19 years old, colon cleanse?

19 years old, colon cleanse? Topic: 19 years old, colon cleanse?
September 23, 2019 / By Amaryllis
Question: I am 19 years old and have been "dieting" for the last two years, but have really started aggressively about three months ago. My start weight was 250 and am now down to about 200. I have been seeing alot of infomercials and read about how cleanses are good to have when loosing weight and when you consume alot of fast food. I haven't eaten fast food or drank soda in about two years, but before that I would eat LARGE quantities several times a day. I am not sure if colon cleanses are a good idea for me. Can someone with experience explain to me if cleanses are a good idea or not. Thank you
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Wallis Wallis | 9 days ago
for weight loss, low fat diets and excercise are the key... a colon cleanse is good for everyone if they wanna feel better and clean their body from inside, but don't expect magical results in losing weight with colon cleansers, their main action is to cleanse the colon
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Wallis Originally Answered: Professional colon cleanse vs. at home colon cleanse?
I have a lot of intestinal problems, and I was forever searching for a cleanse that would clean me out, but wouldn't restrict my dietary needs. It was a long search, but there's this Citronada cleanse at Vitamin World. (In my opinion, Vitamin World is a lot better than GNC, they actually care about you.) I'm not the kind of person who takes vitamins and all that crap, but this cleanse is great. It's a 2-4 day cleanse, and you just add 2 oz of it to 8 oz of water. You drink that 8 times a day. (It sounds bad, but I do it with bottled water, which equals to four bottles a day.) It works really well, and by day 4, I feel absolutely great. Plus, you're allowed to eat light meals of fruits and veggies, whereas other cleanses won't let you eat at all.
Wallis Originally Answered: Professional colon cleanse vs. at home colon cleanse?
Hi Lisa, I have had several professional colonics throughout the years and I would recommend this to everybody. You can get similar results at home by taking a series of enemas using different positions for allot less money.

Rudolph Rudolph
Go on a raw diet. It is great for the colon, it's a natural way to cut calories and your skin will glow. Just eat raw fruits, veggies and drink water for as long as you want. You're eating low cal foods that are filling and you will lose a lot of weight
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Mortimer Mortimer
Yogurt would desire to help yet as quickly as I have been you i could flow to a well-being nutrition shop and communicate over with somebody interior the supplement dept. only tell them what you're dealing with and that they'd desire to have the skill to propose some thing which could help interior of a pair of weeks. you will desire to tell them which you fairly want some thing that works a minimum of interior of two weeks. flow there at present or the next day.
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Mortimer Originally Answered: Is "Lemon Cleanse" still a good colon cleanse? nowday?
I suppose this might give you a case of diarrhea. The colon is self-cleansing. It's part of it's "job". You do not need to do anything special, purchase products, pay for treatments... it's just not necessary. Eat freshly prepared foods (not frozen/fast/packaged) and exercise regularly. It's the best thing you can do for your health, colon included.

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