What is the best slimming undergarment to wear under your wedding gown?

What is the best slimming undergarment to wear under your wedding gown? Topic: What is the best slimming undergarment to wear under your wedding gown?
June 16, 2019 / By Alyssia
Question: I'm really asking the former brides, who might have learned from experience. What is the very best slimming undergarment to wear under your wedding dress? I'll be getting married in the summer, dress has a creniline underneath, Looking for something that really slims,smoothes, but not too hot or itchy. Also, the dress does comes up in the back but more open in the front with the short sleeves on the shoulder. Any ideas ladies? Have any of you tried "Spanx"? The garment you are suggesting, was it: hot? Or itchy? Did it roll down? Did it feel comfortable? Did it really smooth? Did it really slim you at all? Thanks in advance!
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Vincent Vincent | 2 days ago
I think Spanx are great! I have worn them! They even make a Bridal one, called "Marry Me" - http://www.galapagosboutique.com/Spanx-Marry-Me-p/spx-006.htm Trust me - this is a wonderful product! Thousands of women know it! You can try it out cheaper if you want too - Go to any Traget and but the cheaper brand called "Assets" - they are made by the same company - see how it works for you & if you like it, then order the ones for you dress.
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Royal Royal
I have spanx to wear under my wedding gown, I got them after my bridesmaid suggested them, she wore them in her early September wedding. It was about 78 degrees F on her wedding day and she said they were really comfortable and made her feel better. She also said they weren't itchy, but they do roll a little bit on the waist band. I bought a less expensive version and I can really tell the difference in craftsmanship and general usefulness--doing what it's supposed to do. I would recoomend the spanx brand! Congratulations!
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Morgan Morgan
I wear Spanx occasionally. I find them reasonably comfortable and not too hot...but they do tend to roll down (on me) after I wear them for an hour or so. Also, it's uncomfortable for me to really eat (great for holiday parties!), but I might be wearing the wrong size. For my gown, I'm wearing a corset, because I wanted something with more structure that would definitely not roll down!
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Keelan Keelan
I did some research a few days ago on this type of stuff. Honestly, I think you sort of have to buy a few things and see what works for you. I bought this garment called the "naked corset" the other day. It was fairly reasonable. Also, check out this website: http://www.barenecessities.com/search.as... My dress is a sheath, so it is very important that no lines are shown. Hopefully, the first thing I bought will work. If not, I will try something else. Good luck.
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Hector Hector
I saw these on Oprah, the brand is called "Lipo in a Box" and they have all types of body shapers and slimmers. Here's the website: http://www.lipoinabox.com/products.htm I've also heard great things about Spanx as some tohers mentioned...Good luck!
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