Mommies! Baby food preperation. How to make your own healthy baby food. Ideas?

Mommies! Baby food preperation. How to make your own healthy baby food. Ideas? Topic: Mommies! Baby food preperation. How to make your own healthy baby food. Ideas?
November 23, 2019 / By Merritt
Question: If I get a Magic Bullet chopper can I thaw frozen or use fresh veggies to puree them to make fresh baby food. It is healthy and a more cost efficiant way to get food in instead of the costly baby food jars. What do others do? Is it really safe to get Healthy Choice Low sodium soup and blend that? I still suppliment with Enfamil formula. As my child is 5 months only. I stopped breast feeding 3 wks ago. should I say "pumping" as she never really got it. The latching on part.
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Jordi Jordi | 8 days ago
It is healthy and a lot cheaper to make your own baby food. With fresh foods you will get the most vitamins but frozen also has a lot of nutrients and vitamins still intact. I made the majority of my son's food and I am so glad that I did. It saved us a lot of money and my son enjoys a variety of different foods. As my son has grown into a one year old, he eats everything that we eat. I really think it helps when they eat what you eat and if you eat with them. A lot of my friends are shocked that our son was not a Gerber baby and they are also surprised at what a good eater he is. If you are able to do it, I would say make your own food. The baby food jars are perfectly nutritionally acceptable. They now make foods without added salt and a lot of added preservatives with the exception of the stage 3 foods. I will admit, that I always kept a jar or two handy just in case I was going out of town or needed something quick to satisfy my son (if I did not have adequate time to prepare his meal). I would not recommend the healthy choice soups just because of the salt and added preservatives. I know a lot of moms start solids between 4-6 months. Watch for food allergies and only give one food at a time for 5 straight days. Another reason not to do the soups. The new guideline from the AAP is to wait until your baby is 6 months old before giving any solids. Before this age, most babies are unable to digest food and can develop more allergies than if the parent were to wait. You sound like a wonderful mother. Good luck to you and I hope this helps.
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Jordi Originally Answered: Homemade baby food ideas.?
I would get the very cheap bags of vegetables from the freezer and heat the entire bag, then put the heated food into the blender, and add water while it was blending to get to the consistency I wanted. Then I would pour the food into ice cube trays and cover it with press-n-seal to individually seal each cup. After frozen, I'd pop out 2 or 3 (each cube is equal to about 1 oz) and microwave for 20-30 seconds or longer (usually in 15 second intervals) and add cereal if needed to thicken it up. For fruit I'd go canned, but I would drain the syrup and rinse with water to get rid of the added sugar. I wouldn't bother to freeze it, just open a can and usually go through it in a day. I did freeze bananas and put them in a feeding net (the thing that looks like a tiny fishnet to prevent kids from choking) and let my daughter gnaw on them when her teeth hurt. When she got older I did buy canned baby meat because it's a hassle to make your own and smells gross. When she got older, I'd get these little individual cups in the canned veggies section at Walmart (they have green beans, corn, carrots, and peas) and just nuke them in the microwave. Hope this helps!!!

Hamuel Hamuel
i think what your doing is wonderful, i did it with my first, but not for very long. i have 3 now and didn't do it for the other two, its hard when u work full time and have a house to maintain. There are plenty of fruits and veg. you can use, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, bananas, but make sure they are fresh, the frozen stuff contains lots of sodium and/or sugar, and in the long run u will prob. save urself some money. As far as the soups you can blend, don't worry about the breast feeding she got what she needed from u, she'll def. be fine. Sounds like her mom takes good care of her
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Eddy Eddy
Great first foods are avocado, sweet potatoe and banana. As for us, we try to make healthy meals for the whole family. We found it easiest to puree/mash whatever veggies we were eating for dinner anyway. As our babies got older, we started giving them pureed chicken, too. Sometimes if the food seemed too dry, we would mix with a bit of formula or broth. Pretty quickly, our kids would want to feed themselves. They loved peas, blueberries, canteloupe, lima beans, kidney beans (bite-sized foods that mash in the mouth easy). My older son, now 3, also really loves crumbled hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs. Both of my kids go crazy over rice, too. Basically, it think that it is easiest to try to incorporate foods that you can feed your kids into your everyday meals so they get used to eating what you are having for dinner and not having separate meals.
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Calvert Calvert
i do not understand who informed you breast milk is not any longer adequate to keep up him, yet it truly is not any longer authentic! All a touch one desires for the first 365 days is breast milk; any solids are only for prepare. it truly is not any longer to assert you ought to not supply solids, yet your little you ought to't be malnourished without them. That stated, have you ever began culmination and vegetables? if you have an interest in feeding solids, your son is probable waiting for them. pass the junk in the jar, even with the truth that. really, get an decrease priced nutrition processor, some ice dice trays and organic and organic elements, and combine it up your self. no longer actually is it fit, even though it expenditures a lot less. you could make it in bulk, freeze it in trays, and then come out some cubes to defrost for your infant. this is really common, and making it with breast milk promises more desirable food. start up with such issues as carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, pears, avocado, broccoli (make constructive this is fairly mashed up, rather a lot like liquid), and so on. actually upload one new nutrition each 5 days, to rule out any hypersensitive reactions. If infant remains a choosy eater, do not hassle. If he's nursing properly, he will be fantastic.
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Alfred Alfred
I used a pampered chef food chopper and what ever I made for the rest of the family I just chopped it up really small and gave it to my baby.
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Alfred Originally Answered: What do you think about natural food vs. store bought baby food?
First: jarred baby food. Gerber only does organic produce for their baby food. That's been true for some time now. The food in their organic line gets CERTIFIED organic, a listing that is actually very difficult for many farmers to get because they have neighbors who use pesticides and such. In addition, the gerber produce is picked and processed the same day. (My sister has a neighbor who provides organic apples to Gerber). The stuff in your store is usually several weeks old, often picked early. Nobody has tested it for e.coli contamination or nitrate levels. Even if you buy from the organic section, that doesn't mean you don't have food that has contaminants as cow poop can have e.coli. The only true advantage of making your own over store bought is COST! It is WAY CHEAPER to make your own. I would still use jarred food when away from home, because it is simply safer than relying on your melting ice cubed food. That said, I recommend making your own food. Look at the list of things that have the most pesticides and get the organic version of those. Otherwise, focus on frozen food. Today, frozen stuff is processed the same day it is picked. For meats, you would cook first, puree after with either a little broth (yes water additive folks!) or breast milk. Don't use formula unless you are feeding the entire amount today because the sugar in formula will shorten the life of the food you have processed. As far as nitrates, AAP now says just avoid giving the baby certain foods before 3 months old. List below. As far as actual prep, I don't own a food processor. I do use a blender and a blenderstick (immersion blender, hand blender). The Thunderstick (a gift) actually does a better job of pureeing meat, but a regular blender can do it too.

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