Healthy food ideas?

Healthy food ideas? Topic: Healthy food ideas?
November 23, 2019 / By Jericho
Question: My boyfriend and I have started to get healthy. We'll be exercising, and we'd like to start eating healthier, but we've noticed that a lot of health food items off the shelf, like Kashi, just don't appeal to our taste buds. So, does anyone have any healthy foods they like or know of any great sources for healtheir foods?
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Gideon Gideon | 9 days ago
Stick to fruits and vegetables, you can eat as many as you like, there good for you But try not to eat too many sugary fruits like strawbverries, raspberries, pineapple some ideas: Apples Bananas Cucumber Carrots Peppers String Beans Remember, that heating vegetables take some of the nutrition out, so eat them raw if you can.
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Gideon Originally Answered: Healthy food ideas/recipes?
Sounds like you are already on a good eating path. Here are are few of my favorite foods and eating well tips! I focus on eating 4-6 small meals/day and try to include fiber and protein as part of each meal and snack. Typical day for me: Breakfast Smoothie (Basic recipe) -Yoplait Greek Plain (17 grams protein per 6 oz. and is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D) -Frozen fruit (I like blueberries, mango, cranberries) -small amount fruit juice -ground flax seed (fiber and omega-3's) Then I will have either a hardboiled egg or handful walnuts to round out the meal Snacks (I have about 2/day) here are some choices: 1. Cottage cheese and triscut crackers (very filling) 2. Hummus and celery/jicama sticks 3. Brown rice, veggies, tofu chopped up sprinkle with soy sauce or miso 4. Hard boiled egg and apple 5. Apple slices dipped in small amount of peanut butter 6. Larabars (many yummy flavors) 7. Trail mix made with: whole grain cereal, nuts, dried fruit Dinner and lunch are typically salads with lean meat grilled. I also enjoy making soups, which can be nutritious and filling. Have you tried the Two Week Tune Up plan? That has a lot of great recipes as well. I'll list the website below with some of my other favorite websites for healthified recipes!

Don Don
My mum is starting to get my family to eat healthly. I highly recommed a CAESAR SALAD. + 4 thick slices of bread + lettuces +150g skinless chicken breast (sorry if you dont eat meat) +2 tbsp of lemon juice +1 crushed garlic clove +1 tbsp dijon juice +1 tbsp white wine vinagar +150g natural yogurt +2 tbsp mayonnaise +1 tbsp grated parmesan. Add all the food together and then ENJOY !!!!! good luck
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Brady Brady
Panner (cottage cheese) delight - heat a little olive oil. put cumin seeds if u have. saute onions. add 2 tbsp of ketchup. add chilli powder. put low-fat cottage cheese cubes. let it all blend. this is a super hit recipe, which everyone loves! have soupy meals. put chicken and veg pieces in stock. let it come to a boil. 0 fat and power-packed.
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Adin Adin
just eat yogurt. also if you dont mind the immense amount of sugar, chocolate milk from nestle has a lot more calcium than milk alone.
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Steph Steph
um try organic stuff (do u have a trader joes in your city?) also just try fruit and vegetables and also fresh meat and junk like that lol
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Steph Originally Answered: Anyone have any healthy and tasty vegetarian food ideas?
You may benefit from seeing a dietitian to help you. I saw one last year and they are really helpful. Here are some high protein foods that I consume for protein: Breakfast: High protein cereal (check nutrition labels) Tofu scramble on toast Soy milk (fat free) Soy yogurt Lunch/Dinner: Tofu and vegetable sandwich Lentil soup Split pea and vegetable soup Beans and rice Chickpeas and vegetables with pasta Noodles with vegetables and tofu Vegetable stir fry with rice Search for vegetarian and tofu recipes on google. Iron and protein is found in legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans, split peas), tofu, leafy greens and nuts. Walnuts are also a good source of omega3. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

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