How many carbs is too many?

How many carbs is too many? Topic: How many carbs is too many?
June 16, 2019 / By Amber
Question: I have been hitting the gym hard mainly doing circuit weight training and 45 minutes a day on cardio machines. I'm trying to lose weigt. I am staying under 2000 cals a day but someone said I'm taking in too many carbs. I feel I am to with all this low carb talk. I also feel I need carbs for energy. I kept track today and the total seems to high. I'm around 150 carbs just today. I am losing weight. So what should I do? Would I lose more if I cut down my carbs. Any suggestions on low carb foods and snacks.
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Wally Wally | 10 days ago
Carbs fuel your body. You want to get your carbs from natural sources -- these are the complex carbohydrates. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are best. Your diet should consist of about 40% carbs. This is NOT true for everyone, but in your instance this should serve you well. This information comes from The Zone diet, which appears to suit your goals (based on what you've written here). The other portion of your diet should be from lean protein. Protein builds muscle mass. Lean protein includes nuts (unsalted), fish, skinless chicken, skinless turkey, eggs, beans, etc... Aim for a diet of about 30% protein.
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Wally Originally Answered: What can I eat instead of carbs.?
You don't need to cut out all carbs, just change your carbs. Eat whole grains, stuff with a lot of fiber. Eat fruits and veggies, complex carbs that take time to digest. Cut out the refined sugar and sweets, trans, and saturated fats. It'll have the same effect as a low carb diet, but is much healthier for you!

Rudy Rudy
When I was dieting a nutritionist, who was a bit of an extremist had me keep my calories at 1500 and my carbs were 150 10% of my daily calorie intake. It worked for me. I don't remember ever feeling hungry or tired (from lack of energy). I was also running for about 45 minutes a day and working out 4 days a week. Be careful with your low carb snacks, because they sometimes find flavor with extra fat and calories that you don't expect. Good Luck.
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Morton Morton
If the method you are doing now is working then sick with it!! If you are loosing weight than it is working. Don't cutdown on carbs because you need that energy to burn during your workouts. 2000 cals a day is what an average person needs and sounds like it is working for you. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will reach your goal!! ;)
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Kell Kell
Not sure I'm dieting to but I'm not watching my carbs that way I've just really cut back on how much I eat and so far its working for me, if I try to keep up with the amount of carbs and calories I'll go crazy.
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Herk Herk
If you are active at the gym & cut them too far (150 is pretty low) then the body will react as if starvation is occuring and change your metabolism to store weight. If you are already loosing , stay on that track , If it is working . . . keep doing what you are doing . Note: do aim for quality carbs & minimize white flour, white sugar and the fructoses & corn syrup.
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Ellery Ellery
Dr. Adkins recommends 20 piddly little carbs a day during his induction phase for optimum weight loss. As long as you are eating right and losing weight I wouldn't cut too many carbs from your diet, you are right, you need the energy.
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Ellery Originally Answered: no carbs?
Well i do have a suggestion. The south beach diet loses weight more slowly than the world famous "no carbs at all" diet. The no carbs diet you can lose 10 pounds in a week, but you have to keep it strong for two weeks and then slowly add in the carbs. I mean very slowly. If you add them back too quickly you will gain most of the weight back. But make sure you eat healthy and exercise to boost your energy because carbs are usually your source of energy.

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