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Diet Pills? Topic: Diet Pills?
November 17, 2019 / By Euan
Question: Hi, I'm Angelica and I'm 13. I'm 5'7 and 129 lbs; I know fat right. I've been thinking about using a diet pill to loose wiegh fast. Anyone know any diet pills that are found in CVS or Eckerd, that are a low price. All the ones I've been looking at are from about $20- $50. Please help. I need to loose at least 30 pounds.
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Cooper Cooper | 7 days ago
Okay. You do not need diet pills. Try me. I don't care what other kids at schools say, you don't need them. You are 13 and your body is still changing. You are not fat at that weight right now. You will continue to grow and your body will change. If you want to make real change in yourself and feel better, don't take pills. Instead, focus on eating healthy and exercising. Cut out extra sweets and cut back on sodas. Try to eat lean meats like chicken and fish and plenty of fruits/veggies. Diet pills speed up your heart rate and are dangerous. Again, please don't do it. It's not safe.
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Cooper Originally Answered: I want to lose a lot of weight, I WILL change my diet but besides that would diet pills or protein shakes help?
Hi. I dont know about protein shakes, but i have had good results with the weight loss pill proactol. Some people say that they dont work, or that they are a quick fix, but i dont agree. I lost at least 5 kilos the first week i used these pills, without exercising any more than normal. I found this site on google that will give you good info on proactol. http://www.fastweightlosstoday.info/weight-loss-pill-reviews/proactol-product-review

Arron Arron
If You're 5'7 and 129 lbs. That Is Not Fat For You're Height. If You Were About 5'5 Then You Should Have Some Concerns. Since You're Only 13 You're Metabolism Shouldn't Be That Bad So If You Still Want To Loose Weight Join A Sport And The Pounds Should Go Away. Diet Pills For Your Age Are Not Good, They Will Not Work With Your Body Well. I Don't Even Think You're Allowed To Buy Diet Pills Without Being Over 18. Plus If You Lost 30 Pounds You Would Look So Thin And Ghastly, Which Is Not A Good Thing.
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Urbana Urbana
I wouldn't use diet pills ever, I'd join a gym or after school sport something...Walk home from school cut down on junk foods or what ever... I think that if you rely on pills to take place of what you can do yourself you'll rely on those all the time in the future..Well thats just me... I think that wanting to be 99 pounds is abit extream don't you think.....
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Saundra Saundra
do you know what anorexia is? well i know what it's like, you just need to eat healthy and feel beautiful in your body just the way it is. You might need to get some help, talk to your parents. I'll pray for you!
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Saundra Originally Answered: what are the best diet pills for weight loss? (no "none--exersize and diet" answers please)?
I totally understand your dilemma. I am a BUSY mom of two toddlers and NEVER have time to "work out" or maintain a healthy diet. But I can tell you that I have found an amazing diet pill. It is called Super Slim Pomegranate. I have lost 15 lbs in 2 /12 months. I highly recommend it. It is all natural too. So you don't have the caffeine affects either. I hope this helps.

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