3 month old with constipation?

3 month old with constipation? Topic: 3 month old with constipation?
September 17, 2019 / By Kyran
Question: Any suggestions on how to help my 3 month old with his constipation. My ped had me use Karo syrup in his bottles, but I don't like all the sugar and I feel he's gained too much weight from it. I have heard fruit juice works, but I didn't know if he's too young...
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Isaac Isaac | 2 days ago
Dark Karo will not cause botulism. It will also not make them gain weight unless you are giving it to him constantly. One bottle every 4 hours or even longer will be fine. Babies at that age are gaining weight by leaps and bounds as it is, chances are that is why your son is gaining weight. We gave our son Dark Karo syrup diluted in water for constipation when he was 8 weeks until we figured out what was causing the problem. It was the formula. All three of my kids had iron intolerances when they were babies. My older two were put on low iron formula and that totally fixed the issue. But unfortunatley for my 3rd son, some morons pulled those formulas off the market last year. So, I solely breastfeed. I was told that the pediatrician might be able to prescribe low iron formula if I need it... wow great way for the pharmasuetical companies to make a buck. Anyway... The dark karo won't hurt them. It won't upset their belly like juice will at this age. And fruit juices will cause a diaper rash if they drink too much because of the acidity. We also went to our grocery store and got them infant suppositories... you might have to ask where the store keeps them at the pharmacy. Those really helped too. And they literally help right then... we would give our sons one and then just sit with the diaper unlatched and hold it closed gently and within a min or two he would poop and we would change the diaper. If you continue to have a prob with the constipation ask your pediatrician if you can try something low iron just to see if it will work. Good Luck to you, looking back that was one of the hardest times with our kids because of the constipation. I hope this helped some!!!
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Isaac Originally Answered: What to do for 5 month old with constipation?
PEARS,PRUNES! These have always been a proven poopie maker meals in my family for babies.If you have some baby pear juice NOT WATERED DOWN it can also help :)

Farran Farran
Juice is not appropriate for children under 6 months of age. You could make them worse! They also do not need water before 6 months of age either. Call your child's doctor and see what they recommend. Usually they will say a teaspoon of kayro in their bottle. Kayro is perfectly safe now because the process has been changed in manufacturing. It isn't like it was a decade ago when botulism was still a concern like it still is with honey. Pedalite is NOT for constipation. It is for diarreah and vomitting. If you use it for constipation you will only compound the problem and make it worse. Do NOT use any suppository or over the counter anything on an infant that young. You could do more damage than help and there is no such thing as an infant suppository. You could puncture their insides and have a major issue started without knowing it.
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Curt Curt
First I have to say that I agree- 3 months is too young really for rice cereal. How often is she feeding? It's normal for a baby that age to feed as much as every 2 hours. However if you must give cereal then this is my answer: Water was the only thing that worked with my first son (when he was 6 months and first starting solids). With my second, he wouldn't drink water so I had to give him a children's laxative a couple of times a day until he got a little older and his bowels were mature enough to handle solid foods better. I kept trying water with him as well every day until he would drink it from a bottle or sippy cup and this really helped too.
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Assur Assur
My daughter was constipated ALOT before we switched her formula. Soy constipated her. I gave her dark karo syrup ALOT and here she is a happy healthy nine month old now. I mixed a about 1-2 teaspoons with her bottle or mixed a little squirt or two with her meals. She didnt seem to mind the taste. You can also try 50/50 diluted prune juice, but it gave her gas ALL day long. Hope this helps.
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Verity Verity
My ped recomended Karo syrup. But I refused to do it. It can rarely have the same spores in it that cause Botulism.... (The same reason we do not give honey to babies under 12 months!) I have given my (almost) 6 month old an ounce of water. I've also recently tried putting 1oz of juice in his 5oz bottle of formula. Both seem to work fine!!!! Good Luck~ Constipation is no fun!
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Verity Originally Answered: Constipation in 8 month old baby.?
Ah! I'm not alone! My son has been battling constipation since he was about the same age. It didn't seem to have anything to do with what foods he ate, or didn't eat. He's regularly backed up. He pushed so hard one day that he broke out with petechiae (broke blood vessels) over all his face and upper body. I happened when he was about 13 months old, and while he was at the babysitter. I took him to the doctor and they sent me to the hospital (they were worried he had meningitis since petechiae is a symptom of that - although I wasn't worried, I knew what it was from)... anyway, they gave him a suppository and he pooped within 15 minutes. They then gave him a prescription for Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG). You don't actually need a prescription since you can buy it over the counter under the brand name 'lax a day' and others. He was supposed to take 10 grams every day (I got the pharmacist to weigh it out for me and then draw a line on the cap so I didn't have to buy a scale). It definitely worked. He had to stay on it for 3 months. The worry with constipation in infants/toddlers is that the fecal matter can become so big in the colon that it can stretch it, causing permanent damage. I would take your daughter to a doctor and get her on some stool softener (the recommended amount might differ for her, depending on her weight). The PEG is not something that stimulates defecation, it just makes it easier to pass. I also spoke to my naturopath and he said that Aloe Vera juice is another great thing to give infants/toddlers for constipation. You can get it from health food stores. I TRIED to give it to my son but there was no way he was going to take it lol. There are other natural ways to get them going again but I can't remember what they are. You could speak to a local naturopath and see if they have any suggestions if you are leery about giving her medication. HTHs! ETA: My son is now 20 months and the constipation seems to have returned. He has been self-feeding since he was 7-8 months so that isn't the issue in all babies. I have Irritable Bowel syndrome and I wonder if he's maybe got my bowel issues (my mom does too - so there could be genetic link). I hope it gets better for you and your daughter though. It's tough, I know!

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