One year old, very constipated. Help?

One year old, very constipated. Help? Topic: One year old, very constipated. Help?
May 22, 2019 / By Leeroy
Question: Hello, my parents had a baby boy, he just turned one year old. I am the oldest (21) so for them this is really starting all over again, my mother has switched him from the formula he was taking at first (Enfamil powder, then Enfamil liquid), she changed it to regular gallon milk that we all take at home. He hasn't been drinking his milk too easily lately, one day yes, one day he avoids it completely, my mother thinks it's because he's constipated and might had tummy pain, what should she do? Change back to the baby formula he was taking before or will he adapt to this one eventually? Since he's been avoiding milk at times my mother gives him the gerber fruit baby foods (applesauce) and soup, etc. anything soft that he will eat. But what to do?
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Jade Jade | 1 day ago
Try prune juice. At this age he can be eating what the rest of the family eats. He doesn't need baby food.
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Jade Originally Answered: my 4 year old is constipated?
My friend and I were just discussing this, as our girls are refusing to poop in the potty as part of potty training and are getting backed up because of it. She said that CVS sells pediatric enimas for $1 and they work instantly. You use it and sit the child on the potty and within a minute or so it will all come out. I would definately consult a doctor due to the lack of appetite and being scared to urinate. Good luck.

Finnbar Finnbar
Keep him on milk, he'll transition eventually. Baby formula has iron in it and that can cause constipation. Try giving him prunes, pears and peaches to help with the constipation. Also make sure he drinks plenty of water. It never hurts to call his doctor and get their advise. My 3 year old daughter has had constipation issues since she was about 18 months and I ended up having to give her a stool softener daily.
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Darian Darian
Change back to the original formula. Provided this does the trick, you can reintroduce the new formula, mixing one fourth of it to his current formula for a week, than half, than three fourths, than full as long as he seems to properly adjust each week. For more immediate relief, put a tennis ball in a dryer for about 10 minutes and put that directly on his stomach (test on your wrist to ensure proper temp, not too hot). This will help with constipation right now, as well as Karo Syrup.
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Azel Azel
take his dipper off,then take your hand and gently slide it up the babys butt and grab on to poop and pull.
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Azel Originally Answered: i've been constipated for over a year?
You haven't been constipated for over a year since you stated you get diarrhea from drinking milk. Sounds like to me you may have lactose intolerance.

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