.c), the small intestines (trapped wind, food poisoning e.t.c), the large intestines (appendicitis, constipation , Chron's disease, volvulus e.t.c), the liver (liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, carcinoid syndrome e.t.c), gall bladder (biliary colic, cholecystitis e.t.c), pancreas (pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer e.t.c), spleen (spleenic enlagement, lymphoma e.t.c), kidney (kidney stone, urinary tract infection e.t.c), adrenal glands, aorta (abdominal aortic aneurysm e.t.c), inferior vena cava, the ureters, the bladder (cystitis, e.t.c), the ovaries (ovarian cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome e.t.c), fallopian tubes (PID, ectopic pregnancy e.t.c), womb (menstrual pain, Braxton Hicks contraction , fibroids e.t.c) and cervix in women, will cause abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can also arise from problems affecting the lower poles of the lungs (lower lobe pneumonia ), the heart (heart attack) as well as the brain ( abdominal migraine). It could arise from the mind following severe emotional worries or stress ( irritable bowel syndrome). Here at the Abdominal Pain Centre, we aim to provide a comprehensive wealth of information free of charge on causes, recognition, investigations, current treatment options available and where appropriate, prevention of abdominal pain, whether in babies, infant, in women, in pregnancy, or abdominal pain after sex, or even other rarer causes of abdominal pain by experienced medical doctors with international experience. We have also stratified tummy pain into topics like upper abdominal pain, and central abdominal pain, pain in the lower abdomen, right pain and pain in the left side of the abdomen. Almost every one of us must have suffered with abdominal pain at a point in our life. Thankfully, such tummy pain resolves on its own most times without us needing to see a doctor or take any medication. Abdominal pain is thus often not due to an underlying serious illness. This is not true for everyone. Millions of babies, children, women and men live their lives each day in pain. Pain in the abdomen! For some of these folks, the pain may come from the blues like a thunder bolt, and bang: causes terrible disruption of their daily routine for a while and this is resolved with medical intervention. For others, doctors, as hard as they may try, may not be able to diagnose the cause of tummy pain in them, let alone definitive treatment. For yet still others, fantastic medical names and nomenclatures have been given to their medical condition like "irritable bowel syndrome", "interstitial cystitis", "idiopathic neuralgia" …to mention a few, but without definite treatment available. Which ever category you find your self, or if you are just out to look for information regarding abdominal pain affecting you or your loved one, you have come to the right place. We sincerely hope that this free online resource prove to be useful to you in trying to understand the conditions that causes pain in the abdomen, their investigations and treatment. It would prove to be a useful resource for the curious non-medical reader as well as medical and health trainees. Well I hope this helps..if not then plz check out the website or any other websites on abdominal pain
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Standish Originally Answered: Urine test show kidney infection at doctor office?
You need testing for ANTIBODIES as well as TSH. TSH ‘norm’ should be .3 – 3 (w/ most feeling best at < 2) but would not matter if antibodies are present. Indicative of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis…main cause of HypOthyroid & is worse (...OR Graves Disease - HypERthyroid). WARNING: Doctors seem not to want to find thyroid disease. You may have to go to more than one doctor before you get the right tests, interpretation, and treatment. Best wishes. Ck these: http://thyroid.about.com/bio/Mary-Shomon... http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ http://www.thyrophoenix.com/index.html God bless

Ottis Ottis
Well it doesn't sound like a urinary tract infection. normal with that it is your lower back that hurts or right above your crotch. And it would be painful to urinate and it would be bright yellow. Drink a lot of water and cranberry juice or cranberry tablets (you can get at walgreens or any phyarmac-Can-A-Sure is one of them). I suggest going on www.webmd.com and use the symptom checker. it will give you a better idea of what can be wrong. Good Luck
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Lev Lev
It sounds like a urinary tract infection. I would imagine a change in diet (no sweets) for awhile would also help.I used to drink ginger tea.There's also Ester-C which seems to help fight infections off as well. You need to drink more fluids especially clean water.I drink distilled water. You might also have kidney stones.I would think they would schedule an ultra-sound. They gave you medication and most likely a list of things besides that. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000521.htm
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Jamison Jamison
my mother has the samething happening to her right now and she went through the same tests but they can't figure out what it is either.
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Jamison Originally Answered: I sometimes have really bad pain in my lower right side of the abdomen during sex, why is that?
There are a varity of reasons you could have pain, uterine fibroids, cyst,endometriosis constipation.... The list goes on and on. Your best bet is getting checked out. Good luck=)

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