Constipation after labor, how to ease this?

Constipation after labor, how to ease this? Topic: Constipation after labor, how to ease this?
June 19, 2019 / By Amalee
Question: I gave birth 8 days ago, and every time I open my bowls I'm constipated. I also had an episiotomy so it's very painful. Does anyone have any natural suggestions to help ''soften'' my stools that doesn't include taking a laxative?
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Wainamoinen Wainamoinen | 6 days ago
Prunes and figs always help me if I get constipated. Have you asked your doctor? Ooh almost forgot. You'll need loads of water too cos extra fiber in the diet can get stuck in the gut so always drink lots of water to help push it through
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Wainamoinen Originally Answered: How to ease my toddler's constipation?
If the constipation has lasted for a while, it is likely that any kind of fibrous food or juice will help him at this point and you will have to use medicines. I believe Fleet makes a suppository for children that is a liquid form in a pre-lubricated tube. It's probably not going to be his favorite thing to do but you don't want to end up in the hospital because of impacted stool either. Start changing his diet once he does go and add more fruits, veggies, and definitely liquid. Keep a drink near him at all times. Seriously. A lot of times the constipation comes from simply not drinking enough. Remind him to chew thoroughly and if he isn't grasping that, start chopping his food smaller. Seems trivial but you don't want your son to be in pain either.
Wainamoinen Originally Answered: How to ease my toddler's constipation?
When my son was around that age he started having issues with constipation and my doctor recommended Fletchers laxative for kids. It works within hours and is safe for kids to use. It has a root beer kind of smell to it and if they don't like the taste you can always put it in a cup of juice. You can buy it at any drug store and it should be down the aisle with all the laxatives, I think it's about $6.00 a bottle but definitely worth it. Just to let you know, if he is constipated try not to give him too many bananas that will only make it worse.

Royston Royston
Eat some broccoli with your next meal, 2days or less. Also warm bath or heat on tummy to relax belly.
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Morris Morris
fiber fiber fiber...............why do u care about takinga stool softner? its not rat poison, thats what its there for.......modern medicine
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Morris Originally Answered: How can I ease my 7 weeks old baby's constipation?
Poor little guy - and poor mom. I would suggest apple juice but he's way too young for anything besides breastmilk and an occasional bottle. You've tried the warm bath and a tummy rub, which is what I would do. There's no way I'd wait two days to get a call back from the doctor. I think you should call again (maybe they lost the message). They're there to support you, if they're not then it may be time to find another pediatrician. Good luck!

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