Quick constipation cures? Need a quick laxative solution. :-(?

Quick constipation cures? Need a quick laxative solution. :-(? Topic: Quick constipation cures? Need a quick laxative solution. :-(?
October 18, 2019 / By Jay
Question: Embarrassing but I'm a bit bunged up, 3 days now. Due i think to changing my diet, though I drinking plenty and eating fruit. I' going away on business tomorrow morning so want something that I can take that will definately work today! Don't mind what effects I get so long as it works! Any recomendations? Experience only please. Sorry embarrassing I know!
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Gadiel Gadiel | 6 days ago
From my dr. 2 teaspoons of arm n hammer baking powder/soda (the kind u put in frig. for keeping fresh) w/ 6-8 oz. of warm water....have u going in about 15-30 minutes. Fruit juices will take days and a lot of it
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Gadiel Originally Answered: Help needed, Quick Constipation Cures?
You could try an enema, you could try shoving ice cubes up your but, and waiting for them to melt, you could try a laxative, or just get a kid nearby to prank you with one. You could get someone to go in and pull the crap out, until you feel like you can take a dump. just make sure they use plenty of lube, and don't make a fist. maybe use a spoon? Or, you could just sit there and strain for the entire day. It will hurt like freaking hell, but it will get the job done. Healthy dosages of prayer can't hurt either. Or you could try sticking a garden hose up your butt and turning it on. then when you remove it, it should come out, possibly in a spray form. just make sure to clean up afterward. and be careful not to turn it on too high, or let it go to long. suddenly inflating your stomach with 20 lbs of water is never good. Best of luck!
Gadiel Originally Answered: Help needed, Quick Constipation Cures?
A few? Get the prune juice. There are no good, quick remedies that don't involve laxatives or softeners. Narcotics tend to slow peristalsis in the colon, and the longer the poop stays in the colon, the more water is drawn out, resulting in dry stool. A double whammy for sure. Drink LOTS of water, don't strain when you're on the pot; you gotta let it come with little pressure if any, or you'll blow an o-ring, K?

Denton Denton
Heya, i'd reccomend (a million) boiled water - this has a gentle laxative consequence yet no longer something to drastic (2) Cod liver oil - that would desire to get issues shifting (3) figs, dates and bananas and oranges! - those are all sturdy to get the bowls shifting (4) a effective sunday roast - heavily this gets issues shifting assured bowl circulation via the top of the evening (5) Take a senakot all the flaws i discussed above are useful hearth procedures of having your bowls shifting, and without postpone!. wish i helped x
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Belteshazzar Belteshazzar
I don't think its embarassing. If you are eating lots of fibre, you need to be drinking 10+ glasses of water or you become constipated. Prune juice, metamucil, more water! I guess you also have the option of going to the pharmacy and asking the pharmacist what would be best. You decide what is best for you.
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Belteshazzar Originally Answered: Quick weight loss solution ?
Just lower your caloric intake and raise your exercise level. Get at least 30 minutes of cardio in a day. Run, jump rope, swim, anything that really gets your heart-rate up and gets you sweating. Eat 5 small meals a day, very 2-3 hours. It keeps your metabolism going all day. Do interval training. Sprint as hard as you can for a minute, then walk for thirty seconds. Keep doing this. It makes your burn more calories and fat and keeps your metabolism running high. Eat healthy. Fresh veggies, lean protein, and low carb food. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! At least 6-8 cups a day. As for cleansing foods, green tea is supposed to be a good body cleanser. To lose weight fast, do the interval training and sprinting. It helps a lot. Hope I Helped!

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