How do you accept that you are going to die young?

How do you accept that you are going to die young? Topic: How do you accept that you are going to die young?
September 17, 2019 / By Amanda
Question: I know it's late at night and I may not get a lot of responses, but I figured I would give it a shot. I am 22 and I have rapidly progressing Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed when I was 18 and by the time I was 21 I was in a wheel chair, although I can still walk with a walker. For the first 2 years I had real hope that maybe a cure would be developed or something to halt the progression entirely, but I gave that up a long time ago. My neurologist told me that based off of clinical data I probably won't live longer then 5 years. I have pretty much given up hope on everything. I still take online classes at school, but I am going to stop those after this semester. I don't talk to people anymore because my memory is so bad and I don't want to embarrass myself. I told my girlfriend this weekend that she is the only thing I get out of bed for. I've been seeing a therapist and they put me on some medications, but they really don't help. How do I deal w/ the fact that I will die young? Religious and non-religious answers are welcome.
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Wallace Wallace | 8 days ago
I am a bit older than you, but I have less than 3 yrs left to me. They do not know how long. I have lupus and am down to 12% kidney function and have a developed congestive heart failure. I try to see as much as I can every day, enjoy as much as I can and make memories that others can have of me when I am gone. I love life and I do not wish to die. But I am content that I know I have this time to say good bye and enjoy a few more sunsets, a few more games with my kids, a few more hot fudge sundaes, another good movie and lots more good love making with my BF. You need to make the most of the time you have. There are plenty of people I have known who have died suddenly from an unknown ailment and had no time to do all these things. Look around you. Life is beautiful, you have a gift of Years. Take them all and relish them. I will see you at the other side as I will be there before you. I really do believe there is something else. I don't know what, yet, I will look forward to the adventure. Good luck :)
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Ruby Ruby
I feel for ya pal........I don't know but I don't think I'd be wasting time on school, unless that does it for you. all I can say is live for the moment and make the best of each one you have left. don't waste time on regret. live every day to the max....just don't get arrested now answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aq..O_WtyrPEC7s.ooh0BA7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080317215102AAiGOqQ
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Mort Mort
Have you ever thought about putting your thoughts and feelings and fears into poetry, or another art form? Its a great way to release.. In my experience, it's best to be able to take things in your head, and put them to where you can see them with your eyes..
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Kelan Kelan
You wont deal with it i dnt think anyone can deal with the fact they he/she is goin to die young. All you can do is do watever makes you happy and make the happiest memories u possibly can ..dnt waste time being depressed..instead spend time doing wat brings joy to your heart the most :) I am sorry about wat u are going through..chances are i will never know what it feels like but i wish u the best Have faith ..love always, stay strong and make happy memories ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Herb Herb
make a list of all the things you've always wanted to do, and work to meet them... don't let anyone stop you.
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Elkanah Elkanah
Well, don't feel bad because u are gonna die young because we all gonna die rather u will die young or old! There's no way around it! People say it's sad to die young but it's actually not, we say that because we seen people live longer. What u should do is thank God everyday for the days u have get to live and just live life to the fullest!!!!! Darth it's not a scary thing like people might say it is!!!! It's call circle of life! Trust me if u feel ready to go, u will feel it! U won't think about oh I'm scared, u will wanna go! I'm 19 and I'll say whatever happens happens because I personally wouldn't mind dying young because getting older sounds really hard and stressful anyways so it's a lot of ways to look at things! Just have fun and do whatever u wanr and u might fool yourself! U might get to see 60 years old
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Cheyenne Cheyenne
I would say do what I do. Just be thankful every morning when you wake up that you got one more day, then make the most of that day because you do not know if you are gonna get another one. Try your best to have fun...as stupid as that sounds. If you truly put your mindset there, you can have good days. You just LIVE. Take the anger, pity, hopelessness, and all that CRAP that is in your head now and just flush it. It is NOT going to help you. DO NOT isolate yourself..no no no. You need people. So what if you forget things. So do I, but when I cannot find the word I want to say, we get a good giggle out of it. You just make the most of the time you have left dude. I'll do it too. I have a girlfriend too..if you look at my avatar you can see her.
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What is islam? Islam is based on correct faith and right actions. Means are as important as the end and ends are as important as the means. It is an organic unity. Together they live and thrive. Separate them and they both decay and die. In Islam, faith cannot be divorced from action. Right knowledge should be transferred into right action to produce that right results. ‘Those who believe and do good, they alone shall enter paradise.’ How often these words come in the Quran? Again and again, not less than fifty times these words are repeated. Contemplation is encouraged, but mere contemplation is not the goal. Those who believe and do wrong are inconceivable. Divine law is the law of effort and not of ideals. It chalks out for the men the path of eternal progress from knowledge to action and from action to satisfaction. Allah speaks to man through the Final Testament(i.e. Quran): ‘O mankind! Verily, the Promise of Allah is true. So, let not this present life deceive you, and let not the chief deceiver(devil) deceive you about Allah. Surely, satan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy.’ 35:5-6"O Man! What has seduced you from your Lord?" The practicability of the Qur'anic teachings is established. The distinctive approach of the Qur'an is that its instructions are aimed at the general welfare of man and are based on the possibilities within his reach. In all its dimensions the Qur'anic wisdom is conclusive. It neither condemns nor tortures the flesh nor does it neglect the soul. It does not humanize God nor does it deify man. Everything is carefully placed where it belongs in the total scheme of creation. This view that Islam is easy to understand and practice, is one which is derived from the primary sources of Islam. In the Quran, Allah comforts us by continuously reassuring us that He desires for us ease not hardship, despite the seemingly formidable trials and tribulations that we may sometimes face. Our Lord says: 'God desires ease for you, and desires not hardship' (2:185); 'Truly with hardship comes ease' (94: 6); 'God will assuredly appoint, after difficulty; easiness' (65:7); 'We shall speak to him, of our command, easiness' (18:88); 'God desires to lighten things for you, for the human being has been created weak' (94:28). We believe in the God of the theist, the God of the atheist, the God of the Jews, the God of the Christians and the God of the pagans, because whether they choose to accept divine providence or not: “Know, therefore, that there is no God but Allah.”(47:19) The sun rises, the sun sets, the entire Universe continues to subsist and exist by the Might, by the Power of One Allah. He is Allah. This universe- Allah alone has brought it into existence and Allah alone will keep it into existence, and this existence will not terminate on its own accord but it will terminate on the will and intention of One Allah. We keep the absolute conviction in our hearts that each and everything that exists, whether we can see it, whether we cannot see it, whether we can perceive it, whether we cannot perceive it, whether it is within the realm of the human understanding or whether it is beyond our understanding; everything that exists is the creation of One Allah. Nothing benefits, nothing harms, , nothing gives life, nothing gives death except with the permission of One Allah. Allah, singularly, alone controlling everything. He is the First without a beginning; he is the Last without an ending. No eyes can see Him and no mind imagine Him. Everything happens how Allah wills it to happen, it happens in the manner in which Allah wants it to happen .And that which Allah does not will, all creation in the universe can get together, they cannot bring it into existence. Not a leaf, nor a life. And most of all, not even a single verse of the Glorious Quran, A Book of Wisdom, Evidence and Knowledge, a Guide and a Mercy. Mankind today is on the brink of a precipice, not because of the danger of complete annihilation which is hanging over its head-this being just a symptom and not the real disease-but because humanity is devoid of those vital values of peacefulness, which are necessary not only for its healthy development but also for its real progress

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