Best laxative for my scenario?

Best laxative for my scenario? Topic: Best laxative for my scenario?
September 20, 2019 / By Lonny
Question: I'm a mid 20s male. since starting up lifting weights again I have found it ridiculous how little I hit the toilet for the food I consume. Alot of the time when I think I'm good to go, there is nothing our close to it. I don't want something that is going to make me need to go all day long. I'd just like a fast acting, only when I need it and allows me to stay in control. Please help
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Jaxon Jaxon | 4 days ago
I have the same issue as you. High protein diets and supplements like creatine definitely cause constipation.issues for me. That may be part of the problem. If you want something really fast that doesn't make you go all day long, you can try a Dulcolax suppository or a generic equivalent. They work about 30 minutes after insertion and empty you pretty good. You need to sit there for about 15 minutes to make sure the effects are over, but there are typically no more trips to the bathroom or surprises for the rest of the day. I would not use these every day, though.
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Jaxon Originally Answered: Where can i buy laxative?
that's just gonna make u loose nutrients feel tired and dizzy. it honestly sucks and ur not gonna loose weight healthy just like water weight. so cut the crap out already EXERCISE it will stay off and u will be happier and ull have abs (: maybe this might inform u a little more. i once had a bestfriend who was anorexic idk if she still is but i stooped being her friend when she lied to the whole school about me. anyway back to the point, i was reading a book about some girl who was insecure about her weight so she started not eating. she thought you'll loose weight bc it starts to eat ur fat and than will demolish it but what it does is suck out nutrient from the body and muscle and whatever than u get bloated so yeah not good. than she also made herself throw up and would eat ALOT. and on top of that she used laxatives. at the end she ended up fainting, went to the hospital, and got diagnosed with anorexia disorder. and yeah that follows u for life on ur doctor report its a sickness just like any other just like bi polar disorder or even cancer. so anyway she stoped eventually. and also when u do this ur teeth turn yellow ur hands get cold ur hair falls out and u get weak. idk it sounds kinda painful to me when u could just excises and feel a whole lot better about itself in the end. who cares if ur fat. its probably before u use to eat u know whatever and now that ur getting older the pounds start to pack in and it does make u fat. that's why most skinny girls or guys that eat everything when they were younger usually get fat when there older =/
Jaxon Originally Answered: Where can i buy laxative?
YES, THEY CAN SELL IT TO YOU. But you are wrong, it isnt your only option ! Just eating crap ! Or stop eating tooo much and walk every day for 30 minutes. Learn good habits for life NOW Purging or laxatives are not what you should be doing. If you are as lazy as you say, soon you'll be 180 !!! Just get off the couch

Gaddiel Gaddiel
Take ayurvedic preparation - Thriphala choornam in the night. Also drink 2-3 glasses of luke-warm water first in the morning and your problem will be solved.
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Denny Denny
When I started my diet and exercise routine a nutritionist recommended me colon cleanser pills taken daily. If they're organic even better and more effective than the "one time" laxative pill.
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Denny Originally Answered: what laxative to take?
You didn't indicate whether you have gone at all since your surgery 2 weeks ago. If it has been this long and magnesium citrate hasn't done the trick, I see only 2 options. Go to the ER for a diagnosis and treatment....my guess would be a fecal impaction which needs to be treated. Your other choice...try an enema or suppository even though you prefer not to use them. If they don't work then I would definitely recommend a trip to the ER. A third option and maybe the best would be to call your surgeon's office. He/she may be able to write a prescription something like propolene glycol (spelling?) that might get you going. Hope you get some relief soon. I've been there and it is very uncomfortable.

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