diet pills & laxatives?

diet pills & laxatives? Topic: diet pills & laxatives?
October 14, 2019 / By Jaylyn
Question: i take diet pills, [venom] ...and well i poop only once a week, and its not because of the pills my bowl movement has never been normal....well i want to take some Women's Laxative tablets that i have from wal mart. is it okay to take it with Venom? my question is NOT asking if DIET PILLS are OKAY. im asking is it OKAY to take a laxative while taking venom!. ive gone to the doctors for cronic constipation, they just give me phillips. doesnt work.
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Galilee Galilee | 4 days ago
You should steer clear of laxatives. Over time, you'll become more dependent on them to have bowel movements. Same with suppositories. Try adding more fiber to your diet. Eat more whole grains, fruits like berries, apples, and dried fruits, veggies such as spinach, broccoli, and other dark green leafy veggies, popcorn - they are all high in fiber. Also, keep in mind that having a bowel movement 1-2 times per week isn't necessarily abnormal. It may just be the way your body works.
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Galilee Originally Answered: are thier any diet pills i mean pills that actually take off a couple pounds a person can buy over the counter?
Not really. There are some that have ingredients that can act like appetite suppressants, but in my experience, I start to tolerate them after a while and they lose any effect. Frankly, I think all the pills on the market are a waste of money. You will always find somebody who had success with a diet or diet product, but anecdotes don't equal facts. The key to weight loss is eating less and exercising more. Your body needs to use more calories than you are taking in. Track your food and your exercise to see how you are doing.
Galilee Originally Answered: are thier any diet pills i mean pills that actually take off a couple pounds a person can buy over the counter?
Alli is the only one thats fda approved. so im assuming that one. all the cheap ones..even hydroxicut SUCKS. all they do is make ur heart speed up and u become irritable. and actully U BECOME MORE HUNGRY!! so alli is ur best bet

Derick Derick
Yes just don't take them the first time and go out! Take them in the evening, not right before you go to be but after dinner. They will make you feel full and then make you poop in the a.m. you need to put more fiber in your diet. Have you ever thought of taking Oat Bran Tablets? they add fiber, fill you up and are safe to take. Get the decent ones at the Health Food Store, not GNC they are WAY too expensive!
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Benjie Benjie
It is never okay to take diet pills. That's your first problem. If you have chronic constipation, you should see a doctor first before you take anything over the counter.
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Benjie Originally Answered: Is it safe for me to use the recommended laxatives with the Master Cleanse diet?
To answer your question, I do not think that you should use laxatives based upon your history. That would just open up some areas that you may not tolerate well. Since you have had addiction/mental illness and bad reactions in the past these are all good reasons not to do this. You can just do the food modification portion of the MC and leave out the laxative part. And to throw in a retort to Patrick M...what an utter failure. You did not answer this question, all you did was spout your re-hashed garbage again. She was not asking about the effectiveness or validity but once again you have to stick your UNWANTED opinion in. And the reference to Arizona...you fail again. Those people were not there to detox, it was to alter their mental state. This has been done in the desert southwest by native people for thousands of years. This horrible case was done by a man that had no business doing this and is paying the price for his arrogance. Why do you care what people do to care for themselves? Is it that you don't want them to get scammed? Are you so magnanimous that you care for all humanity? If that is the case then you should start a group to repay everyone that has been scammed. That would be helpful. Not your pathetic rant.

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